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Akat Dalen Senthi!

Merry, Merry Goatmas!

The first High Valyrian word, kirimvose

Winter Goat 2012

Me Azho Anni Shafkea

Dothraki text with comments

Suggestion for Transcribing Dothraki in Cyrillic

A cyrillic ortography

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey in Dothraki


Grammar of possession; inalienable and alienable possession

I Care!

Expressing "to care" in Dothraki; discussion on possession


Vocabulary of pain

Dothraki on The Office

Noun incorporation

Asshekhqoyi Vezhvena Save!

New vocabulary


Athchomar Chomakea!

Learning hub; basic grammar

Vaes Chafi

Football vocabulary (non-canon)


Sword fighting vocabulary; Barry Garcia's writing system applied on Dothraki numbers

Finnaan Anha Dothrak?

Navigation voabulary (partially non-canon)

Vekhikh Fishi

Tattoo words

Dothraki Ice Cream

Ice cream related words

Indefinite Relatives

Grammar of indefinite relatives

A Dothraki Alphabet…?

Unofficial Dothraki alphabet from Patricia and Carlos Carrion Torres

Comic-Con Again, Off Again

A few phrases and conversational sentences

Jalan Atthirari Anni

Anha Tihak Yera

Hash Yer Ast Fin…?

From Iain Glen's ad-libbed sentence to canonized Dothraki

Ei Mahrazhi’th Drivoe

Dothraki dialogue from season 2 episode 10; vekhat versus copulaless place adverb sentence structure


Khalakka Haji Winterfell

Sunquan's Youtube videos; stress

Mahrazh Oma Chomokhoon

Dothraki names

Vojjor Ershe ma Sashi

On Dothraki word for friend; using ma

Lei Harenhaloon

Dothraki dialogue from season 2 episode 5; hash versus kash

Halahasar Tolorri

Dothraki dialogue from season 2 episode 4; de-emphatic structure; azhat versus jussive

Me Reki Driva Laz Vo Drivoo Avvos

A couple of phrases

Rhaeshi Ajjalani

Dothraki dialogue from season 2 episode 2; itte oakah ad-lib from season one; dog commands

Valshe Vinesera

Dothraki dialogue from season 2 episode 1; "Silver for the silver of your hair."

Shierak Qiya Jada

Words for animals

Game of Thrones Season 2 Premiere Event

Cooking meat

Developing Canon

How the ortography and phonology was created

Dothraki in Arabic

Dothraki ortography on arabic script


Grammar of Dothraki demonstratives

Modern Terminology

Results of the challenge on inventing modern (non-canon) Dothraki words

Just for Fun

Forming compounds; challenge on inventing modern (non-canon) Dothraki words


Fog Talking

Results of haiku contest

Asshekhqoyi Anni

Haiku Contest; poetic freedoms of pronunciation; syllabification

Ours Is the Fury

Translating "ours is the fury"; possessive

And a Happy Goat Year!

Season words

Merry Goatmas!

Swadesh list

2011 Conlang Card Exchange

Dothraki text with an interlinear


Person pronouns; shafka

To Be or Not to Be?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Qute Responses

People trying to pronounce q

Qute Noises

Pronouncing q sound

Manner Adverbs

Grammar of manner adverbs

Hajas, Zhey Khal!

Phrases and conversational sentences; passivization

Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

Grammar and words for numerals; plurals

What’s Said Is Said!

Results of house words challenge, with comments

Say Your Right Words…

House words challenge

Relative Clauses in Dothraki

Grammar of relative clauses

Food, Glorious Food!

Poison related words

Accents in Dothraki

Speaking English with Dothraki accent

Citation Form

Creating a dictionary; citation form; discussion on noun and verb inflection patterns

Yes You Khal!

Tone difference between verb forms

Any Color You Like

Color words and their etymology

Asshekhqoyi Vezhvena!

The Header Script

Dothraki Writing System…?

Unofficial Dothraki writing system from Qvaak

Long (or Doubled) Consonants

Geminate consonants

M’athchomaroon, Zhey Rhaesheser!

New Dothraki Words

Some Dothraki words based on names

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