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Vocabulary List

A list of Dothraki vocabulary with English translation is available but many may find it useful to translate English words to Dothraki. hopfully this list will help Dothraki Speakers and Learners Registry to grow. Only infinitives and present tense verbs appear within. There are nuances to the Dothraki language that English doesn't have individual words to directly translate to. For these and other words just not properly translated originally, there are short definitions or rules for syntax.

Proper pronunciation of Dothraki vocabulary may be found within the phonology section. A note about the IPA pronunciation guides here. The letters /t/, /d/, /l/ and /n/ are dental consonants which means that they are pronounced with the tongue touching the teeth which is different from how they are pronounced in English.

To properly translate an English sentence or phrase one would require knowledge of grammatical rules found in Learning Dothraki.


  • alike adv.
akkate [akkate]
  • also adv.
akka [akka]
  • announcement n.
annese [annese]


  • birthday ni.
asshekhqoyi [aʃʃexqɔji]
  • break vtr.
assamvat [assamvat]


  • certainty ni.
athgoshar [aθgoʃar]
  • chair ni.
ador [ador]
  • choke v
arraggat [araggat]
  • clean vtr.
affisat [affisat]
  • command v.
assolat [assolat]
  • correct [??]
athjilar [aθd͡ʒilar]
  • coward na.
aresak [aresak]
  • cranberry
asfavirzeth [asfaviɾzeθ]


  • dancing ni.
athezhirar [aθeʒiɾar]
  • dark adj.
ao [ao]
  • death ni.
athdrivar [aθdɾivar]
  • deep adj.
ao [ao]
in color
ni. athaozar [aθaozar]
  • defeat vtr.
assilat [assilat]
  • discussion ni.
athjerizar [aθd͡ʒeɾizar]
  • dry adj.
ath [aθ]
  • duck ni.
alegra [alegɾa]


  • eat v.
adakhat [adaxat]
  • empty vtr.
ammenat [ammenat]


  • fall v
arthasat [aɾθasat]
arthasolat [aɾθasolat]
  • farther adv.
alle [alle]
  • feed v.
adakhilat [adaxilat]
  • first adj.
ataki [ataki]
  • fly n.
afis [afis]
  • frustrate vtr
ahhaqat [ahhaqɑt]


  • hide vin.
aresat [aresat]
  • hot adj.
afazh [afaʒ]
  • hurt v.
annithat [anniθat]
to cause pain


  • I pn.
anha [anha]
  • injure v.
annithat [anniθat]
  • introduce v.
asshilat [aʃʃilat]
  • introduction n.
asshie [aʃʃie]


  • jog vtr.
anat [anat]
  • joke v.
astilat [astilat]


  • kill vtr.
addrivat [addɾivat]


  • lameness ni.
athdarinar [aθdaɾinar]
  • leave vtr.
annevalat [annevalat]
to leave something/someone alone


  • marriage ni.
athkemar [aθkemar]
  • me pn.
anna [anna]
  • midnight n.
addo ajjalani [addo add͡ʒalani
  • mine pn.
anni [anni]
  • more adj.
ale [ale]
there are more
ni.alikh [alix]
speak no more
  • morning n.
aena [aena]


  • nonsense ni.
athastokhdeveshizar [aθastoxdeveʃizar]
  • now adv.
ajjin [add͡ʒin]


  • oath ni.
asqoyi [asqɔji]
  • omen ni.
assikhqoyi [assixqɔji]
  • one num.
at [at]


  • play v.
ammemat [ammemat]
to play a musical instrument
  • please vtr.
allayafat [allajafat]
  • pledge vtr.
alloshat [alloʃat]
  • pride ni.
athjahakar [aθd͡ʒahakar]
  • prophecy na.
assikhqoyisir [assixqɔjisir]
  • prowess ni.
athjahakar [aθd͡ʒahakar]


  • replace vtr.
affazolat [affazolat]
  • respect ni.
athchomar [aθt͡ʃomar]
  • rest vtr.
ammithrat [ammiθɾat]
  • reverence ni.
athchomar [aθt͡ʃomar]
  • return ni.
athessazar [aθessazar]
  • rip vtr.
aggendat [aggendat]
  • river na.
ashefa [aʃefa]
  • running v.
athlanar [aθlanar]


  • same adv.
akkate [akkate]]
the same way
  • say v.
astat [astat]
  • second adj.
akataki [akataki]
  • sex ni.
athhilezar [aθhilezar]
  • sharpen vtr.
ahhasat [ahhasat]
  • sign ni.
assikhqoyi [assixqɔji]
an omen
  • signal v.
assilat [assilat]
  • silence vtr.
acchakat [att͡ʃakat]
to make silent
  • sky na.
asavva [asavva]
  • smelly adj.
achra [at͡ʃɾa]
v. achralat [at͡ʃɾalat]
to be smelly, to give off a smell
  • Snow n.
ahesh [aheʃ]
  • speak v.
astolat [astolat]
  • speed ni.
athdikar [aθdikar]
  • stand v.
akkovarat [akkovarat]
to stand (something) up
  • stink ni.
achrakh [at͡ʃɾax]
  • stop vtr.
annakhat [annaxat]
  • sword ni.
arakh [aɾax]
only in ref to a curved sword


  • tear vtr.
aggendat [aggendat]
to tear paper
  • then adv.
ahhaz [ahhaz]
of close of immediate future
arrek [arek]
not in the immediate future
  • today n.
asshekh [aʃʃex]
  • tonight adv.
ajjalan [add͡ʒalan]
  • transport vtr.
addothralat [addoθɾalat]
  • turtle na.
adra [adɾa]
  • two num.
Akat [akat]


  • useless ni.
athdavrazar [aθdavɾazar]
  • upright v.
akkovarat [akkovarat]


  • vow ni.
asqoyi [asqɔji]


  • wailing v.
  • waiting ni.
athayozar [aθajozar]
  • warm adj.
afazhi [afaʒi]
  • wash vtr.
affisat [affisat]
  • when adv.
affin [affin]
  • winter ni.
aheshke [aheʃke]
  • word ni.
ase [ase]


  • yes intj.
ai [ai]
obedient response
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