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"Adposition" is a general term for "prepositions" (which precede their object) and "postpositions" (which follow their object.) High Valyrian happens to have both.


There are only three prepositions in the High Valyrian language.[1] Hae only occurs with the locative, but hen and va can also take a dative.

  • hae (→loc.): as, like. (AV he)
  • hen (→loc.): from, of; (→dat.) out of, on account of, thanks to, because of, for. (AV hin)
  • va (→loc.): towards, at, near; (→dat.) to, all the way up to, into. (AV va)


All known postpositions take a genitive object. This makes sense, as they all seem to have evolved from nouns in the locative, dative, or instrumental case.

  • (→gen): on, on top of, upon; on (the subject of), about
  • (→gen): under, beneath, below; before
  • hēdrȳ (→gen): from amongst, from the midst of
  • iemnȳ {→gen): within
  • naejot (→gen): in front of. (AV nejo)
  • ondoso (→gen): by. (AV dos, which, however, means "with")
  • (→gen): between, through, across, throughout
  • syt (→gen): for. (AV zy)
  • toliot (→gen): over; after


  1. "I had intended for there to only be three prepositions." —DJP (on IRC)
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