High Valyrian Number System

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This article is about High Valyrian numerals. For the grammatical concept of "number" (singular, plural, etc.), see High Valyrian Number
Cardinal Ordinal
1 mēre -ior, adj. II ēlie -ior, adj. III
2 lanta -ys, -on, -or, adj. I tȳne -ior, adj. II
3 hāre -ior, adj. II saelie -ior, adj. III
4 izula -ys, -on, -or, adj. I izunnie -ior, adj. III
5 tōma -ys, -on, -or, adj. I tōmelie -ior, adj. III
6 bȳre -ior, adj. II byllie -ior, adj. III
7 sīkuda -ys, -on, -or, adj. I sīglie -ior, adj. III
8 jēnqa -ys, -on, -or, adj. I jēnqelie -ior, adj. III
9 vōre -ior, adj. II vollie -ior, adj. III
10 ampa indec. amplie -ior, adj. III
11 mēre ampā kūrie -ior, adj. III
12 lanta ampā ñallie -ior, adj. II
13 hāre ampā -ior, adj. II saelie ampā -ior, adj. III
14 izula ampā -ys, -on, -or, adj. I izunnie ampā -ior, adj. III
15 tōma ampā -ys, -on, -or, adj. I tōmelie ampā -ior, adj. III
16 bȳre ampā -ior, adj. II byllie ampā -ior, adj. III
17 sīkuda ampā -ys, -on, -or, adj. I sīglie ampā -ior, adj. III
18 jēnqa ampā -ys, -on, -or, adj. I jēnqelie ampā -ior, adj. III
19 vōre ampā -ior, adj. II vollie ampā -ior, adj. III
20 lantēpsa indec. lantīblie -ior, adj. III
30 hārēpsa indec. hārīblie -ior, adj. III
40 izulēpsa indec. izulīblie -ior, adj. III
50 tōmēpsa indec. tōmīblie -ior, adj. III
60 bȳrēpsa indec. bȳrīblie -ior, adj. III
70 sīkudēpsa indec. sīkudīblie -ior, adj. III
80 jēnqēpsa indec. jēnqīblie -ior, adj. III
90 vōrēpsa indec. vōrīblie -ior, adj. III
100 gār indec. gallie -ior, adj. III
121 gār mēri lantepsā
200 langār indec. *langallie -ior, adj. III
300 hārgār indec. *hārgallie -ior, adj. III
400 zūgār indec. *zūgallie -ior, adj. III
410 zūgār se ampa
500 tōngār indec. *tōngallie -ior, adj. III
600 bȳrgār indec. *bȳrgallie -ior, adj. III
700 sīgār indec. *sīgallie -ior, adj. III
800 jēngār indec. *jēngallie -ior, adj. III
900 vōrgār indec. *vōrgallie -ior, adj. III
1000 pyrys[1] 2sol.
7000 jenqys pyrys
Countless naena 1lun.


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