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Dothraki use a base ten number system. Teens are all specific compound words, and so are tens and hundreds. Thousands are slightly less tightly comprised: they are formed as word compounds. Ones, tens, hundreds etc. are connected by ma. Thus a large number like 2431 is written as "two thousand and four-hundred and thirty and one" which in Dothraki is akat dalen ma torken ma chisen m'at.

When numerals are used with a noun, noun follows the numeral and may be in either plural or singular - there is no difference in meaning either way. Numerals won't decline.

Kisha'th alajaki chitor ma sen awasakis."We must fight against fourty-three screamers."
Torthi vezhak zali torthi erinakes vichomeri."Fourteen horselords wish for fourteen respectable ladies."

Ordinal Numbers

Ordinals are formed by adding an agentive suffix /-(a)k/ to the last word of the number expression. They inflect like animate nouns and can be used alone like pronouns. When modifying a noun, ordinals are in genitive and follow the noun they modify.

Azhas heffof anhaan. Anha zalak ma mekthikes ma chakat ma qazatakes."Give me jugs. I want the fifteenth one and the twenty-ninth one."
Anha vemak janaan ataki fini vosta yera."I will approve of the first dog that will bite you."

Number Names

0 som 10 thi  
1 at 11 atthi   100 ken
2 akat 12 akatthi 20 chakat 200 akatken
3 sen 13 senthi 30 chisen 300 senken
4 tor 14 torthi 40 chitor 400 torken
5 mek 15 mekthi 50 chimek 500 mekken
6 zhinda 16 zhindatthi 60 chizhinda 600 zhindaken
7 fekh 17 fekhthi 70 chifekh 700 fekhken
8 ori 18 oritthi 80 chori 800 oriken
9 qazat 19 qazatthi 90 chiqazat 900 qazatken

1000 dalen 1 000 000 yor

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