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This page is a temporary collection of words that fit into other word classes than the most common ones.



che - or

ma - and. (While this is a preposition that means "with" it is also used to mean "and" when used to say things like "this and that".)

majin - and then, then, so, and so, consequently.


There are two versions of these determiners the first is used when referring to animate nouns and the second (with the /-i/ suffix) is used when referring to inanimate nouns.

jin/jini - this

haz/hazi - that (Used when referring to an object that is close to you.)

rek/reki - that (Used when referring to an object that is far away from you.)


ai - "yes", obedient response.

athdavrazar - good, excellent. (Literally means usefulness but when used as an exclamation it fills this meaning.)

graddakh - refers to waste or refuse. (Used as a non-specific swear word when you want to express anger, frustration etc without directly insulting someone.)

Other particles

me- - that (Complementizer used when introducing a subordinate clause. Example: Anha goshok mehrazef shafki athiroe "I'm sure that your horse will survive.")

zhey - vocative particle. (Zhey is used when directly adressing someone. It is placed right ahead of the name, title or epithet that is used when adressing some. Example: M'athchomaroon, zhey Khal Drogo.)

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