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Notes on the concept of blood in Dothraki society

The concept of blood plays a big role in Dothraki culture, and thus the use of words dealing with blood carry a huge cultural baggage. Other than the literal meaning of blood and it's obvious derivations the word qoy is also used extensively in compounds. Semantically the word qoy adds a wide range of connotations when used in compounds for example loyalty, fealty, violence, intensity, importance, death, prophecy and more.

Noun case declension

qoy ni. blood

Nominative: qoy

Qoy vithae khadokhoon."The blood flows from the corpse"

Accusative: qoy

Maegi indee qoy anni."The witch is drinking my blood."

Genitive: qoyi

Khalasar yoma ashefaes qoyi."The horde is crossing the river of blood."

Ablative: qoyoon

Arakh fevee qoyoon."The sword is thirsting for blood."

Allative: qoyaan

Koalak ema qoyaan."The healer approved of the blood."

Compounds that feature the root qoy

asqoyi ni. oath, vow

asshekhqoyi ni. birthday

assikhqoyi ni. sign, omen

assikhqoyisir ni. prophecy

dothrakhqoyi ni. bloodrider

jalan qoyi ni. harvest moon

jalanqoyi ni. total lunar eclipse

karlinqoyi ni. gallop fast enough to kill a horse, if prolonged

kathqoyi ni. weighted net

lanqoyi ni. killing spree

ninthqoyi ni. blood sausage

niyanqoy adj. together

qoy qoyi ni. blood of my blood

shekhqoyi ni. total solar eclipse

vorsqoyi ni. funeral pyre

zirqoyi ni. bird of prey, raptor

Phrases using qoy-words

Anha zalak asshekhqoyi vezhvena yeraan!"I wish you a happy birthday."

Asshekhqoyi vezhvena!"Happy birthday!"

Related roots

qiya adj. bleeding

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