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There appears to be a lot based on the form zūgusy, which is spurious. There is no such form. It's zūguksy. Nitsy 23:56, 24 October 2013 (CDT)

I don't find it strange that the indicative imperative of sagon is s­ātās (except that in most languages "to be" is a lot more irregular than it is in HV, but I'm not complaining about that!), I'm rather a little shocked at the source. "Jaehossas sȳris s­ātās" is a very strange translation for the expression "Gods be good!" The exclamation mark is merely an indication of weight, not the actual evidence of a command being giving. If it were, then we could rephrase it as "The gods must/should be good (or behave properly)". And that is utter nonsense, because gods are not there to be told what to do. It is obvious that "Gods be good!" is a modal statement which means "I wish the gods are/will be good to us!" I have yet to see modality in HV (which I think is at the heart of a language and is especially important in daily language use), but I'm quite sure that the imperative is definitely the wrong mood to express such a statement. Which brings us back to "s­ātās". Is it a proper imperative or is it a modal form, of which we yet know little? I advise you put "s­ātās" in grey. Amaunator 22:11, 24 July 2017 (CST+)

The form has been confirmed by Peterson. And you're right, that is a very strange way to translate "Gods Be Good," which I would indeed expect to be jaehossas sȳris sagon (see High Valyrian Verb Conjugation#Special expressions and High Valyrian Verb Moods#Third person commands), but you will have to take that up with DJP, I'm afraid.
Also note that High Valyrian Verb Conjugation is badly in need of updating, and it has arguably been superseded by High Valyrian Verb Tables—in general if there are any contradictions the latter page is the one you should trust.
On that note, we only just discovered that sātās is also the imperative of sahagon!
--Iustinus 22:07, 25 July 2017 (CDT)
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