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This is a first draft for the page. Iustinus said it can't contain unofficial dialogue so that needs to be worked out. I'll mark the lines that do not come from Astapori Valyrian Vocabulary and are not official with {UNOFFICIAL}.

I laid this out in script form using (translated): as an unnamed narrator/translator/subtitle. Alatari 00:58, 9 April 2014 (CDT)

Episode 1

This episode had a long exchange in Astapor Low Valyrian.

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Ivetra ji live Vesterozia,
  • (translated): Tell the Westerosi whore,
  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: sko Bezi Dovoghedhi kizir jortis me tovi si me banti, do havor dore jedhar dos
  • Missandei(translates): that the Unsullied have stood here for a day and a night with no food or water.

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Ivetra ji rene eji oghrar gelinko
  • (translated): Tell the silver-haired slut
  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: sko majorozlivis eva ruhilis.
  • Missandei(translates): that they will stand until they drop.

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Vagizi poja pihtenkave sa.
  • Missandei(translates):Such is their obedience

  • Missandei: J’abra Vesterozia las kreni y ivetras dori rije
  • (subtitle): the Westerosi woman is pleased with them but speaks no praise
  • Missandei: vaghó magigmíli sko vejotréi {UNOFFICIAL}
  • (translated): to keep the price down. {UNOFFICIAL}

  • Missandei: Ebas gimigho skokydho mazmedhis bodmari
  • (subtitle): She wishes to know how they are trained.

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Uni begistos Vesterozii lis kuni dovodedhi, kiz?
  • (translated): Are all Westerosi pigs so ignorant?
  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Ivetrá zer skure ebilas si adhirikydho!
  • (subtitle): Tell her what she would know and be quick about it!

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: J’etóvi las paní {UNOFFICIAL}
  • (subtitle): The day is hot

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Zergóvni míshi dovoghédhi {UNOFFICIAL}
  • Missandei(translates): Their discipline and loyalty are absolute.

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Vaza mórve dída {UNOFFICIAL}
  • Missandei(translates): They fear nothing.

  • Missandei: J’azanty ivetras po vali nedhinki sizi zughilis vi murgho.
  • (subtitle): The knight says even brave men fear death.
  • (This line is transcribed into High Valyrian Vocabulary as Morghot nēdyssy sesīr zūgusy azantys vestras.)

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Ivetrá ji vevitúzi zezorkós {UNOFFICIAL}
  • (subtitle): Tell the old man he smells of piss.

  • Missandei: Zvagizi, Aeske?
  • (subtitle): Truly, master?
  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Do zvagizi!
  • (subtitle): No, not truly!

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Ska tala ja hubre pindagho kuno masino
  • (subtitle): Are you a girl or a goat to ask such a thing?

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Ivetrá sko ji Dovoghédhi do síve tída {UNOFFICIAL}
  • Missandei(translates): (My master says) [Tell them] the Unsullied are not men.
  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Ji-pása mórghe dída. {UNOFFICIAL}
  • Missandei(translates): Death means nothing to them.

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Ivetrá véza livé ondío dovodedhi {UNOFFICIAL}
  • (subtitle): Tell this ignorant whore of a Westerner
  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: ... ézi mágho. {UNOFFICIAL}
  • (subtitle): …to open her eyes and watch.
  • Missandei(falsely translating): He begs you attend this carefully, your grace.

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Awá, azandí! [Beckons an Unsullied forward] {UNOFFICIAL}
  • (translated): You, forward! {UNOFFICIAL}

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Lizás zénekiz zí dozeanelívas? Kára odréta vádo vistós? {UNOFFICIAL}
  • (subtitle): She’s worried about their nipples? Does the dumb bitch know we’ve cut off their balls?

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Ávi dídan {UNOFFICIAL}
  • (subtitle): Here, I’m done with you.
  • Unsullied: vézy las krény au tatágho {UNOFFICIAL}
  • (subtitle): This one is pleased to have served you.
  • Kraznys mo Nakloz(script): Maneragho zya sumby, sydlivas me Dovoghedhy [jagho va po buzdari me gelebo dos], umazigho me ruo limari, si zer senagho po leos eji mysa nejo.
  • Kraznys mo Nakloz(shortened for broadcast): Maneragho zya sumby, sydlivas me Dovoghedhy umazigho me ruo limari, si zer senagho po leos eji mysa nejo.
  • Missandei(translates): To win his shield, an Unsullied must go to the slave markets with a silver mark, find a newborn, and kill it before its mother’s eyes.

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Vagizi, loduli sko do nagostovave umbilas ez pon.
  • Missandei(translates): This way, (my master says), we make certain their is no weakness in them.

  • Missandei: Las ángoda {UNOFFICIAL}
  • (subtitle): She is offended.

  • Missandei: Píndas lughózi lamé galébo vá ji mhýsa zi arúgho morghízi. {UNOFFICIAL}
  • (subtitle): She asks if you pay a silver coin to the mother, for her dead baby.

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Kuna mitty raba vaovaori bezy
  • (subtitle): What a soft mewling fool this one is.

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Ivetrá Ji gelebo sa ji marizzo eji ruo zy, do ji mysa
  • Missandei(translates): (My master would like you to know) [Tell them] that the silver is paid to the baby’s owner, not the mother.

  • Missandei: Pindas skoverdi Dovoghedhi lis lerraski.
  • (translated): She asks how many Unsullied are for sale.

  • Kraznys mo Nakloz: Ivetra ji live Vesterozia kisa eva vaneqo.
  • (subtitle): Tell the Western whore she has until tomorrow.
  • Missandei(falsely translates): (Master Kraznys asks that you) please hurry; many other buyers are interested.
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