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Creates a link to the relevant section of High Valyrian Verb Tables, with the appropriate abbreviation. Possible inputs are:

The first parameter may have the following values:

  • The last phoneme of the verb stem, whatever it is, e.g. {{HVverb|n}}, {{HVverb|gh}}, and so on.
  • {{HVverb|cluster}}
  • {{HVverb|emagon}}
  • {{HVverb|sagon}}
  • {{HVverb|jagon}}

The second parameter, which is optional, is equivalent to the verb's valence prefix (see {{valence}} for further documentation.

Some examples:

Input Output
{{HVverb|k}} v. C-fin.
{{HVverb|u}} v. V-fin.
{{HVverb|a|a}} v. Insv. V-fin.
{{HVverb|s|i}} v. Obl. appl. C-fin.
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