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Grammar etc.

Also do you notice a lot of words with the mī- part, that got to be a prefix already existing in some known words (eg. mīsagon, mījāelion)

Also have transformative noun -> verb suffix ākagon (C-fin.) (transformative nominal derivation)

Clarification of the rules of the instrumental passive at 1.01.11:

  • s- occurs before t, p, k, q, th
  • z- occurs before b, d, g, r (zr= j), l
  • h- occurs before a, ā, ē, ō, i, ī, y, ȳ, u, ū
  • a- occurs before n, m, h, j, v, e, o, s, z, kh, gh

new diminutives '-iapos' and 'anna' (on top of the existing '-ītsos')

  • '-(s)īha' confirmed as adjectival suffix (place)
  • '-(h)ōñe' is an ablative adjectival suffix
  • what we thought was '-oqitta' is actually '-(o)qitta'
  • 'place associated with' is '-urlion'
  • 'nā-' forms opposites (not sure if this is different to 'negatives') and is also a prefix for nouns

Non-canonical words

  • mīsnon [‘mi:snon] (n. 3ter.) defense ( < mīsagon + -non)
  • ōzigon [o:’zigon] (v. V-fin.) to be proud
  • sōpnon ['so:p.non] (n. 3ter.) laughter ( < sōpagon + non)
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