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Hello everyone!

I live in the countryside of Brazil, in a town called TatuĂ­, also known as Brazil's Music Capital, as well as Sweets Capital. We have the biggest music conservatory in Latin America and I studied classical piano there until last year and now I study classical viola. My biggest musical interest, though, is composition.

I originally graduated as a Gastronomy expert and worked as a restaurant manager and Chef for some years, but my love for languages got the best of me and today I am a professional translator. I mostly translate books about gastronomy (cookbooks, technique books) and have translated "A Banquet of Ice and Fire", the official GoT cookbook, into Brazilian Portuguese, which was published in Brazil in 2016. I also started to translate RPG books into Portuguese to help the RPG market in my country, since the translations are usually appalling. I also became a language teacher in 2014 and teach English, Esperanto and Japanese.

I am a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese and have expert knowledge of English. I also studied French and Catalan in the past and can understand them, but I am a bit rusty to speak or write. I am a fluent speaker of Esperanto and intermediate-advanced learner of Japanese. I also study Welsh and Dutch and wish to study Estonian in the future. I love conlangs and have some projects of my own (mostly related to stories I want to write of for RPGs that I GM), but Valyrian is the first artlang that I liked deeply enough to want to learn, so here I am!

Feel free to contact me if you need to practice (or help me practice!) one of the languages that I know or if you want to help me with Valyrian. If you just want to have a chat, feel free as well! If you are a native or advanced speaker of Japanese, I would appreciate your help since I'm to take the JLPT N3 by the end of this year and need all the practice I can get!

Se vi estas Esperantisto, bonvolu kontakti min por ke ni parolu per Telegramo :-)

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