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Bardutra aōhra

Rytsas, welcome to the Languages of Ice and Fire Wiki (formerly "Dothrawiki"). On this wiki I am Iustinus, but you know me as Mad Latinist. We are always happy to have new contributors—we have so few!—but please allow me to make the following points:

  1. We do not add stuff to the wiki until we have an official transcription from David J. Peterson. There is plenty of stuff we think we've figured out, but until we see it in print (so to speak) we don't use it: it often turns out we don't have it quite right.
  2. Consequently, the transcriptions from my blog should not be used, as they are just my own guesswork. If I have an official transcription when I wrote an entry, I underline the words. So underlined passages are an exception to this rule.
  3. This applies to the vocabulary pages and the transcription pages, so like it or not we probably shouldn't be doing those yet (with some exceptions). Technically it applies to the whole wiki, though I am often more lax on other pages.
  4. So do you have an official source for smikagon? If so, please let me know right away! I'm frankly curious where you got it, since it clearly wasn't from me!
  5. As for Gundja, Najahho was right to remove that: although we sometimes include Low Valyrian words in the High Valyrian Vocabulary page, it's generally only words we've actually seen included in "official" HV sentences, like buzdari and gadbag. And gundja is actually AV not MV. I mean, it surely has a cognate in MV, but we don't know it yet.
  6. You jumped the gun a little on the Meereenese section... but only a little, as we were kind of leaning that direction anyway. See Dothraki:Community portal#The problem posed by Meereenese Valyrian for details. Techically we never really arrived at a decision, but people seemed to be leaning towards letting me decide I guess. Why don't you go ahead and post your opinion there.

Thanks again, I look forward to working with you! --Iustinus 21:45, 24 June 2014 (CDT)

I got "gundja" from the line "Já si hojgá oa gundja trezy eme mero dovodedha!" during Season 4 Episode 3. You can find David Peterson's blog post about it here

This is meerenese valyrian, so that is why I said "gundja" was a meerenese word. Have we heard that word in Astapori Valyrian? I have only been getting into Valyrian since Season 4, so I have not gone back and listened to the Valyrian in Season 3 yet. --Tertrih 02:12, 25 June 2014 (CDT)

You are correct about that line, but that speech is in AV. We've definitely had it elsewhere in AV, most notably in the line Si kizy vasko v'uvar ez zya gundja yn hilas "And this because I like the curve of her ass." --Iustinus 03:05, 25 June 2014 (CDT)
As for your other question, you can leave replies either on my talk page or yours. I'll probably see it either way (leaving it on mine makes it less likely I'll miss it, but then the activity here is so low that I'll rarely miss it on your page either). Just be sure it's on my talk page, user talk:Iustinus, not my user page, user:Iustinus, itself!
So do I understand you correctly that you're assembling all the text of the subtitles and leaving space to fill in the Valyrian later? If so, that is an excellent idea!
--Iustinus 03:11, 25 June 2014 (CDT)
No, I am collecting (as far as I can, like in some places we don't have an official transcription) the actual text of what they are saying. So the subtitles for the insult scene in from of meereen is "Oa mysa iles me nýnyghi". This way you can see what they are actually saying. So I am trying to put subtitles to show their actual speech, not translate it into another language. I think it will be very good for learning --Tertrih 04:08, 25 June 2014 (CDT)
OK, so in other words, you're doing a normal dialog page, like what we have at Season 3 High Valyrian Dialogue? I'd really rather you gave only the subtitle text, and official transcriptions we have from David J. Peterson. If you insist on including guesswork as well, I would ask that you grey it out with the {{gr}} template (as I mentioned just now at Talk:Astapori Valyrian Vocabulary‎ as well).
I see you've left some of your work up at Season 4 Astapori Valyrian Dialogue. Right off the bat I can see something that is definitely wrong: while I did initially write Sydlivas abledagho (for "Must be frustrating"), I very quickly emended that to Sydlivas av ledagho. Aside from the fact that you missed my emendation, consider this: I screwed up that word, and caught it... but how many such errors in my own work have I missed??
So, in sum (and just as I wrote at Talk:Astapori Valyrian Vocabulary‎), if you really want to add lines we don't have yet, I'd prefer you contact DJP in the hopes of getting an official transcription. Failing that, if you really want to include a line, grey it out.
As for the historical linguistics of the Valyrian language family, I have been planning something along those lines (I confess part of the problem is uncertainty as to where to put it). But this is a bit of a complicated topic to discuss here and now. I'll try sending you an email through the wiki.
--Iustinus 12:39, 25 June 2014 (CDT)
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