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Lista de vocabulário

A note about the IPA pronunciation guides here. The letters /t/, /d/, /l/ and /n/ are dental consonants which means that they are pronounced with the tongue touching the teeth which is different from how they are pronounced in English.


  • acchakat [att͡ʃaˈkat]
vtr. silenciar
past SG: acchak
Me vastoe hatif anni; ahhazaan yer nemo vacchaki. — She will speak before me; until then you will keep yourself quiet.
  • acchorkat [att͡ʃoɾˈkat]
vtr. enrolar
Che hash me vacchorka mae ki janeti majin me anokitta mae ki hrazefi. — Or roll them in a rug and trample them with a horse.
  • achra [ˈat͡ʃɾa]
adj. fedorento
  • achrakh [at͡ʃˈɾax]
ni. smell
ni. stink
  • achralat [at͡ʃɾaˈlat]
v. to be smelly, to give off a smell
past SG: achra
  • adakhat [adaˈxat]
v. to eat
past SG: adakh
Khaleesi zala meme adakha esinakh ajjalan. — The khaleesi wants to eat something different tonight.
  • adakhilat [adaxiˈlat]
v. to feed (specifically to feed on, or to feast on)
past SG: adakhi
Inte vadakhie tihoa. — The beetles will feed on your eyes.
  • addakhat [addaˈxat]
vtr. to feed
  • addiwelat [addiweˈlat]
vtr. to moisten
Shafka laz addiwee khirrof anni — You can suck my dick.
  • addo ajjalani [ˈaddo ˈadd͡ʒalani]
np. midnight
  • addothralat [addoθɾaˈlat]
vtr. to convey, to transport someone
past SG: addothra
  • addrekat [addɾeˈkat]
vtr. to cause to spill, to spill
  • addrivat [addɾiˈvat]
vtr. to kill (chiefly when done intentionally by a person)
past SG: addriv
  • ador [aˈdor]
ni. chair
  • adra [ˈadɾa]
na. turtle
  • aena [ˈaena]
n. morning
  • afazh [aˈfaʒ]
adj. hot
  • afazhi [ˈafaʒi]
adj. warm
  • affa [ˈaffa]
intj. whoa! (horse command)
intj. "shh", sound used to calm a horse or a child
  • affazhat [affaˈʒat]
vtr. to warm, to give warmth to, to make hot
  • affazolat [affazoˈlat]
vtr. to replace
past SG: affazo
  • affesat [affeˈsat]
vtr. to make someone itch
past SG: affes
  • affin [afˈfin]
adv. when
Anha vazhak maan firikhnharen hoshora ma mahrazhi aqovi affin mori atihi mae. — I will give to him a golden crown and men will tremble when they will see it.
  • affisat [affiˈsat]
vtr. to clean, to wash
past SG: affis
Azhas maan affisat zis yeri, shekh ma shieraki anni. — Let her clean your wound my sun and stars.
  • afis [aˈfis]
n. fly
  • aggendat [aggenˈdat]
vtr. to rip something, to tear something
past SG: aggend
  • ahesh [aˈheʃ]
ni. snow
  • aheshke [aˈheʃke]
ni. winter
accusative: aheshk
  • ahhaqat [ahhaˈqɑt]
vtr. to frustrate
past SG: ahhaqe
  • ahhasat [ahhaˈsat]
vtr. to sharpen
past SG: ahhas
  • ahhaz [ahˈhaz]
adv. then (of close or immediate future, compare to arrek)
Me vastoe hatif anni; ahhazaan yer nemo vacchaki. — She will speak before me; until then you will keep yourself quiet.
  • ai [ˈai]
intj. yes, obedient response
  • ajjalan [add͡ʒaˈlan]
adv. tonight
  • ajjin [adˈd͡ʒin]
adv. now
Jin chiorisi zafra ajjin, majin kisha ataki morea ven me vallayafa kisha. — These women are slaves now to do with as we please.
  • akat [aˈkat]
num. two
  • akataki [ˈakataki]
adj. second
  • akka [ˈakka]
adv. also, too, as well, even, even so, re-
Rizhaan anni, vezh fin asaja rhaesheseres, maan anha valloshak azh akka. — To my son, the stallion who will mount the world, I will also pledge a gift.
Anha soqe akka jin sacchey essheyi. — I rewove this part of the top.
Kash athezar kishi vos akka. — Not even when we leave.
  • akkate [ˈakkate]
adv. both, alike, the same way
Zhavvorsa vadakhera ma hrazef ma vaf akkate. — The dragon feeds on horse and lamb alike.
  • akkelenak [akkeleˈnak]
na. leader
  • akkelenat [akkeleˈnat]
v. to decide, to judge
  • Akko! [ˈakko]
intj. Stand up! (shortening of akkovaras; used to command animals)
  • akkoalat [akkoaˈlat]
vtr. to heal
past SG: akkoal
Me akkoal hrazef k’athadavranazi ei mahrazhoa khalasari anni. — He was better at healing horses than any man in my khalasar.
  • akkovarat [akkovaˈɾat]
v. to stand (something) up
past SG: akkovar
  • ale [ˈale]
adj. more
Dalen rhaggat eveth ma ale vekhi she Vaes Seris. — There are a thousand ships and more in the free cities.
  • alegra [aˈlegɾa]
ni. duck
accusative: alegre
  • alikh [aˈlix]
ni. more
Kisha vastoki vos alikh hrazefi ido m'adori shiqethi. — Let's speak no more about wooden horses or iron chairs.
  • allayafat [allajaˈfat]
vtr. to please
past SG: allayaf
Mori allayafi mae, jin alegra. — She likes ducks.
  • alle [ˈalle]
adv. farther, further
  • alloshat [alloˈʃat]
vtr. to pledge
past SG: allosh
Ma rizhaan anni, vezh fin asaja rhaesheseres, maan anha valloshak azh akka. — And to my son, the stallion who will mount the world, I will also pledge a gift.
  • ammasat [ammaˈsat]
v. to decorate
  • ammattelat [ammatteˈlat]
v. to hobble a person
past SG: ammatte
  • ammemat [ammeˈmat]
v. to play a musical instrument
  • ammenat [ammeˈnat]
vtr. to empty something
past SG: ammen
  • ammithrat [ammiθˈɾat]
vtr. to rest
past SG: ammithre
  • anat [aˈnat]
v. to jog
vtr.→gen. to jog beside
past SG: an
  • anha [ˈanha]
pn. I
  • anna [ˈanna]
pn. me
  • annakhat [annaˈxat]
vtr. to stop someone or something
past SG: annakh
  • annakholat [annaxoˈlat]
vtr. to put an end to, to finish
past SG: annakho
Me asta meme azirissee khalakkaes khaleesisoon ma vannevae mae shafkea. — He says that he will cut the prince out of the khaleesi and leave him for you.
  • annese [ˈannese]
ni. announcement
  • annevalat [annevaˈlat]
vtr. to sit something, to leave something alone
past SG: anneva
  • anni [ˈanni]
pn. of mine
  • annithat [anniˈθat]
vtr. to cause pain, to hurt
past SG: annith
  • annithilat [anniθiˈlat]
v. to encourage, to invigorate, to entice
past SG: annithi
  • ao [ˈao]
adj. deep
adv. dark (of color)
  • aqqisat [aqqeˈsat]
vtr. to keep near
  • arakh [aˈɾax]
ni. curved sword
  • aranat [aɾaˈnat]
vtr. to drop (something)
vtr. to lose (something)
Anha aran m’akat lamees ma vezhes. — I lost two mares and a stallion.
  • aranikh [aɾaˈnix]
ni. subject, topic, theme
  • arannat [aɾanˈnat]
v. to be neglected
  • aranne [ˈaɾanne]
adv. carelessly
  • aresak [areˈsak]
na. coward
  • aresat [areˈsat]
vin. to hide
past SG: ares
  • arraggat [aragˈgat]
v. to choke (someone)
past SG: arragge
  • arranat [araˈnat]
vtr. to shame, to cause to be merciful
  • arrane [ˈarane]
n. shaming, a public dressing down
  • arrek [aˈrek]
adv. then (of event not in the immediate future, compare to ahhaz)
conj. when
Affin shekh yola she jimma ma drivoe she titha...Arrek yer ajadi save, shekh ma shieraki anni. — When the star rises in the west and sets in the east...Then you will come back to me, my sun and stars.
arrekaan conj. until
Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya arrekaan vekha vosi yeroon vosma tolorro! — The rain will fall on your rotting skin until nothing is left of you but bones.
arrekoon conj. from since
  • arrissat [arisˈsat]
v. to fix
past SG: arrisse
  • arrokhat [aroˈxat]
vtr. to frighten
past SG: arrokh
  • arthasat [aɾθaˈsat]
v. to fall
past SG: arthas
Me arthas hrazefoon mae. — He fell from his horse.
  • arthasolat [aɾθasoˈlat]
v. to fall
past SG: arthaso
Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya. — The rain will fall on your rotting skin.
  • asavva [asavˈva]
na. sky
  • ase [ˈase]
ni. word
ni. command
accusative: as
  • asfavirzeth [asfaviɾˈzeθ]
ni. cranberry
  • ashefa [ˈaʃefa]
na. river
  • asqoyi [ˈasqɔji]
ni. oath, vow
accusative: asqoy
  • assamvat [assamˈvat]
vtr. to break (something)
past SG: assamve
  • asshekh [aʃˈʃex]
adv. today
ni. today
na. day
Sen asshekhi tithaan, qisi havazzhifi. — Three days to the east, on the sea.
  • asshekhqoyi [ˈaʃʃexqɔji]
ni. birthday
accusative: assekhqoy
  • asshie [ˈaʃʃie]
n. introduction
  • asshilat [aʃʃiˈlat]
v. to introduce, to present
past SG: asshil
Anha asshilak jin azh shafkea haji rekoon et shafka. — I make this gift to you for what you did.
  • assikhqoyi [ˈassixqɔji]
ni. sign, omen
accusative: assikhqoy
  • assikhqoyisir [assixqɔjiˈsir]
na. prophecy
  • assilat [assiˈlat]
v. to signal
vtr.→all. to signal to
past SG: assi
  • assilat [assiˈlat]
vtr. to defeat
past SG: assil
Me ezzo anhaan m'athdikar assila athzhokwazar. — He taught me that speed defeats size.
  • assokh [asˈsox]
ni. message, instructions
  • assokhosor [assoxoˈsor]
na. law
Me nem nesa k'assokhosori me– — The law states that–
  • assolat [assoˈlat]
v. to command
past SG: asso
  • astat [asˈtat]
v. to say
past SG: ast
Ki jini anha astak asqoy, anha, Drogo ki Bharbosi. — This vow I, Drogo son of Bharbo.
Ifak asta meme zala firikhnharen. — The foreigner says that he wants a crown.
  • astilat [astiˈlat]
v. to joke
vtr.→gen. to joke about
past SG: asti
  • asto [ˈasto]
n. saying, prayer
  • astolat [astoˈlat]
v. to speak
vtr.→gen. to speak of
past SG: asto
Kisha vastoki vos alikh hrazefi ido m'adori shiqethi. — Let's speak no more about wooden horses or iron chairs.
  • astosor [astoˈsor]
na. story
Hash yer ray char astosoris mae? — Have you heard the stories about him?
  • at [at]
num. one
  • ataki [ˈataki]
adj. first
  • ate [ˈate]
adv. first
  • ath [aθ]
adj. dry
  • athaddrivar [aθaddɾiˈvar]
ni. fatality
  • athahhaqar [aθahhaˈqɑr]
ni. frustration
  • athaozar [aθaoˈzar]
ni. depths, deep
  • athaqqiyazar [aθaqqejaˈzar]
ni. spilling of blood
Me izvena, jin athaqqiyazar she vaesof. — It is forbidden to spill blood in the sacred city.
  • athasar [aθaˈsar]
na. wasteland
  • athastokhdeveshizar [aθastoxdeveʃizar]
ni. nonsense
  • athayozar [aθajoˈzar]
ni. waiting
  • athchilar [aθt͡ʃiˈlar]
ni. limit, lay, expanse
  • athchilozar [aθt͡ʃiloˈzar]
ni. lying (with women)
Me izvena, jin athchilozar ma khaleenisoon. — It is forbidden to lie with a Khal's widow.
  • athchomar [aθt͡ʃoˈmar]
ni. respect, reverence
  • athchomar chomakea [aθt͡ʃoˈmaɾ ˈt͡ʃomakea]
phrase "respect to those that are respectful" A greeting. (Said to a group of people.)
  • athdarinar [aθdaɾiˈnar]
ni. lameness
  • athdavrazar [aθdavɾaˈzar]
ni. usefulness (also means good or excellent when used as an exclamation)
  • athdikar [aθdiˈkar]
ni. speed
  • athdisizar [aθdisiˈzar]
ni. comfort, simplicity
  • athdrivar [aθdɾiˈvar]
ni. death
  • athdrivarido [ˈaθdɾivarido]
ni. nightmare
  • athdrivar shekhi [aθdɾiˈvar ˈʃexi]
ni. sunset
  • athessazar [aθessaˈzar]
ni. return
  • athezar [aθeˈzar]
ni. departure
  • athezhirar [aθeʒiˈɾar]
ni. dancing
  • athfiezar [aθfieˈzar]
ni. love (between siblings or friends)
  • athgoshar [aθgoˈʃar]
ni. certainty
  • athhajar [aθhaˈd͡ʒar]
ni. strength
  • athhilezar [aθhileˈzar]
ni. sex
  • athijezar [aθid͡ʒeˈzar]
ni. woman-on-top sex
  • athjahakar [aθd͡ʒahaˈkar]
ni. pride, prowess
  • athjerizar [aθd͡ʒeɾiˈzar]
ni. discussion
  • athjilar [aθd͡ʒiˈlar]
ni. correctness, rightness
  • athkemar [aθkeˈmar]
ni. marriage
  • athlanar [aθlaˈnar]
ni. running
  • athlaqar [aθlaˈqɑr]
ni. wailing
  • athlavakhar [aθlavaˈxar]
ni. loudness
  • athlayafar [aθlajaˈfar]
ni. happiness
Kifinosi me qach athlayafar mae? — How did he show his happiness?
  • athmajizar [aθmad‿ʒiˈzar]
ni. sharing
  • athmanimvenar [aθmanimveˈnar]
ni. anxiousness
  • athmharar [aθmhaˈɾar]
ni. ache, soreness
  • athmithrar [aθmiθˈɾar]
ni. rest
  • athmovezar [aθmoveˈzar]
ni. magic
  • athnavar [aθnaˈvar]
ni. urination
  • athniqar [aθniˈqɑr]
ni. rigidity
  • athnithar [aθniˈθar]
ni. pain
  • athnithmenar [aθniθmeˈnar]
ni. painlessness
  • athohharar [aθohhaˈɾar]
ni. collapse, defeat
  • atholat [aθoˈlat]
v. to dry
past SG: atho
  • athostar [aθosˈtar]
ni. fury
  • athkessezar [aθkesseˈzar]
ni. carrying
Me izvena, jin athkessezar az she vaesof. — It is forbidden to carry weapons in the sacred city.
  • athrokhar [aθɾoˈxar]
ni. fear
  • athtihar [aθtiˈhar]
ni. vision, look
  • athvadar [aθvaˈdar]
ni. spirit
Athvadar mra qora. — She has spirit.
  • athvezhvenar [aθveʒveˈnar]
ni. greatness, excellent (when used as an exclamation)
  • athvilajerar [aθvilad͡ʒeˈɾar]
ni. war
  • athvillar [aθvilˈlar]
ni. wisdom (that is gained from experience or learned)
  • athvokkerar [aθvokkeˈɾar]
ni. choice
  • athyazhar [aθjaˈʒar]
ni. taste, flavor
  • athyolar [aθjoˈlar]
ni. birth
  • athzalar [aθzaˈlar]
ni. hope
  • athzhikhar [aθʒiˈxar]
ni. sickness
  • athzhilar [aθʒiˈlar]
ni. love (used of romantic or sexual love; a private word)
  • athzhokwazar [aθʒokwaˈzar]
ni. size
  • athzhowakar [aθʒowaˈkar]
ni. danger
  • athzinar [aθziˈnar]
ni. remainder
Majin hash zhille athzinari yeri vekha, hash kisha vazhaki ekh hrazefaan kishi. — And if there's anything left of you, we'll give our horses a turn.
  • ato [ˈato]
ni. one
accusative: ate
pn. something, someone
Ato kaffe nharees moon ki negwini– — Someone crushed his head with a rock–
  • atte [atte]
adv. first, firstly
  • atthar [aθˈθar]
ni. duty
  • atthasat [aθθaˈsat]
v. to make someone/something fall, to defeat, to destroy (insulting)
past SG: atthas
  • atthi [ˈaθθi]
num. eleven
  • atthirar [aθθiˈɾar]
ni. life
  • atthirarido [ˈaθθiɾaɾido]
ni. dream
  • attihat [attiˈhat]
vtr. to show
past SG: attih
Hash yer laz chari anna; hash yer ray vos o, attihas anna. — If you are still in there, if you haven't gone away, show me.
  • ave [ˈave]
na. father
  • avvemolat [avvemoˈlat]
v. to kneel (something)
past SG: avvemo
  • avvirsalat [avviɾsaˈlat]
vtr. to burn something
past SG: avvirsa
  • avvitisherat [avvitiʃeˈɾat]
vtr. to grow something
  • avvos [avˈvos]
adv. never
Anha adothrak hrazef ido yomme Havazzhifi Kazga ven et vo khal avvos. — I will ride wooden horses across the black salt sea as no khal has done before.
  • awazak [awaˈzak]
na. screamer
  • awazat [awaˈzat]
v. to scream
past SG: awaz
  • ayena [ˈajena]
ni. bell
accusative: ayene
  • ayolat [ajoˈlat]
vin. to wait
past SG: ayol
  • ayyathat [ajjaˈθat]
vtr. to lift
past SG: ayyath
  • ayyey [ajˈjej]
adv. always
  • ayyolat [ajjoˈlat]
vin. to bear (a child)
past SG: ayyo
Irge firesofi, me ayyo khalaan mae ohar — A year later, she bore her Khal a daughter.
  • ayyozat [ajjoˈzat]
vtr. to dilute
Mori vo tihoo mekisha ray ayyoz qoy kishoon ayyeyoon. — They don't realize that we have always diluted our blood.
  • az [az]
ni. blade
  • azhasavva [aʒaˈsavva]
ni. blessing
accusative: azhasavve
  • azhat [aˈʒat]
vtr. to give (something to someone; recipient is in allative)
vtr.→abl. to let (someone do something)
past SG: azh
Anha vazhak maan Rhaeshis Andahli. — I will give The Lands of the Andals.
Majin kisha vazhaki dothrakhqoyoon kishi hilelat yera. — And then we’ll let our bloodriders fuck you.
  • azhilat [aʒiˈlat]
v. to bet
Anha azhik memé vafazhoe rivaan kash me nem athacha. — I bet she gets nice and pink when you pinch her.
  • azho [ˈaʒo]
ni. gift
accusative: azh
  • azzafrok [azzafˈrok]
na. slaver
  • azzafrolat [azzafroˈlat]
vtr. to enslave
past SG: azzafro
  • azzisat [azziˈsat]
vtr. to harm someone
past SG: azˈzis
Me azzisa anna jin tihat meyer qiyae. — It makes me hurt to see you bleed.
  • azzohat [azzoˈhat]
vtr. to put something down
past SG: azzoh
Rakharo, azzohi haz khogare. — Rakharo, put down that cask.


adj. adjetivo
adv. advérbio
v. aux. verbo auxiliar
conj. conjunção
det. determinante
intj. interjeição
np. frase nominal
num. numeral
n. prop. nome próprio
pn. pronome
prep. preposição
s. substantivo com animacidade desconhecida
sa. substantivo animado
si. substantivo inanimado
v. verbo
vin. verbo intransitivo
vtr. verbo transitivo
→nom. transforma o substantivo seguinte em nominativo
→acu. transforma o substantivo seguinte em acusativo
→gen. transforma o substantivo seguinte em genitivo
→abl. transforma o substantivo seguinte em ablativo
→all. assigns the following noun into allative

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