Astapori Valyrian Word Groups

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Astapori Valyrian Word Groupings

This section is taken from the words available in the Astapori Valyrian Vocabulary and are grouped similar to what's done for Dothraki; Similar to ESL (English as a Second Language) groupings or rather in this case DSL (Dothraki as a Second Language). In cases where the High Valyrian equivalent is not listed a gap will be left to be completed in future installments. Words will be repeated when they fall into more than one category. The groupings are basic and not exhaustive.



Father, kiba, ( < kepa.)
Mother, mysa, ( < Ghiscari mhysa)
Child, adjo, ( < Ghiscari ?)
Son, trezy, ( < HV trēsy.)
Older brother
Little brother
Older sister
Little sister
Wife, abra, ( < HV ābra.)
Husband, vala, ( < HV vala.)
Baby, ruo, ( < rūs)
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