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As Dothraki information is gathered from various different sources, there are varying degrees of canonicity, or how ''correct'' something may be. There are four different degrees, at this point. The originally most canonical sources came from the books by George R. R. Martin. These were the first official word on Dothraki, and remain the clearest examples of it's use, at this point. However, they are currently less canonical than David J. Peterson's creation of the language, as he had to go through and figure out where the orthography used by Martin was not consistent. Peterson's word is now the most canonical source on the language, as Martin himself has conceded that he doesn't know the phrase for "it is known", and won't create it himself without referring to Peterson's language. <ref name="lj">{{cite web |url= |title=George R.R. Martin's LiveJournal Entry |date=April 13, 2010}}</ref> Thirdly, the actors themselves will influence the nature of Dothraki. Their inevitable mispronunciations and subtle changes to the language may influence how it is to be used. Whether mistakes or changes will be approved by Peterson remains to be seen. Finally, the fan base will be able to form their own statements using the system that Peterson has created, and these will vary in canonicity: a perfectly correct usage may be considered canonical. How the fan base will influence the language also remains to be seen.
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MlZ3pH <a href="">flcjgdmfahha</a>, [url=]aigpfbofzhze[/url], [link=]ntqukxwwmcss[/link],

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