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This is the canon of known good sentences in Dothraki with glosses, or with situational information, given out in interviews with David J. Peterson. All Dothraki information from the original books belongs on the Original Corpus page. All references to other languages in the series can go on the Other languages page. Explanations of the various sources can be found on the Canon page.


HBO Press Release

In the Press Release, the following words and information were presented: [1]

Did you know? (Hash yer ray nesi?)
The name for the Dothraki people—and their language—derives from the verb dothralat (to ride).
The Dothraki have four different words for carry, three for push, three for pull and at least eight for horse, but no word that means please or follow.
The longest word in Dothraki is athastokhdeveshizaroon, which means from nonsense.
The words for related, weighted net, eclipse, dispute, redhead, oath, funeral pyre, evidence, omen, fang and harvest moon all have one element in common: qoy, the Dothraki word for blood.
Dothraki for to dreamthirat atthiraride—literally means to live a wooden life; in Dothraki, wooden (ido) is synonymous with fake.
The word for prideathjahakar—is derived from jahak, the traditional long braid worn by Dothraki warriors (lajaki).

On Hold for Now

In the On Hold for Now blog post, fonas chek was used as an end of discourse phrase. [2]


At the end of this interview, Peterson states unambigiously that “The blood of the dragon is qoy zhavvori.

He also analyses athastokhdeveshizaroon, from nonsense:

"Without giving too much away, I can show you some of the internal composition of athastokhdeveshizaroon. First, we’ll strip off the suffix (the last bit added), to get athastokhdeveshizar. With that done, the outer most bit is actually a circumfix. If you remove it, you get astokhdeveshi. So, in this instance, the circumfix is ath- -zar, and you’d write it thus." [3]


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