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“Game of Thrones” and “Dothraki” are trademarks of George R. R. Martin (GRRM). The books in the series are his copyright. All are fully licensed to HBO.

All extant words in the Dothraki language are copyright of HBO, as is the text and audio of the language documents provided to HBO by the LCS.

Other than the Dothraki words and quotes of others’ material (including HBO’s or GRRM’s), which are used with permission and/or fair use, all content on the LCS blog is original and copyright of the LCS.

Any LCS material on their blog can be used for non-commercial purposes only, if they in turn allow others to use their derivative works and give the LCS credit and a link to this blog, under Creative Commons’ by-nc-sa license.

Anything off of this wikipedia remains in copyrighted by the LCS, HBO, and GRRM. All of this information has been made publicly available, and no commercial use may be made of any of the material here. All material here may be used non-commercially around the web, but must be sourced as having been taken from or based upon information on, if this is so.

If any information on here has not been allowed for public use, has not been made publicly available, or is being used for commercial purposes without proper consent of HBO, please contact web @ dothraki . org and alert the owners of this website, as that has not been allowed, condoned, or in any way part of their work. All such work will be immediately removed.

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