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*[[User:Kristofusz|Kristofus]]- Rugby, England. The whole Dothraki culture is intriguing and I wish they featured more prominently.  
*[[User:Kristofusz|Kristofus]]- Rugby, England. The whole Dothraki culture is intriguing and I wish they featured more prominently.  
*[[User:Kristofusz|Jully_br]] - Porto Alegre, Brazil
*[[User:Kristofusz|Jully_br]] - Porto Alegre, Brazil
*[[Chako Kovarro]] - California, USA

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This is a list of people who speak Dothraki or are learning to speak Dothraki. If you're one of those people, edit this page and add yourself to the list. Stand up and be counted!



  • Add yourself to the correct section!
  • Use your real name, your Dothraki name, your nickname, your forum name... any name you like. Just don't register more than once.
  • Add your name, plus (optionally) a one-line blurb about yourself. You could provide contact information, your geographic location, why you're learning Dothraki, how far along you are in your studies, your favorite Dothraki word or phrase, etc. Just keep it to a single line, about the size of a Twitter message.
  • Use Wiki formatting (optionally) to link your name or parts of your blurb to appropriate websites, like your home page, Facebook page, Twitter page, Wikipedia user page, etc.
  • If you aren't sure how to use Wiki formatting, copy-and-paste from someone else's entry and modify it appropriately.

What section should I add myself to?

  • Native speakers:
  • Fluent speakers:
    • You can participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on practical, social, professional, and abstract topics.
    • You can read with almost complete comprehension and at normal speed expository prose on unfamiliar subjects and a variety of literary texts.
    • You can express yourself effectively in most formal and informal writing on practical, social and professional topics.
  • Intermediate speakers:
    • You can ask and answer questions and participate in simple conversations.
    • You can consistently read and understand simple texts dealing with a variety of basic and social needs.
    • You can write short, simple letters involving personal preferences, daily routine, everyday events, and other topics grounded in personal experience.
  • Novices:
    • None of the above, but you're working on it!

Native Speakers

  • Drogo ki Bharbosi - Havazh Dothraki

Fluent Speakers

None yet!

Intermediate Speakers

  • Ingsve - Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Kayri - Toronto, Canada
  • Rakharo - İstanbul, Turkey


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