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The wiki is an ongoing project maintained by too few people. Anyone with time and interest can be of help, and the help will be appreciated.


Add Information

There's always unwikified stuff floating around, most notably on the Dothraki Blog. And even if some tidbit is mentioned somewhere, it still might deserve an own page or subsection. Some stuff that needs to be written:

  • Phonotactics (syllabification, consonant cluster simplification...)
  • Syntax update (coordinating particles, relative clauses, small clauses...)

Add Applied Content

We don't offer only raw information, we also try to offer it in nice palpable form.

  • tutorials
  • tests
  • glosses

Add References

Since we have gained information in small bits through IRC conversations, tweets and such, citing the sources has not been a priority. That said, we don't abhor links. If not in the middle of text, at the ends of the wiki pages to appropriate Dothraki Blog articles, at least, would be helpful additions.

More cross-referencing links would also be an improvement. We have been rather lazy on double bracketing.

Improve Quality

Not all of the wiki actives are native English writers. Many pages would improve a lot if someone with good writing skills corrected typos and grammatical errors... or even rewrote some paragraphs.

Stylistic improvement and homogenization is also very helpful. There are some templates used to unify the look, but they aren't applied on all pages; tables are grey and simple.

Think of Something Completely Else

Improvement, certainly is not all that can be done. You can always do something else. If you need to bounce ideas off with other people, the forum and IRC (most active on Mondays around 5PM Pacific time) are helpful communities where one may find assistance.

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