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: {{HVperf|jorȳdratan}}
: {{HVperf|jorȳdratan}}
: ''{{HVverb|a}}'' to babble, to chatter ''( < ''{{HVder|jor-}}'' + ''{{HVlex|ȳdragon}}''.)''
: ''{{HVverb|a}}'' to babble, to chatter ''( < ''{{HVder|jor-}}'' + ''{{HVlex|ȳdragon}}''.)''
* '''kempāves''' [kemˈpaːves] {{ID|kempāves}}
: ''n. {{4sol}}.'' gravity ''( < ''{{HVlex|kempa}}'' + ''{{HVder|-āves}}''.)''
* '''kōttegon''' [ˈkoːttegon] {{ID|kōttegon}}
* '''kōttegon''' [ˈkoːttegon] {{ID|kōttegon}}
: {{HVperf|kōttetan}}
: {{HVperf|kōttetan}}

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This page keeps record of all words suggested by learners of High Valyrian so as to fill semantic gaps of High Valyrian and enable better communication in H.V. However the contents of this page are not official in any way and could very well be proven wrong by DJP when he announces new lexemes, thus replacing the ones here with other official ones.


High Valyrian Non-Canonical Vocabulary List

Lerners' Creations

  • buqarys [buˈqarys]
n. 2sol. hate, hatred ( < buqagon + -arys.)
  • greviot [ˈgrevi͡ot]
postp. →gen. around
  • jorȳdragon [jorˈyːdragon]
perfect: jorȳdratan
v. V-fin. to babble, to chatter ( < jor- + ȳdragon.)
  • kempāves [kemˈpaːves]
n. 4sol. gravity ( < kempa + -āves.)
  • kōttegon [ˈkoːttegon]
perfect: kōttetan
v. V-fin. to manage, to achieve (eventative of kostagon.)
  • kynilla [kyˈnilla]
n. 1aq°. silk (< kyno + -illa)
  • laehoqitta [laɛ̯hoˈqitta]
adj. I eyeless, blind (< laes + -oqitta.)
  • mīznon [ˈmiːznon]
n. 3ter. protection, defence ( < mīsagon + -non.)
  • ōzigon [ˈoːzigon]
v. V-fin. to be proud (cf. jōzigon.)
  • senēbagon [senˈeːbagon]
perfect: senēptan
v. C-fin. to execute ( < sēnagon + -ēbagon.)
  • sōpnon [ˈsoːpnon]
n. 3ter. laughter ( < sōpagon + -non.)
  • vēdroso [ˈveːdroso]
adj. invar. angry (com. of vēdros.)


  • Jaehirūdys [jaɛ̯hi'ru:dys]
n. 2sol Theodore, Dorothy God's gift (< jaes + irūdy .)
  • Jaerhijarys [jaɛ̯r̥i'jarys]
n. 2sol. Timothy, "he who honours God" (<jaes + rijagon.)


This section contains words reconstructed from words in, mainly, Astapori Valyrian with the changes having happened from High Valyrian already known in general (see here).

1st degree of certainty

These words' form and meaning is almost certain.

  • jēlēbarion [ɟeːˈleːbari͡on]
n. 3ter. breath (subst. II of act. pres. part. of jelēbagon "to breathe"; cf. AV jelevre.)
  • kimagon [kiˈmagon]
v. C-fin. to shake, to wave, to move around (cf. HV dokimare "serious, focused", dokimarves, AV kimagho.)
  • kimībagon [kimˈiːbagon]
perfect: kimīptan
v. C-fin. to wag, to swing ( < kimagon + -ībagon; cf. AV kimivagho.)
  • nārytsa [ˈnaːrytsa]
adj. I unhealthy, poisonous? ( < nā- + rytsa; AV narysta.)
  • nȳnta [ˈnyːnta]
adj. I (so-)called (perf. part. of nȳmagon "to call"; cf. AV nynta.)
  • ōghrar [ˈoːɣrar]
n. 6col.1aq. hair on one's head ( < col. of ōghar a single hair; cf. AV oghrar.)
  • piktenka [pikˈtenka]
adj. I obedient ( < pikta + -enka; cf. AV pihtenkave.)

2nd degree of certainty

These words' reconstruction is not foolproof since there are many possibilities of sound changes that have occured.

  • byjagon/byzagon/bȳjagon/bȳzagon
v. to break wind (cf. AV byjagho.)
  • nȳnyges -e,-i,-is [ˈnyːnyges]
n. hamster?, rodent? (cf. AV nynyghi.)
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