High Valyrian Non-Canonical Vocabulary

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This page keeps record of all words suggested by learners of High Valyrian so as to fill semantic gaps of High Valyrian and enable better communication in H.V. However the contents of this page are not official in any way and could very well be proven wrong by DJP when he announces new lexemes, thus replacing the ones here with other official ones.


High Valyrian Non-Canonical Vocabulary List


  • iotāpagon [io'ta:pagon]
v. C-fin. to think (of) something/someone (< i- + otāpagon.)


  • laehoqitta [laɛ̯ho'qitta]
adj. I eyeless, blind (< laes + -oqitta.)


  • Jaehirūdys [jaɛ̯hi'ru:dys]
n. 2sol Theodore, Dorothy God's gift (< jaes + irūdy .)
  • Jaerhijarys [jaɛ̯r̥i'jarys]
n. 2sol. Timothy, "he who honours God" (<jaes + rijagon.)
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