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High Valyrian Word Groupings

This section is taken from the words available in the High Valyrian Vocabulary and are grouped similar to what's done for Dothraki; Similar to ESL (English as a Second Language) groupings or rather in this case DSL (Dothraki as a Second Language). In cases where the High Valyrian equivalent is not listed a gap will be left to be completed in future installments. Words will be repeated when they fall into more than one category. The groupings are basic and not exhaustive.



Father, kepa
Mother, muña
Parents, muñar
Child, riña
Children, riñar
Son, trēsy
Daughter, tala
Sibling, dubys
Older brother, lēkia
Little brother, valonqar
Older sister,
Little sister, hāedar
Wife, ābrazȳrys
Husband, valzȳrys
Baby, rūs

Body Parts

Head, bartos
Mouth, relgos
Ear, eleks
Nose, pungos
Hair, ōghar
Tooth, ātsio
Tongue, ēngos
Neck, ȳrgos
Breast, naejos
Arm, ñōghe
Hand, ondos
Leg, kris
Knee, ybon
Foot, deks
Back, inkon
Bone, īby
Stomach, iemny
Intestines, kyndrir
Skin, ñellyr
Nail, pogry
Heart, prūmia
Liver, qablos


Animal, dȳñes
Owl, atroksia
Pig, f. beqes, m. qryldes
Goat, f. epses, m. hobres
Louse, grēges
Bear, gryves
Bird, hontes
Flock of birds, tīkor
Dog, jaos
Cat, kēli
Elephant, ñombes
Cow, nuspes
Snake, peldio
Fish, klios
Scorpion, raedes
Worm, turgon
Serpent, tyvaros
Eel, ubles
Dragon, zaldrīzes
Wolf, zokla


Man, vala
Woman, ābra
Womankind, ābrar
Humanity, ābrar
Child, riña
Children, riñar
First Man, ēlie vala
First Men, ēlī vali
Girl, maiden, riña
Little girl, little maiden, riñītsos

Tittles and Professions

King, dārys
Queen, dāria
Prince/Princess, dārilaros
Lord, master, āeksio
Slave, dohaeriros, buzdari
Slave master, belmurtys


Soldier, mentys, azantys
Knight, azantys
Army, mentyr, azantyr
Battalion, mentyn
Unsullied sg., dovaogēdy
Unsullied coll., dovaogēdyr
Leader, jentys
Short sword, azandy
Long sword, korze
Blade, egros
Knife, egry
War, vīlībāzma


Elements and Metals

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