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In High Valyrian, the general word order in a sentence is SOV, i.e. subject–object–verb. High Valyrian is a strongly head-final language. Direct objects and adverbs generally precede verbs they modify; adjectives, demonstratives, relative clauses and adpositional phrases generally precede nouns they modify; possessors precedes the possessee; adverbs and adpositional phrases precede the adjectives they modify; and most adpositions are postpositions.


Verb phrases

In verb phrases with transitive verbs, the direct object precedes the verb.

In verb phrases with ditransitive verbs, which take both a direct object and an indirect objects, the indirect object generally precedes the direct object. However, it may also follow:

  • Taobot rūklon tepan."I give the boy a flower."
  • Rūklon taobot tepan."I give the boy a flower."


High Valyrian is a pro-drop language, that is, subject pronouns are generally omitted, since they are indicated through verbal morphology. Including the subject pronoun places emphasis on the subject.

  • Gevī ȳdrā."You are speaking beautifully."
  • Ao gevī ȳdrā."You are speaking beautifully."

Relative clauses

For more in-depth information, see Prounouns § Relatives.

Relative clauses are followed by a relative adjective and noun or a relative pronoun. They are generally gapped, that is, the noun shared between the relative and matrix clause is left out. However, in cases where gapping creates ambiguity, a resumptive pronoun may be used for clarity.


Yes–no questions have the same syntax as declarative clause. The only difference is a that yes–no questions have a rising pitch toward the end.

Wh-questions display wh-fronting, which means that the interrogative pronoun or adjective is moved to the front of the clause:

  • Skorverdon jēdaro azantys ūndas?"How old is the knight?"
  • Azantys izule izulēpsā jēdari ūndas."The knight is forty-four years old."
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