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'''shor tawakof''' armor (steel dress)
'''shor tawakof''' armor (steel dress)
'''ador shiqueti''' throne (iron chair)
'''rhaggat eveth''' ship (water cart)
'''torga essheyi''' in secret (under a roof)
'''torga essheyi''' in secret (under a roof)

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This page is a collection of idioms and specific uses of words in the Dothraki language as used by the Dothraki people.



Idioms are words or phrases that have a figurative meaning that is different from the literal meaning of the words and is understood to be figurative by virtue of common usage and in relation to a specific culture. The list gives the Dothraki word in bold then the figurative meaning and then the literal meaning in parenthesis.

jalan qoyi harvest moon (blood moon)

shierak qiya comet (bleeding star)

thirat atthiraride to dream (to live a wooden/fake life)

shor tawakof armor (steel dress)

ador shiqueti throne (iron chair)

rhaggat eveth ship (water cart)

torga essheyi in secret (under a roof)

Shieraki gori ha yeraan! The stars are charging for you. Said to someone who is going into battle.

Fichas jahakes moon Get him! (Take his braid) Used when encouraging fellow fighters.

Yer jalan atthirari anni. You are the moon of my life. Said when addressing a woman you love.

Shekh ma shieraki anni. My sun and stars. Said when addressing a man you love.


m'athchomaroon simple greeting (with respect)

m'ath shortened version of m'athchomaroon. Equivalent to saying "hi".

athchomar chomakaan Greeting said to a non-dothraki, directed at one person. (Respect to one that is respectful)

athchomar chomakea Greeting said to a non-dothraki, directed at more than one person. (Respect to those that is respectful)

fonas chek goodbye (hunt well) Said in parting.

Insults or swear words

chiftik Cricket. Used as an insult.

choyo A jocular word for someones butt.

Es havazhaan! Get lost! (Go to the sea!)

Graddakh! Refers to waste or refuse. If you are really upset and ticked off about something, and you just want to exclaim but not necessarily insult somebody else, you would say graddakh.

ifak foreigner (one who walks, walker). Used as a derogatory term for anyone who isn't a Dothraki.

Yer affesi anni You make me itch. Used to indicate that you don't like someone or that they make you uncomfortable.

Specific uses for words

  • The words chomak and vichomerak which means "one that is respected" is only used when addressing foreigners since respect between members of the Dothraki people is implied by default. If a Dothraki were to use one of these words when referring to another Dothraki it would be seen as an insult.
  • There are two word for the pronoun "you", yer and shafka. Yer is used in most instances but when you address someone in a respectful way then you use shafka instead. This is usually in the presence of or when talking to foreigners who are not of the Dothraki people.
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