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Welcome to the Tongues of Ice and Fire Wiki!

Formerly just the Dothraki wiki. This is the home of all extant information concerning the languages created for HBO's adaptation of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series, as well as Mr. Martin's use of fictitious languages in his books. To date, all of the original work has been done through the Language Creation Society by linguist David J. Peterson. At this time, this includes the Dothraki language, and two variants of the Valyrian language: High Valyrian and Astapori Valyrian. If and when new languages are developed, we hope to include them here as well. Do note that this wiki is maintained by fans and for fans. Although every attempt has been made to make this site as complete and accurate as possible, it is not an 'official site' for these languages. Please, take a look around, upload some unnoticed quotes, and make yourself at home!

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