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What was actually said in the series diverges at times from what Peterson initially wrote for the dialogue, due to practical limitations of production process. What is presented here is at places closer to Peterson's writing than to the end result. You might take it as an idealised version. If the line is in grey, it means we don't have an official transcription and what is written here is the best guess.


Season 4

Episode 4: "Oathkeeper"

  • Mossador: Yel rit![1] “You heard her”
  • Mossador: Poghethash mathash wang yel sherwa![1] “She said she came to free us”
  • Slave 2: Shka ma khurf[2] “You're a fool”
  • Slave 2: P’ashkesh she kraj waov.[2] “The Masters are too strong.”
  • Mossador: Yel mizozliwash.[3] “She will protect us.”
  • Mossador: Erntash ye kosh shp’ashkesh.[3] “She defeated the Masters’ champion.”
  • Mossador: Ez m'äzantyr gras “She has a great army.”
  • Mossador: Ivaf kiófa w'omvale shiv tówish fílva tosh? “You want to live the rest of your days in chains?”
  • Slave 3: Ivan kiófa “I want to live.”
  • Slave 3: Wan shkó kanshísh sho fan aish. “You saw what they did to those children.”
  • Slave 3: Shko ódav kamazlíwesh yá iro? “What do you think they’ll do to us?”
  • Slave 2: Onyesh kiofasa ya lan jelnazmato “I’ve been through two slave revolts, boy.”
  • Slave 2: Zo gresh pujilio shenk “They always end the same way:”
  • Slave 2: P’ashkesh pilosh shi qlonya, me buzdal she mol “The Masters in power and the slaves dead.”

Grey Worm arrives with the rest of the Unsullied

  • Slave 2: Val shka? “Who are you?”
  • Slave 2: Shká Thowoá? “You are Unsullied?”
  • Slave 2: Afo jej ojweliwa nish shke shél fendá “They taught you how to fight before you could walk.”
  • Slave 2: Va shke minshísh! “We are not soldiers!”
  • Slave 3: I om tõl fõjem “We have no training”
  • Slave 3: tõl khem “no weapons.”

Episode 6: "The Laws of Gods and Men"

In a response to Daenerys that he cannot understand High Valyrian:

  • Goatherd: Yeng shijetra, osh eghlish. Tha shifang. “Forgive me, your grace. I don’t understand.”
  • Missandei: Ye Thal poghash koth nyesha she yedhra. “The Queen says you may approach and speak.” [4]

Season 6

Episode 4: "Book of the Stranger"

Two petitioners angrily discuss the envoys visiting from slaveholding cities:

  • Ash: Tha yenka onya mazmedha rual fendha yelwa khil. Sa ánghowa. "They shouldn’t have even been allowed to walk our streets. It’s an insult."[5]
  • Kesh: Krenyikhé unyishishk nyetodha poj irosh nyeshka majij ya yelwa rim, i riwij shkurja li kijil yelkhé. "I’d gladly have slit their throats before they made it through our gates, but let’s hear why they’re here first."[5]

They discuss the situation with Tyrion in Westerosi Common. Then:

  • Ash: She a, Thorgha Nudha? Ev shka moz avrelya fej wal thosh? Pa wal yel wazghesh shing pa nesh esh yelwa mish she yel lerch ej rovnya sha nofel? "And you, Torgo Nudho? You want to drink wine with these men? The men who tore us from our mothers’ arms and sold us at auction, like cattle?"[5]

Grey Worm answers.

  • Kesh: Mishanje, khim shkul she fej wal. Shkokhé koth pong paza? "Missandei, you know what these men are. How can you trust them?"[5]

Missandei answers.


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