Season 6 Astapori Valyrian Dialogue

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What was actually said in the series diverges at times from what Peterson initially wrote for the dialogue, due to practical limitations of production process. What is presented here is at places closer to Peterson's writing than to the end result. You might take it as an idealised version.



Episode 4: "Book of the Stranger"

Grey Worm and Missandei answer the petitioners' objections:

  • Grey Worm: Nyk skan minty, do jovenne. Y lu honesk ji kelnisto eji lysk – me dreji lysk – inki zer jéragho. "I am a soldier, not a politician. But if there is a chance for peace – a just peace – we should take it"[1]
  • MIssandei: Do pon pazan. Dori pon pazozlivan. Y he sylvie vala mere ivetredas, “Verdi ji lysk ilvi qrinuntys zy, do ilvi rageros zy.” "I do not trust them. I will never trust them. But as a wise man once said, 'We make peace with our enemies, not our friends.'"[1]

Episode 8: "No One"

An unaired line, presumably from the scene where Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei attempt to share jokes:

  • Missandei: Lárari. "Intimidating."[2]

Episode 9: "Battle of the Bastards"

Grey Worm offers the Masters' soldiers a choice:

  • Grey Worm: Jim vali ezi m’idreno. Ozvilívagho si morghúlegho Aeske zy sko do ozvilívizi si morghúlesi jim zy dori. Ja já lintot, va jivi kezari. "You men have a choice. Fight and die for Masters who would never fight and die for you. Or go home, to your families."[3]

Ezi is an error. Properly it should be imat.


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