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What was actually said in the series diverges at times from what Peterson initially wrote for the dialogue, due to practical limitations of production process. What is presented here is at places closer to Peterson's writing than to the end result. You might take it as an idealised version.



Episode 1 - The Red Woman

Two Dothraki riders comment on Daenerys.

  • Qhono: Ishish me tih leyes. Mai okeosi inavvasi anni tih leyes majin noreth moon zasqaso. Maybe she saw a ghost. My sister’s friend’s mother saw a ghost and her hair turned white.
  • Akho: Hannavenaki rokhi shekhes. Me avvirsae ilek moroa. Majin jin hannaveneesi, ishish me kovara torga shekhi k’athneakari sekke majin noreth zasqasoe. Pink people are afraid of the sun. It burns their skin. So this pink girl, she probably stands too long in the sun and her hair goes white.
  • Qhono: Hash yer dirgi megech mae hemee ma norethoon zasqa akka? Hash yer ray chilo ma nayatoon ma qeviroon lajaki zasqa? You think she’s got white pussy hair, too? You ever been with a girl with white pussy hair?
  • Akho: Kash anha hile kristasof yeri disse. Only when I was fucking your grandma.
  • Qhono: Anha aqafak zhey Khaloon Moro ajjalanes ma yeroon. Fin yer dirgi? I’ll ask Khal Moro for a night with you. What do you think?
  • Akho: Tihi zheana, vosma me tokik. Pretty eyes, but she’s an idiot.
  • Qhono: Anha vo zigerok memé deva ahilek mae vi choyokh. She doesn’t have to be smart to get fucked in the ass.
  • Akho: Me allayafa anna vasterat irge me nakhoe. Hash vos, hash kisha janaan. I like to talk when I’m finished. Otherwise, we might as well be dogs.

Daenerys is presented to Khal Moro.

  • Akho: Ha shafkea, zhey Khal anni. Nayat nharesi vizhada mekisha ezish sh’olta. For you, my Khal. The white-haired girl we found in the hills.
  • Bloodrider #1: Tihis jin hethis, zhey qoy qoyi. Look at those lips, blood of my blood.
  • Wife #1: Chiorisi tihi chandri maegi. Blue-eyed women are witches.
  • Wife #2: Me nem nesa. It is known.
  • Wife #1: Zirisses nhare moon hatif me ta movekh yeraan. Cut off her head before she casts a spell on you.
  • Khal Moro: Hash anha azisirek, hash anha acharak mechiorikemis anni asti ki, “Zirisses nhare moon”, majin anha anesak sekosshi mejin chiori zheanae. Even if I was blind, I’d hear my wives say, “Cut off her head,” and I’d know this woman is beautiful.
  • Khal Moro: Me allayafa anna m’anha vo zisirok. Tihat chiories zheana k’athzhonathari hatif eyaki – fin adavrana? I’m glad I’m not blind. Seeing a beautiful woman naked for the first time – what is better than that?
  • Bloodrider #1: Atthasat eshna khales. Killing another Khal.
  • Khal Moro: Sek, atthasat eshna khales. Yes, killing another Khal.
  • Bloodrider #2: Assilat vaes majin azzafrolat gimisires mae majin yanqolat jor mae Vaesaan Dothrak. Conquering a city and taking her people as slaves and taking her idols back to Vaes Dothrak.
  • Bloodrider #1: Vishaferat hrazef chafi; iffat krazaaj mesi k’oakahi. Breaking a wild horse, forcing a half ton of muscle to submit to your will.
  • Khal Moro: Tihat chiories zheana k’athzhonathari hatif eyaki – me vi mek athnakhar adavranaz atthiraroon. Seeing a beautiful woman naked for the first time – it is among the five best things in life.
  • Dany: Vo frakho anna vosecchi. Do not touch me.
  • Dany: Anha Daenerys Vazyol h’Okreseroon Targeryen, Atak ma Hakesoon Mae, Osavvirsak, Khaleesi Mirini, Khaleesi m’Andahli ma Roynari m’Ataki, Khaleesi Havazhofi Hranni, ma Haggey-Assamvak ma Mai Zhavorsi. I am Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.
  • Khal Moro: Yer vosak, yorak ma hakesoon yeri, Khaleesi Vosi, zafra Khali Moro. You are nobody, the millionth of your name, Queen of Nothing, slave of Khal Moro.
  • Khal Moro: Ajjalan anha achilok ma yeroon, ma hash Vezhof erina, hash yer vayyoe anhaan rizhes. Hash yer tihoe? Tonight I will lie with you, and if the Great Stallion is kind you will give me a son. Do you understand?
  • Dany: Anha vos ochilok ma shafkoa vosecchi. M’anha vo vayyok vo yal che ha shafkea che h’eshnakaan. Avvos vosma shekh yola she jimma ma drivoe she titha. I will not lie with you. And I will bear no children, for you or anyone else. Not until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.
  • Wife #1: Anha ast yeraan, me maegi. Zirisses nhare moon. I told you she is a witch. Cut off her head.
  • Khal Moro: Me allayafa anna. Athvadar mra qora. I like her. She has spirit.
  • Dany: Anha chiorikemoon ha Khalaan Drogo ki Bharbosi. I was wife to Khal Drogo, son of Khal Bharbo.
  • Khal Moro: Khal Drogo driva. Khal Drogo is dead.
  • Dany: Anha nesak. Anha avvirsa khadokh moon. I know. I burnt his body.
  • Khal Moro: Anha nemo echomosak. Anha vo neso. Me izvena, jin athchilozar ma khaleenisoon. Vosak ofrakha yera vosecchi, anha astak yeraan asqoy. Forgive me. I did not know. It is forbidden to lie with a Khal’s widow. No one will touch you, you have my word.
  • Dany: Hash shafka vidrisofi anna Mirinaan, hash anha vammelisok mekhalasar shafki nem vazha dalen hrazef k’azhi anhoon. If you will escort me back to Meereen, I will see that your khalasar is given a thousand horses as a sign of my gratitude.
  • Khal Moro: Hash khal drivoe, hash at gachi disse vekha ha khaleesisaan mae. When a khal dies, there is only place for his khaleesi.
  • Wife #1: Vaes Dothrak. Vaesof Doshi Khaleen. Vaes Dothrak. The Temple of the Dosh Khaleen.
  • Wife #2: Athira asshekhis mae ma khaleenisoa khali drivi. To live out her days with the widows of dead khals.
  • Wife #1: Me nem nesa. It is known.

Episode 3 - Oathbreaker

  • Qhono: Hale, zhey Khaleesi Vezhven. Eyes choy. Hey, Great Khaleesi. Move your ass.
  • Khal Moro: Anha asshik yera vaesishoon, zhey Khaleesi. Welcome home, khaleesi.
  • Dosh Khaleen Priestess: Es. Go.
  • Dany: Fin yeri ti?! Eqorasas anna! Anha afichak anhaan nharees yeroa! Anha Mai Zhavorsi! Rizh anni Vezhoon Fin Saja Rhaesheseres! Anha chiorikem Khali Drogo! Zhey ivezho! What are you doing?! Take your hands off me! I will have your heads! I am the Mother of Dragons! My son was the Stallion Who Mounts the World! I am wife of Khal Drogo! You beasts!
  • Dany: Yeri ray esh osoon. Ki jini yeri akhezhi. Anha chiorikem Khali Vezhvena. You have made a mistake. One you will regret. I am the wife of the Great Khal.
  • Dosh Khaleen Priestess: Kisha shilaki yera. Anha vineserak meyer adakh zhores vezhoon. (beat) Kifindirgi yer vos esso kishaan irge Khal Drogo drivo? We know who you are. I remember you eating the stallion’s heart. (beat) Why didn’t you come to us after Khal Drogo died?
  • Dany: Hajinaan m’anha Deneris Vazyol, Haggey-Assamvak, Khaleesi Mirini ma Mai Zhavorsi. Vaes anni vos jinne ma shafkoa. Because I am Daenerys Stormborn, the Breaker of Chains, the Queen of Meereen and the Mother of Dragons. My place is not here with you.
  • Dosh Khaleen Priestess: Ishish yer jili. (beat) Yer chiorikemoon Khali Vezhvena. Yer shillo memé vassila rhaesheseres ma yeroon qisi. Yer shillo meyer vayyoli Vezhes Fin Saja Rhaesheseres. (beat) Me vo to. Yer vo to. (beat) Anha chiorikemoon Khali Vezhvena. Maybe you’re right. (beat) You were the wife of the Great Khal. You thought he would conquer the world with you at his side. You thought you would give birth to the Stallion Who Mounts the World. (beat) He didn’t. You didn’t. (beat) I was the wife of the Great Khal.
  • Dosh Khaleen Priestess: Khal Savo. Anha shillo memé vassila rhaesheseres m’anhoon qisi. Hash yer ray char astosoris mae? Vos. Yer vo charo mora vosecchi. (beat) Yer imeshi. Ei kisha imeshish, kash kashi. Loy kishi zin imeshaki. Vosma ei kisha ray tihosh os fin onqotha enossho. Yer atihoe akka, hash shieraki gori ha yeraan ma yer avikovareri ma kishoon. Khal Savo. I thought he would conquer the world with me at his side. Have you heard the stories about him? No. You haven’t. (beat) You’re young. We were all young, once. Some of us still are. But we all understand the way things are. You will learn as well, if you are fortunate enough to stay with us.
  • Dany: Finnaan anha vek? Ei khaleesi Doshaan Khaleen. Where else would I go? Every khaleesi becomes Dosh Khaleen.
  • Dosh Khaleen Priestess: Sek. Irge leshiti athdrivari khali mae. Vosma yer vos. Yer ver yomme rhaesheser. Reki izvena. (beat) Ei khalasari ray essash vaesaan ershe haji Khalaroon Vezhvena, fini ashiloe mori ajerie ostirge mori haji aheshkoon sila meshes. Mori avokkeri ma fin vaes nem vemrasoe, ma fin yanqosori nem vazzafroe, ma fini nem vohhari. Ma ajjin mori’th vokkeri fasqoy khaleeni ma norethoon vizhada Khali Drogo. (beat) Hash shieraki gori, hash vaes yeri jinnaan ma kishoon, zhey Mai Zhavorsi. Me fasqoyi avezhvenanaz fin laz zali yer, ajjinoon. Yes. Immediately after the death of their khal. But you did not. You went out into the world. That is forbidden. (beat) All the khalasars have returned to the ancient city for the Khalar Vezhven, where they will meet to discuss their plans for the coming winter. They will decide which cities will be sacked, which tribes will be enslaved, and which ones destroyed. And now they must decide what to do with Khal Drogo’s silver-haired widow. (beat) With luck, your place will be here with us, Mother of Dragons. It is the best you can hope for, now.

Episode 4 - Book of the Stranger

The streets of Vaes Dothrak.

  • Iggo: Yer fich jinnaan loy nayati Saathoon? You bring any girls home from Saath?
  • Akho: Mm, zheanish norethqoyi. Mm, a little beauty with red hair.
  • Iggo: Ma hash rizh yeri norethqoyik? What if you have a son with red hair?
  • Akho: Anha vovvethak mae ashefasaan. I’ll throw him in the river.
  • Jorah: Zhey okeosi anni… Kisha nemo silish Jereseroon Jima majin leisosh. Hash shafka laz idrie kisha rekkaan akka? My friends… We wandered off from the Western Market and got lost. Could you show us the way back?
  • Akho: Fin yer vijereri? What do you sell?
  • Jorah: Sewafikh. Jadi vaesaan anni asshekh, anha vazhak shafkea khogare avezhvenanaza Halahisiroon. Wine. Come down to my stall tomorrow, I’ll give a cask of the Arbor’s finest.
  • Akho: Yeri vos jeraki. (to Iggo) Hales eshnakis. You’re not merchants. (to Iggo) Get the others.
  • Iggo: Rhelas! Rhelas! Help! Help!

The temple of the Dosh Khaleen.

  • High Priestess: Loy mori vo dirgi me-Dothraki jif vigoveri ifakis. Mori vo dirgi meqoy jifim ayyoza. Some of them don’t think Dothraki should breed with foreigners. They don’t think the blood should be diluted.
  • High Priestess: Mori vikeesisi toki. Mori vo tihoo mekisha ray ayyoz qoy kishoon ayyeyoon. Kisha assilaki yanqosores, kisha qoraki chiories adavranazi, mori ayyoe yal kishaan. Kijinosi kisha zin hajaki. They are stupid old women. They don’t realize that we have always diluted our blood. We conquer a people, we take the best women, they bear us children. That’s how we stay strong.
  • High Priestess: Jinak Lazari. Khal mae ez mae aresaya she dirke irge memé avvirsa vaesish mae nakhaan. Fini thirisir yeri arrek? This one is Lhazareen. Her Khal found her hiding in a well after he burned her village. How old were you?
  • Ornela: Akatthi. 12.
  • High Priestess: Irge firesofi, me ayyo khalaan mae ohar. Me’th allayaf mae sekosshi. Kifinosi me qach athlayafar mae? A year later, she bore her Khal a daughter. He must have been so happy. How did he show his happiness?
  • Ornela: Me assamve serje. He broke my ribs.
  • High Priestess: Kisha vos khaleesisi jinne. Kisha vos ch’assiloki vaes che dothroki zhavors. Vosma vo khezhos. Khali jadi kishaan haji athvillaroon. Atthirar kishi annevae shorhae. Ma kisha ma kishoon akka. We are not queens, here. We do not conquer cities or ride dragons. But do not despair. The khals depend on us for our wisdom. Our lives have meaning. And we have each other.
  • Dany: Hazi ale khadosoon. That is more than most have.
  • High Priestess: Kash Khali jadoe haji Khalaroon Vezhvena, kash anha zalak memori azhi yeraan thirat asshekhis yeri nakhaan ma kishoon. Eshna osi vo laini vosso. When the Khals meet for the Khalar Vezhven, I hope they let you live out your days with us. The other possibilities are not so pleasant.
  • Dany: Ma Khalar Vezhven silokh sh’ajjalan? (off the Priestess’ nod) Anha zigerek athnavaroon. And the Khalar Vezhven is tomorrow night? (off the Priestess’ nod) I need to make water.
  • High Priestess: Yer laz vo choqi Dothrakoa vosecchi. Yer nesi jin. You can’t run from Dothraki. You know this.
  • Dany: Anha vos ochoqak Dothrakoa vosecchi. I will never run from Dothraki.
  • High Priestess: Es, idris mae. Go, show her.

Dany and Ornela exit.

  • Dany: Anha zigere yash chosha. I needed fresh air.
  • Dany: Yesisi vachrari. The old women stink.
  • Ornela: Mori vachrari sekosshi. They do stink.
  • Dany: Mori’th samvenosh kash Khal yeri drivo, jin firesof yeri. You must have been very young when your Khal died.
  • Ornela: Zhindatthi. Sixteen.
  • Dany: Me ohazha memé vo drivo k’athaqisinari. Too bad he didn’t die sooner.
  • Ornela: Sek, me ohazha. Yes, too bad.
  • Ornela: Hash me jila, jin sen zhavorsi mra qora? Is it true you have three dragons?
  • Ornela: Ma mori leshita ki vorsasi? And they breathe fire?
  • Dany: Mori ti kijinosi sekosshi. Hash me vallayafa yera tihat mora hezhahhe? They do. Would you like to see them one day?
  • Ornela: Anha Dosh Khaleen. Anha laz vos odinak Vaesoon Dothrak vosecchi, vosm’anha ayothak vorsqoyoon ven fih kash anha adrivok. I am Dosh Khaleen. I can never leave Vaes Dothrak, unless I rise as smoke from the pyre on the day I die.

After Jorah and Daario ambushed Ornela.

  • Dany: Ma yer… Qothas k’anni, zhey khaleesi. Vos yer nem holos anhoon. And you… Have faith in me, khaleesi. Do not betray me.

The Khals discuss the deaths of Akho and Iggo.

  • Green Khal: Hrazef shafki nokittish mahrazhes anni zhey Iggo. Me akkoal hrazef k’athadavranazi ei mahrazhoa khalasari anni. Your horses trampled my man Iggo. He was better at healing horses than any man in my khalasar.
  • Moro: Mori nokittish akka mahrazhes anni zhey Akho. K’athodavranari, anha aran m’akat lamees ma vezhes. Fini adavrana: che m’akat lamesi ma vezh che akat mahrazhi ven toki ven mori nem nokittish ki hrazefi? Hiles mora nakhaan. Shafka jif hoeri hrazef anni. They also trampled my man Akho. Even worse, I lost two mares and a stallion. What’s worth more: two mares and a stallion, or two men dumb enough to get trampled by horses? Fuck them both. You should thank my horses.
  • Forzho: Me izvena, jin athaqqiyazar she vaesof. It is forbidden to spill blood in the sacred city.
  • Moro: Me izvena, jin athkessezar az she vaesof. It is forbidden to carry weapons in the sacred city.
  • Forzho: Majin kisha vos addrekoki qoy moon! So we don’t spill blood!
  • Moro: Hazaan… Loyi qoyi avekha ayyey. Well… There’s always a little blood.
  • Forzho: Ato kaffe nharees moon ki negwini– Someone crushed his head with a rock–
  • Brozho: Aggo nem vos addrivo k’azi vosecchi. Aggo was not killed with a blade.
  • Forzho: Vosma qoy moon nem addrek. But his blood was spilled.
  • Brozho: Loyi qoyi avekha ayyey. There is always some blood.
  • Forzho: Vos hash me avarraggera mae. Not when you strangle them.
  • Rhalko: Che hash me vassamva lent. Or break their neck.
  • Forzho: Che hash me vacchorka mae ki janeti majin me anokitta mae ki hrazefi. Me nem nesa k’assokhosori me– Or roll them in a rug and trample them with a horse. The law states that–
  • Moro: Aggo dothra ma khalasaroon anni. Me sili anna chek. Nhare moon nem kaf ki negwini. Hiles Aggoes. Aggo belonged to my khalasar. He served me well. He got his head smashed in by a rock. Fuck Aggo.
  • Moro: Fichi khaleenies Drogosi. Bring in Drogo’s widow.

Daenerys is introduced before them.

  • Brozho: Fin nem olda ki mae? Me lentashi. Who cares about her? She’s a midget.
  • Porrzho: Me allayafa anna. I like her.
  • Brozho: Me azasqana lamekhoon. She’s paler than milk.
  • Porrzho: Anha azhik memé vafazhoe rivaan kash me nem athacha. I bet she gets nice and pink when you pinch her.
  • Rhalko: Anha zalak nesat ven fini ven athyazhar khaleesisi. I’d like to know what a Khaleesi tastes like.
  • Porrzho: Athdavrazar. Shafka laz addiwee khirrof anni. Good. You can suck my dick.
  • Moro: Me jif dothrae Doshi Khaleen. She belongs with the Dosh Khaleen.
  • Qorro: Aiske Silve Yunkayoon zali mae. Mori vazhi ha thi dalen hrazefaan ha maan. Fini adavrana: ch’at nayati hannaven che thi dalen hrazef? The Wise Masters of Yunkai want her. They’re offering ten thousand horses in exchange. What’s worth more: one pink little girl or ten thousand horses?
  • Moro: Hiles Aiske Silve vi choyokh dave. Asti anhaan rekke hrazef mori majin anha aqorak mora h’anhaan zhorre. Me jif vikovarera jinne. Me oskimikh kishi. Me zigeree Doshoon Khaleen. Fuck the Wise Masters in their perfumed asses. Tell me where their horses are and I’ll take them for myself. She should stay here. It’s our tradition. She belongs with the Dosh Khaleen.
  • Dany: Hash yeri vo zali nesat rek dirgak anha? Don’t you want to know what I think?
  • Moro: Yer zali meyer nem vazhi ven zafra? Che ishish me vallayafa yera attihat zhey Rhalkoes athyazharoon yeri? You’d rather be sold into slavery? Or maybe you’d like to show Rhalko here what you taste like?
  • Dany: Vos, anha vo zalok vos at rek osoon. No, I don’t want either of those things.
  • Moro: Me vos oldo kisha, jin athzalar yeri. Jini vaesof Doshi Khaleen. Vos fothakhi vekho ha yeraan jinne, vosma yer Dosh Khaleen–ma yer vos, vosma kisha vokkeraki mae. We don’t care what you want. This is the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen. You have no voice here, unless you are Dosh Khaleen. Which you are not, until we decide you are.
  • Dany: Anha nesak rekke anha kovarak. Anha ray dothra jinne hatif ajjin. Hazze, she haz sorfo, anha adakh zhores vezhoon. Ma Dosh Khaleen hake yal anni Vezh Fin Saja Rhaesheseres. I know where I am. I have been here before. Right there, on that spot, I ate a stallion’s heart. And the Dosh Khaleen pronounced my child the Stallion Who Mounts the World.
  • Moro: Ma fini meliso? Yer shille maege, ven tokik. Enta yeri driva haji yeroon. Majin Khal Drogo akka. And what happened? You trusted a sorceress, like a fool. Your baby is dead because of you. And so is Khal Drogo.
  • Dany: Jinne zhey Drogo ast asqoy vidrie khalasares mae jim, finnaan nakhoe rhaesheser. Dothralat hrazef ido yomme Havazzhifi Kazga ven et vo khal avvos. This is where Drogo promised to take his khalasar west to where the world ends. To ride wooden horses across the black salt sea as no khal has done before.
  • Dany: Me ast asqoy addrivat mahrazhis fini ondee khogar shiqethi ma ohharat okrenegwin mori. Me ast asqoy anhaan. Hatif Maisi Krazaaji, kash shieraki vitihir asavvasoon. He promised to kill the men in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses. He swore it to me. Before the Mother of Mountains, as the stars looked down in witness.
  • Moro: Ma yer ven toki ven yer shillo mae. And you were dumb enough to believe him.
  • Dany: Ma jinne, ajjin, fin vaese zhokwa jerie Khali Vezhveni? Fin vaesish vemrasoe yeri, finsanney nayat vil ahilee yeri, finsanney hrazef aqaffi yeri k’azhi. And here, now, what great matters do the Great Khals discuss? Which little villages you’ll raid, how many girls you’ll get to fuck, how many horses you’ll demand in tribute.
  • Dany: Yeri mahrazhi zhikwi. Torga yeri, Dothraki yanqosoraan zhikwi. Vos at yeroa venoe idrilat mora vosecchi. You are small men. Under you, the Dothraki will be a small people. None of you is fit to lead them.
  • Dany: Vosma anha venok. Majin anha vidrik. But I am. So I will.
  • Moro: Athgoshar. Vos Dosh Khaleen ha yeraan. Athvokkerar yeri. Ha rekaan, ha jinaan, kisha ahileki yera k’athmajizari. Majin kisha vazhaki dothrakhqoyoon kishi hilelat yera. All right. No Dosh Khaleen for you. Your choice. Instead, we’ll take turns fucking you. And then we’ll let our bloodriders fuck you.
  • Moro: Majin hash zhille athzinari yeri vekha, hash kisha vazhaki ekh hrazefaan kishi. Hash yer ray tih kifinosi hilee hrazef chiories? Jini vekhikh fin eth tihi yer hatif yer drivoe. Ma yer atihi mae. Hatif yer drivoe zhorre. And if there’s anything left of you, we’ll give our horses a turn. Have you ever seen what a horse does to a woman? This is a thing you should see before you die. And you will. Right before you die.
  • Moro: Zhey gech yofi. Hash yer shillo k’athjilari mekisha asilaki yera? You crazy cunt. Did you really think we would serve you?
  • Dany: Yeri vos osili vosecchi. Yeri vadrivoe. You’re not going to serve. You’re going to die.

Episode 6 - Blood of My Blood

  • Daario: Anha adothrak maan. Ayos anna jinne. I’m going after her. Wait for me here.
  • Dany: Ei khal fin thir nakhaan okke sen dothrakhqoy aloji qisi mae m’avijazeri athdinar mae. Vosma anha vos khal. Every khal who ever lived chose three bloodriders to fight beside him and guard his way. But I am not a khal.
  • Dany: Anha vo vokkak sen dothrakhqoy. Anha okkak ei yeri. I will not choose three bloodriders. I choose you all.
  • Dany: Anha qafak asqoy yeroa, majin yeri m’athiri m’adrivoe ven qoy qoyi, m’adothrae anni m’avijezeri anna athzhowakaroon. I ask your oath, that you will live and die as blood of my blood, riding at my side to keep me safe from harm.
  • Dothraki: Qoy qoyi! Qoy qoyi! Blood of my blood! Blood of my blood!
  • Dany: Anha aqafak san ale yeroa ei Khaloon ray qaf khalasaroon mae! I will ask more of you than any Khal has ever asked of his khalasar!
  • Dany: Hash yeri adothrae hrazef ido yomme Havazzhifi Kazga? Will you ride the wooden horses across the black salt sea?
  • Dany: Hash yeri vaddrivi dozge anni ma khogaroon shiqethi mori majin vohhari okrenegwin mori? Will you kill my enemies in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses?
  • Dany: Hash yeri vazhi anhaan Rhaeshis Andahli, jin azho me-Khal Drogo ast asqoy mehas hatif Maisi Krazaaji kash shieraki vitihir asavvasoon? Will you give me the Seven Kingdoms, the gift Khal Drogo promised me before the Mother of Mountains as the stars looked down in witness?
  • Dany: Hash yeri m’anhoon, ma jinne m’ayyeyaan?! Are you with me, now and always?!
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