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What was actually said in the series diverges at times from what Peterson initially wrote for the dialogue, due to practical limitations of production process. What is presented here is at places closer to Peterson's writing than to the end result. You might take it as an idealised version.


Episode 1

In episode 1 all the Dothraki comes from one scene.

  • Daenerys: Zhey qoy qoyi! Blood of my blood!
  • Rakharo: Aggo, qwe Aggo, let's go. There are a couple syllables before this that are hard to make out. This was adlibbing by Elyes Gable.
  • Daenerys: Zhey Rakharo, zhey Aggo, zhey Kovarro. Rakharo, Aggo, Kovarro.
  • Daenerys: Fichi hrazef zinayi kishi. Take our remaining horses.
  • Daenerys: Ma yer adothrae tith; ma yer heshtith; ma yer valshtith. You ride east; you southeast; and you northeast.
  • Rakharo: Fin kisha fonoki, zhey khaleesi? What do we seek, khaleesi?
  • Daenerys: Vaes, che thiri che drivi. Ma verakasaris ma voji. Che ashefaes che tozaraes che Havazzhife Zhokwa. Ezo athchilar Athasaroon Virzetha hatif kishi, ma reki vekha yomme moon. Cities, living or dead. Caravans and people. Rivers, or lakes, or the Great Salt Sea. Find how far the Red Waste extends before us, and what lies on the other side.
  • Rakharo: [Zhey] Kovarro, qwe Kovarro, let's go.
  • Daenerys: [Zhey] Rakharo. Yer athzalar nakhoki anni, zhey qoy qoyi. Rakharo. You are my last hope, blood of my blood.
  • Rakharo: Anha vos oziyenek shafkea, zhey qoy qoyi. I will not fail you, blood of my blood.
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