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What was actually said in the series diverges at times from what Peterson initially wrote for the dialogue, due to practical limitations of production process. What is presented here is at places closer to Peterson's writing than to the end result. You might take it as an idealised version.



Episode 1 - The North Remembers

  • Daenerys: Zhey qoy qoyi! Blood of my blood!
  • Daenerys: Zhey Rakharo, zhey Aggo, zhey Kovarro. Rakharo, Aggo, Kovarro.
  • Daenerys: Fichi hrazef zinayi kishi. Take our remaining horses.
  • Daenerys: Ma yer adothrae tith; ma yer heshtith; ma yer valshtith. You ride east; you southeast; and you northeast.
  • Rakharo: Fin kisha fonoki, zhey khaleesi? What do we seek, khaleesi?
  • Daenerys: Vaes, che thiri che drivi. Ma verakasaris ma voji. Che ashefaes che tozaraes che Havazzhife Zhokwa. Ezo athchilar Athasaroon Virzetha hatif kishi, ma reki vekha yomme moon. Cities, living or dead. Caravans and people. Rivers, or lakes, or the Great Salt Sea. Find how far the Red Waste extends before us, and what lies on the other side.
  • Rakharo: Varanno, gwe Right away, let's go.
  • Daenerys: [Zhey] Rakharo. Yer athzalar nakhoki anni, zhey qoy qoyi. Rakharo. You are my last hope, blood of my blood.
  • Rakharo: Anha vos oziyenek shafkea, zhey qoy qoyi. I will not fail you, blood of my blood.

Episode 2 - The Night Lands

  • Irri: Mori atthasish oakah moon! They killed his soul!
  • Daenerys: Affa, affa. Mori laz vos atthi oakah vosecchi. Shh… They cannot kill his soul.
  • Irri: Jin tish mori! Mori ogish ven mae ven rho. Mori avvirsosh khadoes moon. Me laz odothrae kimi mae she Rhaeshi Ajjalani avvos. They did! They butchered him like an animal. They did not burn his body. He can never join his ancestors in the Night Lands.
  • Daenerys: Affa. Kisha amariki vorsqoy ha maan. Majin anha astak yeraan asqoy, me-Rakharo adothrae kimi mae ajjalan. Shh. We will build him a funeral pyre. And I promise you, Rakharo will ride with his ancestors tonight.

Episode 4 - Garden of Bones

  • Daenerys: Jin vos sajo yeri. This is not your horse.
  • Kovarro: Me nem azh anhaan ki Senthisiri—jin Fozaki Qarthoon. It was given to me by the Thirteen—the Elders of Qarth.
  • Daenerys: Zhey Qarth? Qarth?
  • Kovarro: Sen asshekhi tithaan, qisi havazzhifi. Three days to the east, on the sea.
  • Daenerys: Hash mori vazhi kishaan emralat? Will they let us in?
  • Kovarro: Mori astish memori nem achomoe hash mori viddee Mayes Zhavvorsi. They said they would be honored to receive the Mother of Dragons.

Episode 5 - The Ghost of Harrenhal

Scene takes place in Daenerys's Qarth chambers:

  • Irri: Anha soqe akka jin sacchey essheyi. I rewove this part of the top.
  • Irri: Qisi tim, anha arrisse vemishikh jinoon akka. And I fixed the heel on this one.
  • Daenerys: (mentions Drogo’s name).
  • Irri: Me dothralates she Rhaeshi Ajjalani ayyeyaan. May he ride through the Night Lands forever.

Scene in Qarth courtyard: Jorah, Kovarro and Malakko in distance having heated discussion in barely audible Dothraki.

  • Jorah: Chaki, chaki. Khaleesi jada. Me vakkelena jin. Quiet, quiet. The khaleesi is coming. She’ll decide this.
  • Jorah, speaking common, explains argument ending with: He (Kovarro) can chop of as much as we can carry.
  • Kovarro: Che ivvisaki mae. Disisse. Or melt it. Very simple.
  • Daenerys: Kisha nevaki mae! Yer laz vos vefenari mae, vos tavi mae, vos ivvisi mae. We are his guests! You can not pry it, nor chop it, nor melt it.
  • Kovarro: Vosecchi, zhey khaleesi! Kisha vayoki athezaraan kishi. Of course not, Khaleesi! We will await our departure.
  • Daenerys: Kash athezar kishi vos akka. During our departure, not even.
  • Kovarro: Vos arrek? Kifindirgi? Not then? Why?
  • Daenerys(actual): Hash idrik kishi vijazero Athasaroon. Anha driv kishi, vos alikh. When the host rescued us from the (Red) Wastes. I die us, no more!
  • Daenerys(scripted): Hash idrik kishi vijazero kisha Athasaroon Virzetha hash yer zali zifichelat moon? Anha acharak vos alikh. Our host saved us from the Red Waste and you want to steal from him? I will hear no more.

Episode 10 - Valar Morghulis

Outside the House of Undying:

  • Kovarro: Vaes leisi, zhey khaleesi. Me nem nesa. A house of ghosts, khaleesi. It is known.
  • Kovarro: Finne loshaki? Where are the guards?
  • Jorah: Vo loshaki. Moveki addrivi k’athmovezari, vo ki tawakofi. No guards. The warlocks kill with sorcery, not steel.
  • Daenerys: Azhi morea kis tat. Let them try.

In the House of Undying, with Drogo:

  • Drogo: Jalan atthirari anni. Moon of my life.
  • Daenerys: Jini athmovezar qoyi ven athmovezar fini fich yera anhoon—fini fich yera anhoon hatif… This is dark magic, like the magic that took you from me. Took you from before I could even…
  • Daenerys: Ishish anha drivak vosma anha ray nesok mae vos. Ishish anha ma yeroon she Rhaeshi Ajjalani. Maybe I am dead and I just don’t know it yet. Maybe I am with you in the Night Lands.
  • Drogo: Ma ishish anha zajje emralat Rhaeshis Ajjalani oma yeroon. Ishish anha ast Vezhofaan memé jifo hilee ma anha jad jinnaan haji ayolat yera. Or maybe I refused to enter the Night Lands without you. Maybe I told the Great Stallion to go fuck himself and came back here to wait for you.
  • Daenerys: Jini vena tikh meyer jif ti. That sounds like something that you would do.
  • Drogo: Ma ishish me atthirarido. Atthirarido che yeri che anni… Anha vo nesok. Jini qafe ha mahrazhea ville ma qorasoa reddi. Or maybe it is a dream. Your dream, my dream… I do not know. These are questions for wise men with skinny arms.
  • Drogo: Yer jalan atthirari anni. Haz nesak anha disse, ma anha zigerok nesat vos alikh. Ma hash jini atthirarido, hash anha vaddrivak mahrazhes fin kis vallatha anna. You are the Moon of my Life. That is all I know, and all I need to know. And if this is a dream, I will kill the man who tries to wake me.

Sacking Qarth:

  • Jorah: Mas ovray movekkhi moskay. The remaining valuables are for loading.


Episode 1 Gloss

Dothraki: Zhey qoy qoyi! Zhey Rakharo, zhey Aggo, zhey Kovarro.
Gloss: zhey qoy qoy-i zhey Rakharo zhey Aggo zhey Kovarro
vocative blood.NOM blood-GEN vocative Rakharo.NOM vocative Aggo.NOM vocative Kovarro.NOM
Roughly: o blood of.blood o Rakharo o Aggo o Kovarro
English: Blood of my blood! Rakharo, Aggo, Kovarro.
Dothraki: Fichi hrazef zinayi kishi.
Gloss: fich-i hrazef zinay-i
fetch-IMP1 horse.NOM remaining.PL
Roughly: fetch horses remaining
English: Take our remaining horses.
Dothraki: Ma yer adothrae tith; ma yer heshtith; ma yer valshtith.
Gloss: ma yer a-dothra-e tith ma yer heshtith ma yer valshtith
and 2SG.NOM FUT-ride-2SG east.ACC and 2SG.NOM southeast.ACC and 2SG.NOM northeast.ACC
Roughly: and you will.ride east and you southeast and you northeast
English: You ride east; you southeast; and you northeast.
Dothraki: Fin kisha fonoki, zhey khaleesi?
Gloss: fin kisha fono-ki zhey khaleesi
what.INANIM.ACC 2PL.NOM seek-1PL.PRES vocative khaleesi.SG.NOM
Roughly: what we seek o khaleesi
English: What do we seek, khaleesi?
Dothraki: Vaes, che thiri che drivi. Ma verakasaris ma voji.
Gloss: vaes che thir-i che driv-i ma verakasar-is ma voj-i
city.ACC or alive-PL or dead-PL and caravan-PL.ACC and person-PL.NOM
Roughly: cities or alive or dead and caravans and people
English: Cities, living or dead. Caravans and people.
Dothraki: Che ashefaes che tozaraes che Havazzhife Zhokwa.
Gloss: che ashefa-es che tozara-es che havazzhif-e zhokwa
or river-ACC or lake-ACC or salt.sea-ACC big
Roughly: or rivers or lakes or salt.sea big
English: Rivers, or lakes, or the Great Salt Sea.
Dothraki: Ezo athchilar Athasaroon Virzetha hatif kishi, ma reki vekha yomme moon.
Gloss: ezo athchilar athasar-oon virzeth-a hatif kishi ma rek-i vekh-a yomme moon
learn.IMP1 expanse.ACC wasteland-ABL red-NOTNOM in.front.of 1PL.GEN and distal.that-INANIM.NOM exist-3SG.PRES across 3SG.ABL
Roughly: learn expanse from.wasteland red in.front.of ours and that exists across
English: Find how far the Red Waste extends before us, and what lies on the other side.
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