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'''vōsk·a''' ''-ys, -on, -or'' (adj.I) sacred, precious, holy < WoLI
'''vōsk·a''' ''-ys, -on, -or'' (adj.I) sacred, precious, holy < WoLI
:Thank you, this is great, we should look to add this ASAP. --[[User:Najahho|Najahho]] 18:56, 18 July 2020 (CDT)

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Ñāmar gender reference

Hey buddies. In the vocab list ñāmar is listed as 3aq. (3rd type is -or), but ñāmar ends with -ar. Wouldn't that make it 1aq. like embar? Or is this some kind of crazy irregularity thing? (I noticed the agreeing adjective in the example ends in -or: "aōhor ñāmar") --Marmulak 2017-08-05 1:59 IRDT

You are correct. For the most part if a declension number seems wrong, it probably is. It seems to be one of the most common mistakes we make on the wiki, unfortuntely. --Iustinus 23:54, 6 August 2017 (CDT)

How to treat unconfirmed nominatives?

My question comes because a few sentences from High Valyrian 101 at the Making Game of Thrones Blog. Right now I am putting an asterisk before them, for example I listed *rhūqes "pigeon" (-es being common for animals) which is the genitive rhūqo in the sentence. Is this appropriate? Otherwise, feel free to comment out these entries until we receive confirmation from DJP. --Juelos 10:03, 9 May 2014 (CDT)

I generally do comment out such swords until I get confirmation. I wasn't planning to add those entries until I blogged about hem on my journal, and I'll probably hold off on editing your contributions until then too. But you did a good job overall, and it's about time that someone broke my monopoly here anyway. --Iustinus 11:38, 9 May 2014 (CDT)
I have a full draft of the post, just need to proofread it. So it will probably go up some time today, jaelaros Jaeso. --Iustinus 11:43, 10 May 2014 (CDT)


I was thinking about lōtinti... Can it be the accusative singular of a substantivized form of something like lōtinta, from a verb like lōtinagon "to bake"? Has DJP said something about it? lōtinagon > lōtinta > lōtinty > lōtinti? Since we're basically saying "(I want/I'll have/etc.) pigeon pie again, please."

And why did you list nopāzma as aquatic? Did DJP say something about it? -Papaya

I'm sure that was just a mistake. I do that all the time. --Iustinus 11:43, 10 May 2014 (CDT)

New vocabulary

Per my Discord conversation with Najahho, I've compiled various lists of new vocab into one reference point here for discussion/inclusion. "WoLI" refers to DJP's new Wiki of Language Invention; "/work" refers to the GoT subfolders on his personal site. Let me know if anything's unclear!

aen·a -ys, -on, -or (adj.I) accommodating, supportive, reliable < WoLI

ār·o -a, -un, -or (n.3lun) barley < WoLI [cf. ārilla]

arri·gon/ārri·gon -on, arrīlen, -tan (v.) to show, point out < /work

bek·a -ys, -on, -or (adj.I) regular, normal, usual < WoLI

kimībenk·a -ys, -on, -or (adj.I) talkative, loquacious, garrulous < WoLI

[kīvio should have a long i]

kostill·a -i, -un, -ar (n.1aq) value, worth, cost, importance < WoLI

kostilloqitt·a -ys, -on, -or (adj.I) worthless, unimportant < /work

kyn·ar kȳdri, kȳdrun, kȳdrar (n.1aq) silk < WoLI

--Braedazmion 18:43, 18 July 2020 (CDT)

lēde·gon lēdion, lēdīlen, -tan (v.) to close off, shut off, seal up < leghagon < /work

majēb·agon -on, -ilen, majēptan (v.) to enter, go in < maz- + rēbagon < /work

mart·a -ys, -on, -or (adj.I) symmetrical, balanced < WoLI

massīlar·e -ior (adj.II) coming, future, to come < massigon < /work

ñuqill·a -i, -un, -ar (n.1aq) soap < ñuqir < WoLI

ob·a -ys, -on, -or (adj.I) curved, bowed, arched, bent, convex < WoLI

obv·os -ossa, -un, -or (n.3sol) arch <

ojehikn·on -a, -un, -or (n.3ter) blessing < /work

ojeni·gon -on, ojenīlen, -tan (v.) to have sexual intercourse < oz- + renigon < WoLI

ong·a -ys, -on, -or (adj.I) crooked, gnarled, wrinkled < WoLI

perzīts·os -ossa, -un, -or (n.3sol) “little flame” < /work

pryjaj·os -ossa, -un, -or (n.3sol) breaker, one who breaks < /work

raob·a -i, -un, -ar (n.1lun) turnip < WoLI

sīl·ie -ior (adj.III) certain, absolute, definite < WoLI

tol·ion -ia, -ȳn, -ior (pron.3ter) the other (abstract) thing < tolie < /work

vaog·ar -ri, -run, -rar (n.1aq) mud, filth < WoLI

vōk·a -ys, -on, -or (adj.I) pure < WoLI

vōsk·a -ys, -on, -or (adj.I) sacred, precious, holy < WoLI

Thank you, this is great, we should look to add this ASAP. --Najahho 18:56, 18 July 2020 (CDT)
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