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{{{1}}} [{{{2}}}]

n. {{{{{3}}}}}. {{{4}}}



How to use the tempalte:

{{{1}}} = the entry, i.e. the valyrian word as it is written.
{{{2}}} = the IPA reading. Remember to consult the Phonology.
{{{3}}} = the type of declension the noun belongs to. Basically 1-6 and then only lun, or sol, or aq, or ter.
{{{4}}} = the definition. You can use commas or whatever, just like you would any definition.
{{{5}}} = a sample sentence using the Quote Template.


The input:

{{hvalnoun|vala|'vala|1lun|man|{{quote|all men must die|valar morghulis.}}}}

Will return:

vala ['vala]

n. 1lun. man
all men must die — valar morghulis.

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