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Rytsas, Johnis. Hen skoriot aōha brōzi "wiko" issa? Skoros nūmāzmā kono udrio "Dohaotys"? "Haota iksos daor luys issaros," yn skorion "haota" issa? --Iustinus 15:06, 19 January 2014 (CST)

Rytsas, Iustinus! "Dohaotys" hen "Dohaeragon". ( "Dohaeragon" - "ragon" + "tys" = "Dohaetys" ) I actually typed it in wrong when I was registering, but I went along with it. ^_^ lol. I didn't put much thought into it. I thought it might resemble "servitor", with a more positive connotation then "Buzdari". Just a cheesy thing I came up with for my username. I didn't see "ragon" as an affix, but it looks like other verb-creating ones. Aoha brozi? :)
I actually stick with my Latin name in HV: Iūstīnos or Iūstīnys. In English, Justin.
-agon is of course the infinitive ending... the r is part of the stem of the verb... if dohaer- can be further subdivided, then we haven't yet discovered it. There is, I note, the verb manaeragon "to raise," which could indicate that -aeragon is some sort of verb-forming suffix, but I think we'd need more evidence to determine conclusively. BTW, in typing up this response, I noticed that I had somehow left manaeragon off of the High Valyrian Vocabulary page, so I'll go add that in now. See? You're already helping! ;)
As for your name, I'm afraid there's no way to get from Dohaeragon to Dohaotys... the closest possible would be Dohaertys, which could conceivably mean "one who serves," but I think(?) it's more likely to mean "one who has been served." There is, of course dohaeriros "slave," which really means "one who is always serving."
Still, whether it means anything or not, it is a very plausible sounding HV name! Perhaps DJP will reveal another verb this could be from (or if you're really lucky, he'll invent one!)
--Iustinus 16:46, 19 January 2014 (CST)

ah, I see. :) Thank you for the insight Justin. I was wondering if it would actually mean anything. And I thought yours might be from a diff language. ( I didn't expect Latin tho, that's pretty awesome.) I'm exited to learn more and help whenever I can! :)

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