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Inflection Ending
A Series: -a
I Series: -i, -e
U Series: -u, -o

Verb grid

Well, as long as I'm putting charts on your talk page, here are the two configurations we discussed. (Presuming perfect stem jaelt- since we still haven't confirmed that.)

Basic Imperfective Perfective Habitual
Present jaelza jaelilza jaeltas jaelis
Past jaeliles jaeltes jaeltis

Other axis:

Basic Imperfective Perfective
Present jaelza jaelilza jaeltas
Past jaeliles jaeltes
Habitual jaelis jaeltis

I would try to chart your infective/confective/perfective system too, but I don't fully understand it (you only listed four of the possible forms). --Iustinus 22:15, 26 January 2014 (CST)

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