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This is a list of people who speak Valyrian or are learning to speak Valyrian. If you're one of those people, edit this page and add yourself to the list. Stand up and be counted!



  • Add yourself to the correct section!
  • Use your real name, your Dothraki/Valyrian name, your nickname, your forum name... any name you like. Just don't register more than once.
  • Add your name, plus (optionally) a one-line blurb about yourself. You could provide contact information, your geographic location, why you're learning Valyrian, how far along you are in your studies, Which dialect of Valyrian you are most interested in, your favorite Valyrian word or phrase, etc. Just keep it to a single line, about the size of a Twitter message.
  • Use Wiki formatting (optionally) to link your name or parts of your blurb to appropriate websites, like your home page, Facebook page, Twitter page, Wikipedia user page, etc.
  • If you aren't sure how to use Wiki formatting, copy-and-paste from someone else's entry and modify it appropriately.
  • Optionally, add yourself to Category:Valyrian Learners, to make it easier for other learners to find you. This is done by adding [[Category:Valyrian Learners]] to your User Page.

What section should I add myself to?

  • Native speakers:
  • Fluent speakers:
    • You can participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on practical, social, professional, and abstract topics.
    • You can read with almost complete comprehension and at normal speed expository prose on unfamiliar subjects and a variety of literary texts.
    • You can express yourself effectively in most formal and informal writing on practical, social and professional topics.
  • Intermediate speakers:
    • You can ask and answer questions and participate in simple conversations.
    • You can consistently read and understand simple texts dealing with a variety of basic and social needs.
    • You can write short, simple letters involving personal preferences, daily routine, everyday events, and other topics grounded in personal experience.
  • Novices:
    • None of the above, but you're working on it!

Native Speakers

None yet!

Fluent Speakers

None yet!

Intermediate Speakers

  • Dohaotys 01:35, 19 January 2014 (CST) Rytsas! Ñuha brōzi John issa. Excited to get farther with High Valyrian, and help if I can. :)
  • Jon Wandawa Uganda/America, Rytsas, nyke Jon Wandawa iksan, se Valyrio gūrēñan. I'm working hard to become fluent at High Valyrian and maybe Dothraki and other forms of Low Valyrian in the future.
  • Papaya - Tolkiendil. Amateur conlanger. Learning High Valyrian.
  • Najahho - Buenos Aires, Argentina. Helping with the High Valyrian articles.


  • Matthew - 23, Adelaide, Australia - Currently learning High Valyrian.
  • SirNigel - 30, Tatuí, Brazil - Professional translator and language teacher (amateur musician, writer and RPG Game Master); Interested in learning all kinds of Valyrian, complete beginner
  • Dynasti - 16, Auckland, New Zealand - Currently learning High Valyrian and Korean. If you want someone to practice your High Valyrian with add me on Facebook
  • Gatserys - Windhoek, Namibia - Currently learning High Valyrian, Klingon and Na'vi
  • User:Viserys Tyrell-Marell - 14 Atlanta, Georgia - Learning High Valyrian and Astapori Valyrian
  • Tóth Szabolcs -14, Budapest, Hungary - Learning High Valyrian
  • JRios27 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Learning High Valyrian
  • Philokalia - Spokane, Washington, USA - Learning High Valyrian
  • Jelmazmo - São Paulo, Brazil - Learning High Valyrian
  • guille_e - Neuquén, Argentina - Learning Latin, Quenya, Valyirian and Dothraki.
  • Hrakkar - Reno, Nevada. High Valyrian
  • Ingsve - Borås, Sweden.
  • atroksia - Stuttgart, Germany. Learning Na'vi and trying High Valyrian.
  • nachoprm - Rosario, Argentina - Learning German, Modern Greek, Latin and trying High Valyrian; brushing up English and French;
  • Chickenduck - Melbourne, Australia - Language teacher (German, French, Chinese) by day at a school in Melbourne. Starting work on learning Valyrian soon...
  • Jean - Florida, USA. Speaks: Kapampangan, Filipino, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, Galician, Latin.
  • KhalPatrick - Sapucaia do Sul, Brazil. Learning High Valyrian and Dothraki.
  • Beware_Werewolf - Dublin, Ireland. Learning High Valyrian
  • Sheleesi - Brisbane, Australia. Learning Croatian, High Valyrian
  • User:Israel - 15, Manhattan, Kansas. Learning French, High/Low Valyrian. To open my mind to other languages.
  • GuiTargaryen - 19, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Learning High Valyrian and Latin, also improving my English. Native speaker of Portuguese.
  • Rie - Adelaide, Australia. Native speaker of English; Advanced German; Intermediate French; Novice High Valyrian, Dothraki, Latin
  • povvs -17, Bucharest, Romania. Native speaker of Romanian; Advanced English, Latin; Learning French, German
  • LadyJorah - 23, New England, USA. Native English speaker; Advanced Spanish, Intermediate Italian, Beginner French, Beginner Hindi, Novice High Valyrian, Novice Dothraki
  • Stormborntargaryen- Sydney, Australia. 17. Speaks mandarin and english. Learning Latin, Sindarin, High Valyrian
  • Ataki-Aena Meaning First Rain. Sussex, United Kingdom, 15, Looking to learn something new.
  • Dasblackman- 18, Miami, USA. Native English speaker; Advanced French; Intermediate Latin, Novice High Valyrian.
  • Jotape- 25, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Native Portuguese; Fluent english; Novice High Valyrian.
  • Dankwing- 20, Chinatown, Philippines. Native English, Cantonese Chinese; Fluent Filipino and Mandarin Chinese; Beginner Hokkien Chinese, Hakka Chinese; Novice High Valyrian.
  • whisper - Germany. Speaks: German; English; intermediate Latin. Learning: Spanish and High Valyrian
  • LlywMiner - 16, Sweden, Speaks: English, Swedish. Learning: French at school and High Valyrian
  • Odineater 27, US, Speaks English, Japanese, Spanish, High Valyrian
  • Tōmaturga 27, UK, ponders what the Valyrian word for English would be (Anglio?#, speaks Dutch and loves conlangs of all kinds.
  • Joel 20, Sweden, speaks Swedish #mother tongue) and English fluently, and French at an intermediate level. Learning High Valyrian, Mandarin and German.
  • Egros - 22, TX/USA. English, actively learning French and Afrikaans, hoping to add High Valyrian to the list, for kicks.
  • OlitheWolf 13, UK I speak English, some Spanish less French and am trying to learn High Valyrian.
  • Benjitheijneb 18, UK, native English, some French, Italian and Latin; interested in diachronic linguistics, and how that's modelled in Valyrian.
  • leoboiko 30⁠ish, São Paulo, Brazil. Japanese Studies grad student. Native Portuguese, English, Japanese, learning Old Tupi and High Valyrian.
  • Liam Mallister 15, UK, native English with intermediate German, and a little Latin, and trying to learn Italian and High Valyrian.
  • rangerishot 30, Australia, native English speaker, used to speak French pretty well and have beginner grasp of German. Mostly forgotten (although hopefully not forever#. Learning High Valyrian.
  • tertrih 30, South Africa, native English speaker, near fluent in german. Learning High Valyrian
  • Luke Timms 16, England, native English speaker. Learning High Valyrian
  • Bitan - 16, India. Learning High Valyrian and other lower forms of valyrian. Hope to be an intermediate soon.
  • Kristiana Gulapa - 19, Philippines, native Filipino speaker, fluent in English. Learning High Valyrian, Italian and Thai.
  • iradescence - 24, OH, USA - Native Ukrainian and Russian speaker; fluent in English and French; learning ASL, Morse code, Hebrew; and just starting with High Valyrian and Dothraki.
  • Garrus_Vakarian -16, West Virginia, USA - Learning High Valyrian
  • Iogus -17, Israel - Learning High Valyrian so I can write things without other people ever being able to understand. Fluent in Hebrew, Yiddish and English. Learning a few other langauges, in addition
  • Iedar93 - 22, Italy - Interested in High Valyrian.
  • SkieSenvende - 18, WA/US - Interested in learning High Valyrian for speaking and writing to others who know the language. Native English speaker and know some Spanish.
  • Char -26, Aguascalientes, MX - Interested in conlanging, esperantisto. Fluent speaker of english and italian, latin reader and translator. Learning tamil, korean, wolof and icelandic. Know a little bit of french and deutch. Contact me at Facebook
  • Roxana Johnson- Greensboro, NC. Learning Dothraki, Latin, and High/Low Valyrian. Interested in learning how to pronounce Valyrian words.
  • Kaezgerys "Kaez" - 22, Germany, native German speaker, near fluent in English, intermediate in French, a little bit of Japanese and Spanish. Interested in learning High Valyrian #and Dothraki later#
  • User:Vaeron - 14, British English Speaker. Knows a bit of German and interested in learning High Valyrian.
  • Lexa - Orlando, Florida, USA - Learning High Valyrian to be as fluent as possible for speaking and writing and incorporating that into my daily life. I know it sound Crazy.
  • Julia Rabelo - 18, Brazil. Writer, college student, and working on the creation of my own conlangs. Native Brazilian Portuguese spearker, fluent in English, learning Spanish, Italian, Dutch and LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language).
  • aether - 18, PA/US. Physics & philosophy college student. I studied a bit of interstellar linguistics and am interested in learning Dothraki and High Valyrian. I'm a native English speaker and I know Morse code, French, and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Ligata - Western NY, United States. Fluent in English and Esperanto, speak a little Spanish and a little Interlingua. Want to learn High Valyrian because it's there.
  • Rhaelor - 21 Bombay, India. Biology Major. Native Marathi speaker. Fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi. Have always been curious about linguistics and constructed languages. Highly interested in learning High Valyrian and Dothraki. [1]
  • Miriam - Norway, learning High Valyrian on Duolingo!
  • Amaunator - 28, Belgium, English lit. student. I know too many useful languages already, and High Valyrian reminds me of the Greek I took when I was younger.
  • Marmulak - 31, California, USA (now studying in Iran). Using Duolingo and helping to run /r/HighValyrian. Parolas Esperanton samkiel denaskulo. Also fluent in Persian; contact info on my user page.
  • Brandon Plowman - 16, California, USA using Duolingo to learn High Valyrian. Will also follow the Memrise lessons, Subreddit, and Discord.
  • Lyserys Targaryen - 19, Brazil. Learning High Valyrian. Portuguese native and English speaker.
  • HREOtaku - 16, Florida, USA. Learning High Valyrian through Duolingo. English native and learning German as well.
  • Oniorys - From Greece, fluent in English, learning German, and High Valyrian in Duolingo!
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