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Vocabulary List

A note about the IPA pronunciation guides here. The letters /t/, /d/, /l/ and /n/ are dental consonants which means that they are pronounced with the tongue touching the teeth which is different from how they are pronounced in English.

Words in this category are ones that have been created by David J. Peterson or derived with basic derivational morphology from them. Please don't add a new words here without a consistant source.

Legend :
(o)fficial words confirmed by the creator.
(d)erived from confirmed words.
(u)nsourced but very surely correct words.


  • acchakat [att͡ʃaˈkat] (d)
vtr. to silence
past SG: acchak
Me vastoe hatif anni; ahhazaan yer nemo vacchaki. — She will speak before me; until then you will keep yourself quiet.
  • acchorkat [att͡ʃoɾˈkat] (o)
vtr. to roll [1]
Che hash me vacchorka mae ki janeti majin me anokitta mae ki hrazefi. — Or roll them in a rug and trample them with a horse.
  • achra [ˈat͡ʃɾa] (d)
adj. smelly
  • achrakh [at͡ʃˈɾax] (o)
ni. smell [1]
ni. stink
  • achralat [at͡ʃɾaˈlat] (o)
v. to be smelly, to give off a smell [1]
past SG: achra
  • adakhat [adaˈxat] (o)
v. to eat [1]
past SG: adakh
Khaleesi zala meme adakha esinakh ajjalan. — The khaleesi wants to eat something different tonight.
  • adakhilat [adaxiˈlat] (d)
v. to nibble
past SG: adakhi
Inte vadakhie tihoa. — The beetles will feed on your eyes.
  • addakhat [addaˈxat] (d)
vtr. to feed someone/something
  • addiwelat [addiweˈlat] (o)
vtr. to moisten [1]
Shafka laz addiwee khirrof anni — You can suck my dick.
  • addo ajjalani [ˈaddo ˈadd͡ʒalani] (o)
n. midnight [1]
  • addothralat [addoθɾaˈlat] (d)
vtr. to convey, to transport someone
past SG: addothra
  • addrekat [addɾeˈkat] (o)
vtr. to cause to spill, to spill [1]
  • addrivat [addɾiˈvat] (o)
vtr. to kill (chiefly when done intentionally by a person) [1]
past SG: addriv
  • ador [aˈdor] (o)
ni. chair [1]
  • adra [ˈadɾa] (o)
na. turtle [1]
  • aena [ˈaena] (o)
ni. morning [1]
  • afazh [aˈfaʒ] (d)
adj. hot
  • afazhat [afaˈʒat] (o)
v. to be hot [1]
  • afazhi [ˈafaʒi] (o)
adj. warm [1]
  • afazholat [afaˈʒat] (o)
v. to become hot, to blush [1]
  • affa [ˈaffa] (o)
intj. whoa! (horse command)
intj. "shh", sound used to calm a horse or a child (shortening of affashilat) [1]
  • affashilat [affaʃiˈlat] (o)
v. to calm (a horse or a child) [1]
  • affazhat [affaˈʒat] (o)
vtr. to warm, to give warmth to, to make hot [1][2]
  • affazolat [affazoˈlat] (o)
vtr. to replace [1]
past SG: affazo
  • affenat [ˈaffenat] (d)
vtr. to make something attach
  • affesat [affeˈsat] (o)
vtr. to make someone itch [1]
past SG: affes
  • affin [afˈfin] (o)
adv. when [1]
Anha vazhak maan firikhnharen hoshora ma mahrazhi aqovi affin mori atihi mae. — I will give to him a golden crown and men will tremble when they will see it.
  • affisat [affiˈsat] (o)
vtr. to clean, to wash [1]
past SG: affis
Azhas maan affisat zis yeri, shekh ma shieraki anni. — Let her clean your wound my sun and stars.
  • afis [aˈfis] (u)
n. fly
  • aggendat [aggenˈdat] (d)
vtr. to rip something, to tear something
past SG: aggend
  • ahesh [aˈheʃ] (o)
ni. snow [1]
  • aheshke [aˈheʃke] (o)
ni. winter [1]
accusative: aheshk
  • ahhafat [ahhaˈfɑt] (o)
v. to silence someone/something [1]
  • ahhaqat [ahhaˈqɑt] (d)
vtr. to tire someone, to frustrate someone
past SG: ahhaqe
  • ahhasat [ahhaˈsat] (o)
vtr. to sharpen [1]
past SG: ahhas
  • ahhaz [ahˈhaz] (o)
adv. then (of close or immediate future, compare to arrek) [1]
Me vastoe hatif anni; ahhazaan yer nemo vacchaki. — She will speak before me; until then you will keep yourself quiet.
  • ai [ˈai] (o)
intj. yes, obedient response [1]
  • ajjalan [add͡ʒaˈlan] (o)
adv. tonight [1]
  • ajjin [adˈd͡ʒin] (o)
adv. now [1]
Jin chiorisi zafra ajjin, majin kisha ataki morea ven me vallayafa kisha. — These women are slaves now to do with as we please.
  • ajjonat [addʒo'nat] (o)
vtr. to shut something [1]
  • ajjorat [addʒo'ɾat] (o)
v. to carve [1]
  • ajjorat ostirge [addʒo'ɾat osˈtiɾge] (o)
v. to plan, to plot [1]
  • akat [aˈkat] (o)
num. two [1]
  • akataki [ˈakataki] (o)
adj. second [1]
  • akka [ˈakka] (o)
adv. also, too, as well, even, even so, re- [1]
Rizhaan anni, vezh fin asaja rhaesheseres, maan anha valloshak azh akka. — To my son, the stallion who will mount the world, I will also pledge a gift.
Anha soqe akka jin sacchey essheyi. — I rewove this part of the top.
Kash athezar kishi vos akka. — Not even when we leave.
  • akkate [ˈakkate] (u)
adv. both, alike, the same way
Zhavvorsa vadakhera ma hrazef ma vaf akkate. — The dragon feeds on horse and lamb alike.
  • akkelenak [akkeleˈnak] (d)
na. leader
  • akkelenat [akkeleˈnat] (o)
v. to decide, to judge [1]
  • akkimilat [ˈakkimilat] (o)
vtr. to try (something) out, to experiment (something) [1]
past SG: akkimi
  • Akko! [ˈakko] (o)
intj. Stand up! (shortening of akkovarat; used to command animals) [1]
  • akkoalat [akkoaˈlat] (o)
vtr. to heal [1]
past SG: akkoal
Me akkoal hrazef k’athadavranazi ei mahrazhoa khalasari anni. — He was better at healing horses than any man in my khalasar.
  • akkovarat [akkovaˈɾat] (o)
v. to stand (something) up [1]
past SG: akkovar
  • ale [ˈale] (o)
adj. more [1]
Dalen rhaggat eveth ma ale vekhi she Vaes Seris. — There are a thousand ships and more in the free cities.
  • alegra ['alegɾa] (o)
ni. duck [1]
accusative: alegre
  • alikh [aˈlix] (o)
ni. more [1]
Kisha vastoki vos alikh hrazefi ido m'adori shiqethi. — Let's speak no more about wooden horses or iron chairs.
  • allathat [alla'θat] (o)
vtr. to wake [1]
past SG: allath
  • allayafat [allajaˈfat] (o)
vtr. to please [1]
past SG: allayaf
Mori allayafi mae, jin alegra. — She likes ducks.
  • alle [ˈalle] (o)
adv. farther, further [1]
  • alloshat [alloˈʃat] (u)
vtr. to pledge
past SG: allosh
Ma rizhaan anni, vezh fin asaja rhaesheseres, maan anha valloshak azh akka. — And to my son, the stallion who will mount the world, I will also pledge a gift.
  • ammasat [ammaˈsat] (o)
v. to decorate [1]
  • ammattelat [ammatteˈlat] (o)
v. to hobble a person [1]
past SG: ammatte
  • ammelat [ammelat] (d)
vtr. to corrupt
  • ammemak [ammemak] (d)
na. musician
  • ammemat [ammeˈmat] (o)
v. to play a musical instrument [1]
  • ammenat [ammeˈnat] (u)
vtr. to empty something
past SG: ammen
  • ammithrat [ammiθˈɾat] (o)
vtr. to let someone rest [1]
past SG: ammithre
  • anat [aˈnat] (o)
v. to jog [1]
vtr.→gen. to jog beside [1]
past SG: an
  • anha [ˈanha] (o)
pn. I [1]
  • anna [ˈanna] (o)
pn. me [1]
  • annakhat [annaˈxat] (o)
vtr. to stop someone or something [1]
past SG: annakh
  • annakholat [annaxoˈlat] (o)
vtr. to put an end to, to finish [1]
past SG: annakho
Me asta meme azirissee khalakkaes khaleesisoon ma vannevae mae shafkea. — He says that he will cut the prince out of the khaleesi and leave him for you.
  • annese [ˈannese] (u)
ni. announcement
  • annevalat [annevaˈlat] (o)
vtr. to sit something, to leave something alone [1]
past SG: anneva
  • anni [ˈanni] (o)
pn. of mine (genitive of anha) [1]
  • annithat [anniˈθat] (o)
vtr. to cause pain, to hurt [1]
past SG: annith
  • annithilat [anniθiˈlat] (o)
v. to encourage, to invigorate, to entice [1]
past SG: annithi
  • ao [ˈao] (o)
adj. deep [1]
adv. dark (of color) [1]
  • aolat [aolat] (d)
v. to be deep
past SG: ao
  • aosolat [aosolat] (d)
v. to become deep
  • aqqisat [aqqeˈsat] (o)
vtr. to keep near [1]
  • arakh [aˈɾax] (o)
ni. curved sword [1]
  • aranat [aɾaˈnat] (o)
vtr. to drop (something) [1]
vtr. to lose (something)
Anha aran m’akat lamees ma vezhes. — I lost two mares and a stallion.
  • aranikh [aɾaˈnix] (u)
ni. subject, topic, theme
  • arannat [aɾanˈnat] (u)
v. to be neglected
  • aranne [ˈaɾanne] (u)
adv. carelessly
  • aresak [areˈsak] (d)
na. coward
  • aresat [areˈsat] (o)
vin. to hide [1]
past SG: ares
  • arraggat [aragˈgat] (o)
v. to choke (someone) [1]
past SG: arragge
  • arranat [araˈnat] (d)
vtr. to shame, to cause to be merciful
  • arrane [ˈarane] (o)
n. shaming, a public dressing down [1]
  • arrek [aˈrek] (o)
adv. then (of event not in the immediate future, compare to ahhaz) [1]
conj. when [1]
Affin shekh yola she jimma ma drivoe she titha...Arrek yer ajadi save, shekh ma shieraki anni. — When the star rises in the west and sets in the east...Then you will come back to me, my sun and stars.
  • arrekaan [are'kaan] (d)
conj. until
Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya arrekaan vekha vosi yeroon vosma tolorro! — The rain will fall on your rotting skin until nothing is left of you but bones.
  • arrekoon [are'koon] (o)
conj. from since [1]
  • arremekat [aremekat] (d)
vtr. to make someone sleep
  • arrissat [arisˈsat] (o)
v. to fix [1]
past SG: arrisse
  • arrokhat [aroˈxat] (o)
vtr. to frighten [1]
past SG: arrokh
  • arthasat [aɾθaˈsat] (o)
v. to be fallen [1]
past SG: arthas
Me arthas hrazefoon mae. — He fell from his horse.
  • arthasolat [aɾθasoˈlat] (d)
v. to fall
past SG: arthaso
Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya. — The rain will fall on your rotting skin.
  • asavva [asavˈva] (o)
na. sky [1]
  • ase [ˈase] (o)
ni. word [1][2]
ni. command
accusative: as
  • asfavirzeth [asfaviɾˈzeθ] (o)
ni. cranberry [1]
  • ashefa [ˈaʃefa] (o)
na. river [1]
  • asqoyi [ˈasqɔji] (o)
ni. oath, vow [1]
accusative: asqoy
  • assamvak [assamˈvak] (o)
na. breaker [1]
  • assamvat [assamˈvat] (o)
vtr. to break (something) [1]
past SG: assamve
  • asshekh [aʃˈʃex] (o)
adv. today [1]
ni. today
na. day
Sen asshekhi tithaan, qisi havazzhifi. — Three days to the east, on the sea.
  • asshekhqoyi [ˈaʃʃexqɔji] (o)
ni. birthday [1]
accusative: assekhqoy
  • asshie [ˈaʃʃie] (u)
n. introduction
  • asshilat [aʃʃiˈlat] (u)
v. to introduce, to present
past SG: asshil
Anha asshilak jin azh shafkea haji rekoon et shafka. — I make this gift to you for what you did.
  • assikhqoyi [ˈassixqɔji] (u)
ni. sign, omen
accusative: assikhqoy
  • assikhqoyisir [assixqɔjiˈsir] (u)
na. prophecy
  • assilat [assiˈlat] (o)
v. to signal [1]
vtr.→all. to signal to [1]
past SG: assi
  • assilat [assiˈlat] (o)
vtr. to defeat [1]
past SG: assil
Me ezzo anhaan m'athdikar assila athzhokwazar. — He taught me that speed defeats size.
  • assokh [asˈsox] (d)
ni. message, instructions
  • assokhosor [assoxoˈsor] (o)
na. law [1]
Me nem nesa k'assokhosori me– — The law states that–
  • assolat [assoˈlat] (u)
v. to command
past SG: asso
  • astat [asˈtat] (o)
v. to say [1]
past SG: ast
Ifak asta meme zala firikhnharen. — The foreigner says that he wants a crown.
  • astat asqoy [asˈtat ˈasqɔji] (o)
v. to swear, to promise [1]
Ki jini anha astak asqoy, anha, Drogo ki Bharbosi. — This vow I, Drogo son of Bharbo.
  • astilat [astiˈlat] (o)
v. to joke [1]
vtr.→gen. to joke about [1]
past SG: asti
  • asto [ˈasto] (o)
n. saying, prayer [1]
  • astolat [astoˈlat] (o)
v. to speak [1]
vtr.→gen. to speak of [1]
past SG: asto
Kisha vastoki vos alikh hrazefi ido m'adori shiqethi. — Let's speak no more about wooden horses or iron chairs.
  • astosor [astoˈsor] (o)
na. story [1]
Hash yer ray char astosoris mae? — Have you heard the stories about him?
  • at [at] (o)
num. one [1]
  • ataki [ˈataki] (o)
adj. first [1]
  • ate [ˈate] (u)
adv. first
  • ath [aθ] (o)
adj. dry [1]
  • athaddrivar [aθaddɾiˈvar] (d)
ni. fatality
  • athafazhizar [afaʒiˈzar] (o)
ni. warmth [1]
  • athahhaqar [aθahhaˈqɑr] (o)
ni. frustration [1]
  • athakkelenar [aθˈkelenar] (d)
ni. decision, judgment
  • athammelar [aθammelar] (d)
n. corruption
  • athannithar [aθanniθar] (d)
n. torture, punishment
  • athaozar [aθaoˈzar] (d)
ni. depths, deep
  • athaqqiyazar [aθaqqejaˈzar] (o)
ni. spilling of blood [1]
Me izvena, jin athaqqiyazar she vaesof. — It is forbidden to spill blood in the sacred city.
  • athasar [aθaˈsar] (o)
na. wasteland [1]
  • athastokhdeveshizar [aθastoxdeveʃizar] (o)
ni. nonsense [1]
  • athayozar [aθajoˈzar] (d)
ni. waiting
  • athayyozar [aθajjozar] (d)
n. pregnancy
  • athchilar [aθt͡ʃiˈlar] (o)
ni. limit, lay, expanse [1]
  • athchilozar [aθt͡ʃiloˈzar] (o)
ni. lying (with women) [1]
Me izvena, jin athchilozar ma khaleenisoon. — It is forbidden to lie with a Khal's widow.
  • athchomar [aθt͡ʃoˈmar] (o)
ni. respect, reverence [1]
  • athchomar chomakea [aθt͡ʃoˈmaɾ ˈt͡ʃomakea] (o)
phrase "respect to those that are respectful" A greeting. (Said to a group of people.) [1]
  • athdarinar [aθdaɾiˈnar] (o)
ni. lameness [1]
  • athdavrazar [aθdavɾaˈzar] (o)
ni. usefulness (also means good or excellent when used as an exclamation) [1]
  • athdikar [aθdiˈkar] (o)
ni. speed [1]
  • athdisizar [aθdisiˈzar] (o)
ni. comfort, simplicity [1]
  • athdrivar [aθdɾiˈvar] (o)
ni. death [1]
  • athdrivarido [ˈaθdɾivarido] (u)
ni. nightmare
  • athdrivar shekhi [aθdɾiˈvar ˈʃexi] (u)
ni. sunset
  • athemrasozar [aθd͡ʒemɾasoˈzar] (o)
ni. invasion [1]
  • atherinar [aθeɾinar] (d)
n. kindness
  • athessazar [aθessaˈzar] (u)
ni. return
  • athezar [aθeˈzar] (o)
ni. departure [1]
  • athezhirar [aθeʒiˈɾar] (d)
ni. dancing
  • athfejar [aθfedʒar] (d)
n. hate
  • athfiezar [aθfieˈzar](o)
ni. love (between siblings or friends) [1]
  • athgoshar [aθgoˈʃar] (o)
ni. certainty (also means all right when used as an exclamation) [1]
  • athhajar [aθhaˈd͡ʒar] (o)
ni. strength [1]
  • athhilezar [aθhileˈzar] (u)
ni. sex
  • athijezar [aθid͡ʒeˈzar] (o)
ni. woman-on-top sex [1]
  • athjahakar [aθd͡ʒahaˈkar] (o)
ni. pride, prowess [1]
  • athjerizar [aθd͡ʒeɾiˈzar] (u)
ni. discussion
  • athjilar [aθd͡ʒiˈlar] (o)
ni. correctness, rightness [1]
  • athkemar [aθkeˈmar] (d)
ni. marriage
  • athkessezar [aθkesseˈzar] (o)
ni. carrying [1]
Me izvena, jin athkessezar az she vaesof. — It is forbidden to carry weapons in the sacred city.
  • athlanar [aθlaˈnar] (d)
ni. running
  • athlaqar [aθlaˈqɑr] (u)
ni. wailing
  • athlavakhar [aθlavaˈxar] (d)
ni. loudness
  • athlayafar [aθlajaˈfar](o)
ni. happiness [1]
Kifinosi me qach athlayafar mae? — How did he show his happiness?
  • athmajizar [aθmad‿ʒiˈzar] (o)
ni. sharing [1]
  • athmanimvenar [aθmanimveˈnar] (u)
ni. anxiousness
  • athmelar [aθmelar] (d)
n. evilness
  • athmharar [aθmhaˈɾar] (d)
ni. ache, soreness
  • athmithrar [aθmiθˈɾar] (o)
ni. rest [1]
  • athmoskar [aθmos'kar] (o)
n. loading [1]
  • athmovezar [aθmoveˈzar] (o)
ni. magic [1]
  • athnavar [aθnaˈvar] (d)
ni. urination
  • athneakar [aθneakar] (d)
n. length
  • athniqar [aθniˈqɑr] (d)
ni. rigidity
  • athnithar [aθniˈθar] (o)
ni. pain [1]
  • athnithizar [aθniθiˈzar] (o)
ni. encouragement [1]
  • athnithmenar [aθniθmeˈnar] (o)
ni. painlessness [1]
  • athohharar [aθohhaˈɾar] (d)
ni. collapse, defeat
  • athokkar [aθˈokkar] (d)
n. option, choice
  • atholat [aθoˈlat] (d)
v. to dry
past SG: atho
  • athostar [aθosˈtar] (o)
ni. fury [1]
  • athrokhar [aθɾoˈxar] (d)
ni. fear
  • athshillar [aθʃilˈlat] (d)
n. trust
  • athtezar [aθteˈzar] (o)
ni. performance [1]
  • athtihar [aθtiˈhar] (d)
ni. vision, look
  • athvadar [aθvaˈdar] (o)
ni. spirit [1]
Athvadar mra qora. — She has spirit.
  • athvezhvenar [aθveʒveˈnar] (o)
intj. greatness, excellent (when used as an exclamation)
ni. bravery, courage, perfection (lit. stallionishness) [1]
  • athvilajerar [aθvilad͡ʒeˈɾar] (o)
ni. war [1]
  • athvillar [aθvilˈlar] (o)
ni. wisdom (that is gained from experience or learned) [1]
  • athvithar [aθviˈθar] (o)
ni. sound (of a language), intonation [1]
  • athvokkerar [aθvokkeˈɾar] (o)
ni. choice [1]
  • athyazhar [aθjaˈʒar] (o)
ni. taste, flavor [1]
  • athyolar [aθjoˈlar] (d)
ni. birth
  • athzalar [aθzaˈlar] (o)
ni. hope [1]
  • athzhikhar [aθʒiˈxar] (u)
ni. sickness
  • athzhilar [aθʒiˈlar] (o)
ni. love (used of romantic or sexual love; a private word) [1]
  • athzhokwazar [aθʒokwaˈzar] (o)
ni. size [1]
  • athzhowakar [aθʒowaˈkar] (o)
ni. danger [1]
  • athzinar [aθziˈnar] (o)
ni. remainder [1]
Majin hash zhille athzinari yeri vekha, hash kisha vazhaki ekh hrazefaan kishi. — And if there's anything left of you, we'll give our horses a turn.
  • athzorar [aθzoˈɾar] (o)
n. roaring [1]
  • ato [ˈato] (o)
ni. one
accusative: ate
pn. something, someone [1]
Ato kaffe nharees moon ki negwini– — Someone crushed his head with a rock–
  • atte [atte] (o)
adv. first, firstly [1]
  • atthar [aθˈθar] (o)
ni. duty [1]
  • atthasat [aθθaˈsat] (o)
v. to make someone/something fall, to defeat, to destroy (insulting) [1]
past SG: atthas
  • atthi [ˈaθθi] (o)
num. eleven [1]
  • atthirar [aθθiˈɾar] (o)
ni. life [1]
  • atthirarido [ˈaθθiɾaɾido] (o)
ni. dream [1]
  • atthizar [aθθiˈzar] (o)
ni. love for a child [1]
  • attihat [attiˈhat] (o)
vtr. to show [1]
past SG: attih
Hash yer laz chari anna; hash yer ray vos o, attihas anna. — If you are still in there, if you haven't gone away, show me.
  • ave [ˈave] (o)
na. father [1]
  • avvemolat [avvemoˈlat] (o)
v. to kneel (something) [1]
past SG: avvemo
  • avvirsalat [avviɾsaˈlat] (o)
vtr. to burn something [1]
past SG: avvirsa
  • avvitisherat [avvitiʃeˈɾat] (u)
vtr. to grow something
  • avvos [avˈvos] (o)
adv. never [1]
Anha adothrak hrazef ido yomme Havazzhifi Kazga ven et vo khal avvos. — I will ride wooden horses across the black salt sea as no khal has done before.
  • awazak [awaˈzak] (o)
na. screamer [1]
  • awazat [awaˈzat]
v. to scream
past SG: awaz
  • ayena [ˈajena] (o)
ni. bell [1]
accusative: ayene
  • ayolat [ajoˈlat] (o)
vin. to wait [1]
past SG: ayol
  • ayyey [ajˈjej] (o)
adv. always [1]
  • ayyeyaan [ajjejaan] (o)
adv. forever [1]
  • ayyolat [ajjoˈlat] (o)
vin. to bear (a child) [1]
past SG: ayyo
Irge firesofi, me ayyo khalaan mae ohar — A year later, she bore her Khal a daughter.
  • ayyozat [ajjoˈzat] (o)
vtr. to dilute [1]
Mori vo tihoo mekisha ray ayyoz qoy kishoon ayyeyoon. — They don't realize that we have always diluted our blood.
  • az [az] (o)
ni. blade [1]
  • azhasavva [aʒaˈsavva] (u)
ni. blessing
accusative: azhasavve
  • azhat [aˈʒat] (o)
vtr. to give (something to someone; recipient is in allative) [1]
vtr.→abl. to let (someone do something)
past SG: azh
Anha vazhak maan Rhaeshis Andahli. — I will give The Lands of the Andals.
Majin kisha vazhaki dothrakhqoyoon kishi hilelat yera. — And then we’ll let our bloodriders fuck you.
  • azhilat [aʒiˈlat] (o)
v. to bet [1]
Anha azhik memé vafazhoe rivaan kash me nem athacha. — I bet she gets nice and pink when you pinch her.
  • azhkemokan [aʒkemoˈkan] (o)
n. gift given to a bride on her wedding day [1]
  • azho [ˈaʒo] (o)
ni. gift [1]
accusative: azh
  • azzafrok [azzafˈrok] (u)
na. slaver
  • azzafrolat [azzafroˈlat] (u)
vtr. to enslave
past SG: azzafro
  • azzisat [azziˈsat] (u)
vtr. to harm someone
past SG: azzis
Me azzisa anna jin tihat meyer qiyae. — It makes me hurt to see you bleed.
  • azzohat [azzoˈhat] (o)
vtr. to put something down [1]
past SG: azzoh
Rakharo, azzohi haz khogare. — Rakharo, put down that cask.


  • chaf [t͡ʃaf] (o)
na. wind [1]
  • chafak [t͡ʃaˈfak] (u)
na. mercenary, turncloak, traitor
  • chafasar [t͡ʃafaˈsar] (o)
na. climate [1]
  • chafka [ˈt͡ʃafka] (o)
ni. autumn [1]
accusative: chafk
  • chak [t͡ʃak] (o)
adj silent [1]
  • chakat [t͡ʃaˈkat] (o)
num. twenty [1]
vin. to be silent [1]
past SG: chak
  • chal [t͡ʃal] (u)
ni. bean (general use)
  • challeya [ˈt͡ʃalleja] (u)
ni. bean (when used as food)
  • charat [t͡ʃaˈɾat] (o)
vtr. to hear [1]
vtr.→abl. to hear some of
vtr.→gen. to hear about
past SG: char
Anha ray char m'ave yeri lajakoon hakeso. — I heard that your father was a famous warrior.
  • chare [ˈt͡ʃaɾe] (o)
ni. ear [1]
accusative: char
  • charolat [t͡ʃaɾoˈlat] (o)
v. to listen [1]
past SG: charo
Ishish chare acharoe hash me nem ejervae nharesoon. — Maybe the ear will listen if it is removed from the head.
  • che [t͡ʃe] (o)
conj. either, or [1]
Ifak asta meme zala firikhnharen ...che me vesazhae khaleesies. — The foreigner says that he wants a crown ...or he will take back the khaleesi.
  • chek [t͡ʃek] (o)
adv. well [1]
  • chekosshi [t͡ʃeˈkoʃʃi] (u)
adv. very well, excellently
  • chelsian [t͡ʃelsiˈan] (o)
na. locust [1]
  • cheno [ˈt͡ʃeno] (u)
ni. liver
accusative: chen
  • chetira [ˈt͡ʃetiɾa] (o)
ni. a distance of about half mile, cantered in one leshitof [1]
  • chetirat [t͡ʃetiˈɾat] (o)
v. to canter [1]
vtr.→gen. to canter beside
past SG: chetir
  • cheyao [ˈt͡ʃejao] (o)
na. dark bay horse [1]
  • cheyaoven [t͡ʃejaoˈven] (o)
adj. dark brown skinned [1]
  • chifekh [t͡ʃiˈfex] (o)
num. seventy [1]
  • chifti [ˈt͡ʃifti] (o)
na. cricket [1]
  • chiftik [t͡ʃifˈtik] (u)
na. cricket man (used as an insult)
  • chiftikh [t͡ʃifˈtix] (o)
ni. weak or glancing sword blow [1]
  • chilat [t͡ʃiˈlat] (o)
v. to be prostrate [1]
v. to lie (down)
past SG: chil
  • chilay [t͡ʃiˈlaj] (o)
adj. lying, supine [1]
  • chilolat [t͡ʃiloˈlat] (o)
v. to lie (sexual meaning) [1]
past SG: chilo
Anha vos ochilok ma shafkoa vosecchi. — I will not lie with you.
  • chimek [t͡ʃiˈmek] (o)
num. fifty [1]
  • chiori [ˈt͡ʃioɾi] (o)
na. woman, short form of chiorikem for 'wife' [1]
Anha aqorisok chiories mori ma afichak vojjor samva Vaesaan Dothrak. — I will rape their women and bring their broken gods back to Vaes Dothrak.
  • chiorikem [t͡ʃioɾiˈkem] (o)
ni. wife [1]
  • chiqazat [t͡ʃiqɑˈzat] (o)
num. ninety [1]
  • chir [t͡ʃir] (u)
v. aux. almost, nearly
  • chisen [t͡ʃiˈsen] (o)
num. thirty [1]
  • chitor [t͡ʃiˈtor] (o)
num. forty [1]
  • chiva [t͡ʃiva] (o)
ni. horn [1]
  • chizhinda [t͡ʃiˈʒinda] (o)
num. sixty [1]
  • choakat [t͡ʃoaˈkat] (u)
v. to be bitter
past SG: choak
  • chomak [t͡ʃoˈmak] (u)
na. one who is respectful (insulting when used for a fellow Dothraki)
Athchomar chomakaan, zhey khal vezhven. — Respect to one that is respectful, great khal.
  • chomat [t͡ʃoˈmat] (u)
v. to be respectful
vtr.→all. to respect
past SG: chom
  • chomokh [t͡ʃoˈmax] (o)
ni. honor [1]
  • chomolat [t͡ʃomoˈlat] (u)
vin. to grow respectful
vtr. to give respect to, to honour
  • nem chomolat [nem t͡ʃomoˈlat] (u)
v. to be honored
past SG: chomo
  • chongat [t͡ʃonˈgat] (d)
v. to be hard
past SG: chonge
  • chonge [ˈtʃoŋge] (o)
adj. solid [1]
  • chongolat [t͡ʃongoˈlat] (d)
v. to solidify
past SG: chongo
  • choo [ˈt͡ʃoo] (o)
na. pika [1]
  • choqat [t‿ʃoˈqɑt] (o)
v.→abl. to run from, to flee [1]
past SG: choqe
  • chori [ˈt͡ʃoɾi] (o)
num. eighty [1]
  • chorkat [t͡ʃoɾˈkat] (o)
v. to roll [1]
  • chosh [t͡ʃoʃ] (o)
adj. fresh [1]
  • chot [t͡ʃot] (u)
ni. beet
  • chotteya [ˈt͡ʃotteja] (u)
ni. beet paste
accusative: chottey
  • choyo [ˈt͡ʃojo] (o)
ni. joke word for someone's behind [1]
  • choyokh [t͡ʃoˈjox] (d)
ni. asscheek


  • daeni [ˈdaeni]
ni. leaf
accusative: daen
  • dahaan [dahaˈan]
adj. green
  • dahana [ˈdahana]
ni. grass of certain kind
accusative: dahan
  • daki [ˈdaki]
ni. pomegranate
accusative: dak
  • dalen [daˈlen]
num. thousand
  • dalfe [ˈdalfe]
ni. cow, beef
accusative: dalfe
  • dan [dan]
ni. ford
ni. gem
  • dana [ˈdana]
ni. clearing in a forest
  • darif [daˈɾif]
ni. saddle
  • darin [daˈɾin]
adj. lame, limp
  • darinat [daɾi'nat]
v. to be lame, limp
  • dave [ˈdave]
na. rosemary bush
adj. pungent
  • davra [ˈdavɾa]
adj. good, useful
  • davrakh [davˈɾax]
ni. useful thing, app
  • davralat
vin. to be useful
vtr.→all. to be useful to
past SG: davra
  • davveya [ˈdavveja]
ni. rosemary
  • dech [det͡ʃ]
ni. cheek (on the face)
  • dei [ˈdei]
adj. shallow
adv. light (of color)
  • devesh [deˈveʃ]
ni. fog
  • devolat [devoˈlat]
vtr. to know how, to be able to
past SG: devo
  • diaf [diˈaf]
ni. skull
  • dik [dik]
adj. fast
  • dili [ˈdili]
ni. flash, sparkle
accusative: dil
  • dinat [diˈnat]
v. to pass
past SG: din
  • dini ['dini] (o)
n. drizzle [1]
  • dirgat [diɾˈgat]
v. to think
past SG: dirge
  • dirgak [ˈdiɾ'gak]
na. thinker
  • dirgakof [ˈdiɾga'kof]
ni. deep thinker
  • dirge [ˈdiɾge]
ni. thought, idea
  • dis [dis]
adj. simple, plain
  • dishah [diˈʃah]
ni. bark
  • dishacchra [diˈʃatt͡ʃɾa]
na. pine tree
  • disilat [disi'lat]
vin. to be easy, to be simple
  • disisse [diˈsisse]
adj. very simple
  • disse [ˈdisse]
adv. only, simply, exclusively, just
Kash qoy qoyi thira disse. — Only while blood of my blood lives.
Khal vos zigereo adoroon anevasoe maan. Me zigeree sajosoon disse. — A khal doesn't need a chair to sit on. He only needs a steed.
  • diwe [ˈdiwe]
adj. wet
  • diwelat [diweˈlat]
vin. to be wet
past SG: diwe
  • dogat [doˈgat]
vin. to suffer
vtr.→abl. to suffer from
past SG: doge
  • donat [doˈnat]
v. to shout
vtr.→gen. to shout about
past SG: don
  • dorvi [ˈdoɾvi]
ni. goat
accusative: dorv
  • dorvof [doɾˈvof]
ni. ibex
  • dosh [doʃ]
ni. council
  • Dosh Khaleen [doʃ xaleˈen]
prop n. Council of crones. Group of widowed khaleesi.
  • dothrak [doθˈɾak]
na. rider
  • dothrakh [doθˈɾax]
ni. ride
  • dothrakhqoyi [ˈdoθɾaxqɔji]
ni. bloodrider
accusative: dothrakhqoy
  • dothraki [ˈdoθɾaki]
prop. n. men who ride, the Dothraki people
  • dothralat [doθɾaˈlat]
v. to ride (With horse, steed or my horse, my steed)
vtr.→gen. to ride alongside
v. to have an erection
past SG: dothra
Anha adothrak hrazef ido yomme Havazzhifi Kazga ven et vo khal avvos. — I will ride wooden horses across the black salt sea as no khal has done before.
n. unsullied
  • dozgikh [dozˈgix]
ni. animal carcass
  • dozgo [ˈdozgo]
ni./na. enemy (animate is used when a specific enemy is being referred to)
  • dozgosor [dozgoˈsor]
na. enemy horde, slang for one's own khalasar.
  • drane [ˈdɾane]
na. mother who is still breast feeding
  • dranekh [dɾaˈnex]
ni. mother's milk (of a human)
  • dranelat [dɾane'lat] (o)
v. to nurture, to foster growth [1]
  • drekat [dɾeˈkat]
vin. to spill (non-volitional e.g. the milk spilled)
  • drekolat [dɾekoˈlat]
vtr. to come to spill, to tip over and then spill
  • driv [dɾiv]
adj. dead
  • drivat [dɾiˈvat]
vin. to be dead
past SG: driv
  • drivolat [dɾivoˈlat]
vin. to die
vtr.→abl. to die from
past SG: drivo
  • drogat [droˈgat]
vtr. to drive (animals)
past SG: droge
  • drogikh [droˈgikh]
ni. herd
Okki zhille hrazef fin allayafa shafka drogikhoon anni. — Choose any horse you wish from my herd.
  • drozhat [dɾoˈʒat]
vtr to slay, to kill (done by inanimate objects, animals, or otherwise unaware)
past SG: drozh


  • echafven [eˈtʃafven]
adj. visible
  • echomosalat [et͡ʃomosaˈlat]
vtr. to dishonor
past SG: echomosa
Anha nemo echomosalat — Forgive me.
  • edavrasa [ˈedavɾasa]
adj. useless, of poor quality
  • edavrasakh [ˈedavɾasax]
n. useless thing
  • efat [eˈfat]
v. to squeeze
  • efe [ˈefe]
ni. shackle
  • efesalat [efesaˈlat]
vtr. to uproot, to scratch
past SG: efesa
  • efichisalat [efit͡ʃisaˈlat]
v. to disagree
past SG: efichisa
  • ei [ˈei]
det. all, every
  • ejakh [eˈd͡ʒax]
ni. bank (of a river, lake or pond)
  • ejervalat [ed͡ʒeɾvaˈlat]
v. to remove
past SG: ejerva
Ishish chare acharoe hash me nem ejervae nharesoon. — Maybe the ear will listen if it is removed from the head.
  • ekhogaralat [exogaɾaˈlat]
v. to undress
past SG: ekhogara
  • elain [elaˈin]
n. seed, sperm
  • elainat [elaiˈnat]
v. to plant
past SG: elain
  • elat [eˈlat]
v. to go
vtr.→gen. to go along with
past SG: e
  • eleisosakh [eleisoˈsax]
ni. "via point"
  • elme [ˈelme]
ni. shoulder
  • elzat [elˈzat]
v. to respond
past SG: elz
  • elze [ˈelze]
ni. reasoning, explanation
accusative: elz
  • elzikh [elˈzix]
ni. response
  • emat [eˈmat]
vin. to smile
vtr.→all. to smile at, to approve of
past SG: em
  • eme [ˈeme]
ni. smile
accusative: em
  • emesh [eˈmeʃ]
ni. smiley
  • emmalat [emmaˈlat]
vtr. to make something enter (from emralat)
past SG: emma
  • emmat [emˈmat]
vtr. to amuse
past SG: emme
  • emmeya [ˈemmeja]
n. middle part, center, intermediary
  • emrakh [emˈɾax]
ni. gate
  • Emrakh Hrazefi [emˈɾax ˈhɾazefi]
prop. n. Horse Gate
  • emralat [emɾaˈlat]
v. to enter
past SG: emra
  • emrasolat [emɾasoˈlat]
vtr. to sack, to raid
past SG: emraso
  • enossho [eˈnoʃʃo]
ni. mule
accusative: enosh
  • enta [ˈenta]
n. baby, infant
  • eqorasalat [eqɔrasaˈlat]
vtr. to let go of
past SG: eqorasa
  • erin [eˈɾin]
adj. kind, good
  • erinat [eɾiˈnat]
v. to be kind, to be good
past SG: erin
  • erinak [eɾiˈnak]
na. lady, kind one
M'anhoon vekha virzethi gizkhvena Dornoon, zhey erinak. — I have a sweet red from Dorne, my lady.
  • ershe [ˈeɾʃe]
adj. old
  • es [es]
adj. smooth
  • esazhalat [esaʒaˈlat]
v. to take something back
past SG: esazha
Me asta meme vos vesazhao khalakkaes. — He says that he will not take back the prince.
  • esemrasakh [esemɾaˈsax]
ni. exit
  • esemrasalat [esemɾasaˈlat]
v. to exit, to leave
past SG: esemrasa
  • eshat [eˈʃat]
v. to get up
past SG: esh
  • eshina [ˈeʃina]
n. fish
  • eshna [ˈeʃna]
det. another, other
  • eshnak [eʃˈnak]
pn. somebody else, the other
Hales eshnakis — Get the others.
  • esina [ˈesina]
adj. different
esinalat vin. to be different
past SG: esina
  • esinakh [esiˈnax]
ni. a different thing
Khaleesi zala meme adakha esinakh ajjalan. — The khaleesi wants to eat something different tonight.
  • esinasolat [esinasoˈlat]
vin. to change
past SG: esinaso
  • esittesak [esitteˈsak]
na. braggart, blowhard
  • esittesalat [esittesaˈlat]
v. to brag, to exaggerate
past SG: esittesa
  • essalat [essaˈlat]
vin. to return
past SG: essa
  • essheya [eʃˈʃej]
ni. roof, top part, top
accusative: esshey
  • eth [eθ]
v. aux. must, have to
  • ethem [eˈθem]
v. aux. must be
One must be chosen. — Ato ethem okka.
  • ethkis [ˈeθkis]
v. aux. must try to
You have to try to eat. — Yer ethkis adakhi
  • evat [eˈvat]
vtr. to start doing something (used with verb)
  • eve [ˈeve]
ni. tail
  • evekhisir [evexisir]
na. everything, the universe as a whole
  • eveth [eˈveθ]
ni. water
  • evethiz [eveˈθiz]
ni. poison water
  • evolat [evoˈlat]
vin. to start
past SG: evo
  • evoon [evoˈon]
adv. all along, the whole time, from the beginning
  • evvat [evˈvat]
vtr. to start something
  • ewe [ˈewe]
n. olive
  • ewekh [eˈwex]
ni. olive oil
  • ewweya [ˈewweja]
ni. olive pit
accusative: ewwey
  • eyak [eˈjak]
pn. everyone
  • eyel [eˈjel]
ni. rain
  • eyelat [ejeˈlat]
vtr. to move something
  • eyeli [ˈejeli]
adj. spotted
  • eyelilat [ejeli'lat]
vin. to be spotted
  • eyelke [ejelke]
ni. spring
accusative: eyelk
  • eyyelilat [ejjeli'lat]
v. to put a spotted pattern on
  • ezat [eˈzat]
v. to find
past SG: ez
Ezas loy alegri h'anhaan. — Find some ducks for me.
  • ezhirat [eʒiˈɾat]
vin. to dance
past SG: ezhir
  • ezhiray [eʒiˈɾaj]
adj. dancing
  • ezok [eˈzok]
na. learner
  • ezolat [ezoˈlat]
v. to learn
past SG: ezo
  • ezzolat [ezzoˈlat]
v. to teach
past SG: ezzo
Ave anni ezzo anhaan os lajataan. Me ezzo anhaan m'athdikar assie athzhokwazar. — My father taught me how to fight. He taught me that speed defeats size.


  • fakat [faˈkat]
vtr. to kick
vtr.→all. to kick at
past SG: fak
  • fansa [ˈfansa]
n. dapple horse
  • faqqi [ˈfaqqe]
na. corn bunting (a bird)
  • fas [fas]
n. cloud
  • fasokhqoyi ['fasoxqɔji]
n. blood pie
  • fasqoyi [ˈfasqɔji]
ni. destiny
  • fatat [faˈtat]
vtr. to slap
vtr.→all. to slap at
past SG: fat
  • fatilat [fatiˈlat]
vtr. to insult
vtr.→all. to throw an insult at
past SG: fati
  • fejat [feˈd͡ʒat]
v. to hate
  • fekh [fex]
num. seven
  • felde [ˈfelde]
ni. wing
  • feldekh [felˈdex]
ni. feather
  • fenat [feˈnat] (d)
vtr. to attach
  • fenolat [fenoˈlat] (o)
v. to become attached, to cling [1]
  • ferri [ˈferi]
ni. hemp (material)
accusative: fer
  • feshith [feˈʃiθ]
na. tree
  • feso [ˈfeso]
ni. carrot
accusative: fes
  • fevelat [feveˈlat]
vin. to thirst
vtr.→abl. to thirst for
past SG: feve
  • fichat [fiˈt͡ʃat]
vtr. to take, to bring, to fetch
past SG: fich
Anha afichak vojjor samva Vaesaan Dothrak. — I will bring their broken gods back to Vaes Dothrak.
  • fiez [fiˈez]
n. rope
  • fih [fih]
ni. smoke
  • filkak [filˈkak]
na. coward
  • filkat [filˈkat]
vin. To move like a caterpillar
past SG: filk
  • filki [ˈfilki]
ni. caterpillar
accusative: filk
  • filla [ˈfilla]
ni. dried plum
  • fin [fin]
pn. who (question word, when speaking of an animate object)
pn. relative pronoun to introduce a relative clause (when speaking of an animate object)
Anha vidrik khalasares anni jim, finaan nakhoe rhaesheser. — I will take my khalasar west to where the world ends.
Vezh fin saja rhaesheseres! — The stallion that mounts the world!
  • fini [ˈfini]
pn. what (question word, when speaking of an inanimate object)
pn. relative pronoun to introduce a relative clause (when speaking of an inanimate object)
  • finne [ˈfinne]
pn. where
adv. where
  • finsanney [finsanˈnej]
det. how many, how much
  • fir [fir]
adj. round
  • fire [ˈfiɾe]
ni. ring, circle
  • firesof [fiɾeˈsof]
ni. year
  • firi [ˈfiɾi]
n. ball
  • firikh [fiˈɾix]
ni. ring
  • firikhnharen [fiɾixnhaɾen]
ni. crown
  • fish [fiʃ]
adj. cold
  • fitte [ˈfitte]
adj. short
  • fitteya [ˈfitteja]
ni. an unnoticed and uncalled-for erection
accusative: fittey
  • flas [ˈflas]
ni. a film on top of a soup; cream
  • flasikh [flaˈsix]
ni. update
  • flech [flet͡ʃ]
adj. dull
  • fog [fog]
n. hoof
  • fonak [foˈnak]
na. hunter
  • fonakasar [fonakaˈsar]
na. hunting party
  • fonas chek [foˈnas t͡ʃek]
phrase said at parting, meaning "Hunt well".
  • fonat [foˈnat]
v. to hunt
past SG: fon
  • fonnoya [ˈfonnoja]
ni. advice
  • fonolat [fonoˈlat]
vtr. to track, to seek
past SG: fono
  • fotha [ˈfoθa]
ni. throat
n. sapwood, heartwood
  • fothakh [foˈθax]
ni. voice
Vos fothakhi vekho ha yeraan jinne. — You have no voice here.
  • foz [foz]
adj. old
  • fozak [foˈzak]
na. elder
  • frakhat [fɾaˈxat]
vtr. to touch
vtr.→all. to reach to touch
past SG: frakh
  • frakholat [fɾaxoˈlat]
vtr. to feel
past SG: frakho
  • fredri [ˈfɾedri]
n. The sound of horse hooves on dirt
  • fredrilat [fɾedriˈlat]
vin. to run (with horse as subject)
  • fredrik [fɾeˈdrik]
na. chatterbox, one who sounds like horses hooves


  • gachat [gaˈt͡ʃat]
v. to figure out, to solve
past SG: gach
  • gache [ˈgat͡ʃe]
ni. place, environs
accusative: gach
  • gachesh [gaˈt͡ʃeʃ]
ni. room
  • gadim [gaˈdim]
ni. lungs
accusative: gadim
  • gadima [ˈgadima]
n. root system of a tree
  • gaezo [ˈgaezo]
na. brother
  • gale [ˈgale]
ni. egg
  • gamiz [gaˈmiz]
ni. rice
  • ganat [gaˈnat]
v. to lean
  • gango [ˈgango]
ni. belly
accusative: gange
  • gango awazat [ˈgango awaˈzat]
v. to feel anxious/excited
  • gaoli [ˈgaoli]
n. intestines
  • garfoth [gaɾˈfoθ]
n. root
  • garvolat [gaɾvoˈlat]
vin. to grow hungry
vtr.→abl. to hunger for
past SG: garvo
  • gato [gaˈto]
n. radish
  • gavat [gaˈvat]
ni. meat
  • gech [get‿ʃ]
ni. hole
  • gehqoyi [ˈgehqɔji]
ni. bolas
  • gendat [genˈdat]
vin. to be ripped, to be torn
past SG: gend
  • gende [ˈgende]
n. rip
adj. ripped
  • gendolat [gendoˈlat]
vin. to become ripped, to rip
past SG: gendo
  • gerat [geˈɾat]
vtr.→abl. to lack
past SG: ger
  • gerikh [geˈɾix]
ni. lack
  • geve [ˈgeve]
na. mole
  • gezri [ˈgezɾi]
na. snake
accusative: gezries
  • gezrikh [gezˈɾix]
ni. feint
  • gidat [giˈdat]
v. to push
  • gillo [ˈgillo]
n. breeze
  • gillosor [gilloˈsor]
na. weather
  • gimi [ˈgimi]
ni. mouse
  • gimisir [gimiˈsir]
na. commoners, people (derogatory)
Assilat vaes majin azzafrolat gimisires mae. — Conquering a city and taking her people as slaves.
  • giz [giz]
ni. bee
  • gizikh [giˈzix]
ni. honey
  • gizikhven [gizixˈven]
adj. sweet
  • gizikhvenat [gizixve'nat] (o)
v. to be sweet [1]
  • glas [glas]
ni. onion
  • glen [glen]
ni. louse
  • gomma [ˈgomma]
na. mouth of a human
  • gorat [goˈɾat]
v. to charge a horse
past SG: gor
  • goshat [goˈʃat]
v. to be certain, to be sure
past SG: gosh
  • govak [goˈvak]
na. fucker (insult)
  • govat [goˈvat]
vtr. to mate (animals); to breed
past SG: gov
  • graddakh [gɾadˈdax]
ni. waste, refuse
intj. shit (generic undirected profanity)
  • gref [gɾef]
n. wall
  • grey [gɾej]
n. cabbage
  • gwe [gwe]
intj. Here! Let's go! Go!


  • h' [h]
prep. (elided version, see ha)
  • ha [ha]
prep.→abl. from
prep.→all. for
Nevakhi vekha ha maan. — There is a place for you.
  • ha nakhaan [ha naxaˈan]
adj. finally, last, ultimately
  • hadaen [hadaˈen]
ni. food
  • hador [haˈdor]
n. gust of wind
  • haesh [haˈeʃ]
ni. spawn
  • haesh rakhi [haˈeʃ ˈraxi]
ni. Lamb Men, Lhazareen "lit. spawn of lamb"
  • haf [haf]
adj. soft, quiet
  • haggeya [ˈhaggeja]
n. chain
Anha Daenerys Vazyol h’Okreseroon Targeryen, Atak ma Hakesoon Mae, Osavvirsak, Khaleesi Mirini, Khaleesi m’Andahli ma Roynari m’Ataki, Khaleesi Havazhofi Hranni, ma Haggey-Assamvak ma Mai Zhavorsi. — I am Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.
  • haj [had͡ʒ]
adj. strong
  • haje [ˈhad͡ʒe]
adj. right (direction)
  • hajekh [haˈd͡ʒex]
ni. right side
  • haji [ˈhad͡ʒi]
prep. (default preposition for foreign words that don't decline)
prep.→abl. because of, on account of
Anha asshilak jin azh shafkea haji rekoon et shafka. — I make this gift to you for what you did.
  • hajinaan [had͡ʒinaˈan]
conj. because (followed by prefix /me-/)
  • hajolat [had͡ʒoˈlat]
v. to grow strong
past SG: hajo
  • hake [ˈhake]
na. name
  • hakelat [hakeˈlat]
vtr. to name
past SG: hake
Ma me nem ahakee ma Rhaego! — And he shall be called Rhaego.
  • hakeso [ˈhakeso]
adj. famous
Anha ray char m'ave yeri lajakoon hakeso. — I heard that your father was a famous warrior.
  • halah [haˈlah]
na. flower
  • halahi [ˈhalahi]
ni. tree that can blossom
accusative: halah
  • Halahasar [halahaˈsar]
n. garden
  • Halahisir [halahiˈsir]
prop.n. The Arbor
  • hale [hale]
intj. hey (exclamation)
  • halelat [haleˈlat]
vtr. to get
past SG: hale
Hales eshnakis. — Get the others.
  • hammo [ˈhammo]
n. yak
accusative: ham
  • hanna [ˈhanna]
ni. rose
accusative: han
  • haqe [ˈhaqɛ]
adj. tired
  • haqat [ˈhaqat]
v. to be tired
past SG: haqe
  • haqeqqe [haˈqɛqqɛ]
adj. exhausted
  • haqolat [haqɔˈlat]
v. to grow tired
past SG: haqo
  • has [has]
adj. sharp
  • hasat [hasat]
v. to be sharped
  • hash [haʃ]
conj. if...then; when...then
part. do (question word)
Zhey jalan atthirari anni. Hash azisi? — Moon of my live. Are you hurt?
Ishish chare acharoe hash me nem ejervae nharesoon. — Maybe the ear will understand if it is removed from the head.
  • hash yer ray nesi? [haʃ jeɾ raj nesi]
phrase Did you know?
  • hatif [haˈtif]
ni. face
prep.→gen. in front of, before
prep.→all. to front of, to before
prep.→abl. from front of, from before
  • havazh [haˈvaʒ]
ni. sea
  • Havazh Dothraki [haˈvaʒ ˈdoθɾaki]
prop n. Dothraki Sea
  • havazzhifi [ˈhavaʒʒifi]
ni. salt sea
  • Havazzhifi Kazga [ˈhavaʒʒifi ˈkazga]
prop n. Black Salt Sea
  • havolat [havoˈlat]
v. to move weakly
  • havon [haˈvon] (from Valyrian havon)
n. bread
  • havzi [ˈhavzi]
na. cat
  • havziven [havziˈven]
adj. lazy
  • haz [haz]
dem adj. that (when speaking of an object present and directly indicated)
pn. that (when speaking of an animate object present and directly indicated)
Ammeni haz jolin! — Empty that pot.
accusative: haz
  • hazak [haˈzak]
dem pn. that (when speaking of person(s) present and directly indicated)
  • hazi [ˈhazi]
pn. that (when speaking of an inanimate object present and directly indicated)
accusative: hazies
  • hazze [ˈhazze]
loc. adv. there
  • heffof [hefˈfof]
ni. jug
  • hem [hem]
ni. fur
  • heme [ˈheme]
adj. furry
hemelat v. to have fur
past SG: heme
  • hemikh [heˈmix]
ni. pelt
  • heshtith [hesh'ʃiθ]
ni. southeast
  • hesk [hesk]
adj. southern
  • heske [ˈheske]
ni. south
accusative: hesk
  • heth [heθ]
ni. rim, lips (of a person)
  • hethke [ˈheθke]
adj. tight
adj. ready, prepared
  • hethkat [heθ'kat]
v. to be tight
past SG: hethke
  • hethkat ki [heθ'kat ki]
v. to be ready for, to be prepared for
past SG: hethke
  • hezhah [heˈʒah]
adv. far, off, hence
  • hezhahat [heʒaˈhat]
v. to make distance, to travel, "to navigate"
  • hezhahhe [heˈʒahhe]
adv. one day (in the future)
Hash me vallayafa yera tihat mora hezhahhe? — Would you like to see them one day?
  • hilelat [hileˈlat]
vtr.' to dig
vtr.' to have sex, "to hit"
past SG: hile
  • himat [hiˈmat]
vin. to clench
past SG: him
  • himo [ˈhimo]
ni. fist, clenched thing
  • Hiri! [ˈhiɾi]
intj. Watch! (shortening of vitihirat; used to command animals)
  • hlaka [ˈhlaka]
ni. glove
accusative: hlak
  • hlizif [hliˈzif]
na. bear
  • hlizifikh [hliziˈfix]
ni. wild powerful sword strike
  • hlofa [ˈhlofa]
ni. wrist, ankle
  • hoerat [hoeˈɾat]
vtr. to praise
Shafka jif hoeri hrazef anni. — You should thank my horses.
  • holat [hoˈlat]
vtr. to blow
  • nem holat [nem hoˈlat]
v.→abl. to betray
past SG: hol
Vos yer nem holos anhoon. — Do not betray me
  • hoggi [ˈhoggi]
ni. dill weed
accusative: hogge
  • hosh [hoʃ]
intj. giddyup! (horse command)
  • hoshor [hoˈʃor]
adj. golden
  • hoska [ˈhoska]
na. animal mouth
  • hoyalat [hojaˈlat]
v. to sing
past SG: hoyal
  • hoyalasar [hojalaˈsar]
na. music
  • hoyali [ˈhojali]
ni. song
accusative: hoyale
  • Hoyali Jeshi ma Vorsasi [ˈhojali ˈd͡ʒeʃi ma ˈvoɾsasi]
prop. n. A Song of Ice and Fire
  • hrakkar [hɾakˈkar]
na. white lion
  • hrakkarikh [hɾakkaˈrix]
ni. powerful, quick and accurate sword strike
  • hranna [ˈhɾanna]
ni. a type of grass
ni. any grass-like ground cover
accusative: hran
  • hrazef [hɾaˈzef]
ni. horse
  • hrazef chafi [hɾaˈzef ˈt͡ʃafi]
ni. mustang, a horse that used to be tame
  • hrazefeser [hɾazefeˈser]
na. herd of wild horses, "traffic"


  • iddelat [iddeˈlat]
vtr. to welcome, to make someone drink
past SG: idde
  • idiro [ˈidiɾo]
na. owl
  • idirolat [idiɾoˈlat]
v. to suddenly turn completely around (as if by surprise), "to make a U-turn"
past SG: idiro
  • ido [ˈido]
adj. wooden, fake
  • idrik [idˈɾik]
na. leader of the hunt
na. host
  • idrilat [idɾiˈlat]
vtr. to guide
past SG: idri
  • idrisofat [idɾisoˈfat]
vtr. to escort
Hash shafka vidrisofi anna Mirinaan, hash anha vammelisok mekhalasar shafki nem vazha dalen hrazef k’azhi anhoon. — If you will escort me back to Meereen, I will see that your khalasar is given a thousand horses as a sign of my gratitude.
  • ifak [iˈfak]
na. foreigner
  • ifat [iˈfat]
vin. to walk
vtr.→gen to walk beside
past SG: if
  • ifeqevron [ifeqɛvˈɾon]
n. species of forest spiders
  • iffat [ifˈfat]
vtr. to make someone walk
past SG: iffe
  • iffi [ˈiffi]
n. victory
  • igge [ˈigge]
n. bucket
  • ijelat [id͡ʒeˈlat]
v. to swallow, to practice woman-on-top sex
past SG: ije
  • ikh [ix]
ni. ashes
  • ikhisir [ixiˈsir]
na. ash (material)
  • ildat [ilˈdat]
v. to strike
past SG: ild
  • ildo [ˈildo]
ni. sword strike
accusative: ild
  • ilek [iˈlek]
ni. skin
  • ilme [ˈilme]
ni. vegetable
accusative: ilme
  • ilmeser [ilmeˈser]
na. salad, greens, vegetables
  • imesh [iˈmeʃ]
adj. young
  • imeshat [imeˈʃat]
v. to be young
past SG: imesh
  • imo [ˈimo]
ni. belt
accusative: ime
  • inavva [iˈnavva]
na. sister
  • indelat [indeˈlat]
v. to drink
past SG: inde
  • inte [ˈinte]
ni. beetle
accusative: int
  • irge [ˈiɾge]
na. back
prep.→gen after
prep.→abl from behind
prep.→all to behind
  • irra [ˈira]
n. trout
  • irvosa [ˈiɾvosa]
ni. a distance equal to approximately a quarter of a mile.
  • irvosat [iɾvoˈsat]
v. to trot
past SG: irvos
  • ish [iʃ]
v. aux. might
  • ishish [iˈʃiʃ]
adv. maybe
Ishish chare acharoe hash me nem ejervae nharesoon. — Maybe the ear will understand if it is removed from the head.
  • iste [ˈiste]
adj. well proven, well tested
  • ita [ˈita]
adj. suitably warm
  • ithkoil [iθkoˈil]
adj. brittle
  • ittelat [itteˈlat]
vtr. to make something well proven, to test in action
past SG: itte
  • ivezh [iˈveʒ]
adj. wild
  • ivezho [ˈiveʒo]
ni. beast
accusative: ivezhe
  • ivezhof [iveʒof]
adj. fierce
  • ivezhofolat [iveʒofoˈlat]
vin. to grow fierce
past SG: ivezhofo
  • ivezholat [iveʒoˈlat]
vin. to become feral
past SG: ivezho
  • ivisat [iviˈsat]
vin. to melt
  • ivvisat [ivviˈsat]
v. to melt something
  • izat [iˈzat]
vin. to be poisonous
vin. to be venomous
past SG: izze
  • ize [ˈize]
ni. poison
  • izven [izˈven]
adj. forbidden
  • izzat [izˈzat]
vtr. to poison
past SG: izze


  • jadat [d͡ʒaˈdat]
v. to come
past SG: jad
  • jadilat [d͡ʒadiˈlat]
vtr. to approach, to come up to
past SG: jadi
  • jadolat [d͡ʒadoˈlat]
v. to arrive
past SG: jado
  • jadro [ˈd͡ʒadɾo]
ni. vulture
accusative: jadre
  • jahak [d͡ʒaˈhak]
na. Dothraki hair-braid, lion’s mane, hairstyle
  • jahakmen [d͡ʒahakˈmen]
adj. braidless
  • jalan [d͡ʒaˈlan]
na. moon
  • jalan hatifi [d͡ʒa'lan 'hatifi] (o)
na. full moon [1]
  • jalan qoyi [d͡ʒaˈlan ˈqɔji]
na. harvest moon
  • jalanqoyi [ˈd͡ʒalanqɔji]
ni. total lunar eclipse
accusative: jalanqoy
  • janha [ˈd͡ʒanha]
ni. blanket
accusative: janhe
  • janise [ˈd͡ʒanise]
na. niece
  • jano [ˈd͡ʒano]
ni. dog
accusative: jan
  • jaqqa [ˈd͡ʒaqqɑ]
ni. "executioner" , person responsible for someones death
accusative: jaqqe
  • jaqqa rhan [ˈd͡ʒaqqɑ rhan]
ni. mercy men (literally: merciful executioner)
accusative: jaqqe rhan
  • jeqqe [ˈd͡ʒeqqɛ]
ni. turmeric
  • jasat [d͡ʒaˈsat]
v. to laugh
past SG: jes
  • javrath [d͡ʒavˈɾaθ]
ni. reins
  • javrathat [d͡ʒavɾaˈθat]
vtr. to rein, to check or guide a horse with the reins
past SG: javrath
  • jazat [d͡ʒaˈzat]
v. to block
past SG: jaz
  • jazo [ˈd͡ʒazo]
ni. block, an instance of blocking
  • jedda [ˈd͡ʒedda]
ni. pony
accusative: jed
  • jekhtat [d͡ʒexˈtat]
vin. to bounce, to ricochet
vtr.→abl. to bounce off of
  • jela [ˈd͡ʒela]
ni. lemon
accusative: jel
  • jelaven [d͡ʒelaˈven]
adj. sour
  • jelli [ˈd͡ʒelli]
ni. cheese
accusative: jel
  • jerak [d͡ʒeˈɾak]
na. trader, merchant
  • jerak sewafikhaan [d͡ʒeˈɾak sewafixaˈan]
na. wine merchant
  • jerakasar [d͡ʒeɾakaˈsar]
na. trader's guild, "company"
  • jerat [d͡ʒeˈɾat]
v. to trade
past SG: jer
Me zala rek meme nem jer ki mae. — He wants that which was traded to him.
  • jereser [[d͡ʒeɾeˈser]
na. market
Kisha nemo silish Jereseroon Jima majin leisosh. — We wandered off from the Western Market and got lost.
  • jerilat [d͡ʒeɾiˈlat]
vtr. to discuss
past SG: jeri
Ma jinne, ajjin, fin vaese zhokwa jerie Khali Vezhveni? — And here, now, what great matters do the Great Khals discuss?
  • jerriya [ˈd͡ʒerija]
ni. a discussion
  • jervat [d͡ʒeɾˈvat]
vtr. to imprison
  • jerve ['d͡ʒeɾve]
n. cage
  • jesat [d͡ʒeˈsat]
vtr. to pull
  • jeser [d͡ʒeˈser]
n. market
  • Jeser Jim [d͡ʒeˈser d͡ʒim]
prop. n. Western Market
  • Jeser Tith [d͡ʒeˈser tiθ]
prop. n. Eastern Market
  • jesh [d͡ʒeʃ]
ni. ice
  • jesho [ˈd͡ʒeʃo]
adj. frozen
  • jesholat [d͡ʒeʃoˈlat]
v. freeze
past SG: jesho
  • jeshoy [d͡ʒeˈʃoj]
adj. freezing
  • jeshven [d͡ʒeʃˈven]
adj. icy
  • jezat [d͡ʒeˈzat]
v. to block (a strike)
  • jif [d͡ʒif]
v. aux. should
  • jifim [d͡ʒiˈfim]
v. aux. should be
Mori vo dirgi meqoy jifim ayyoza. — They don't think the blood should be diluted.
  • jifo ['d͡ʒifo]
v. aux. contraction of jif and nemo
Ishish anha ast Vezhofaan memé jifo hilee ma anha jad jinnaan haji ayolat yera. — Maybe I told the Great Stallion to go fuck himself and came back here to wait for you.
  • jil [d͡ʒil]
adj. right, rightful
  • jilat [d͡ʒiˈlat]
v. to be right, to be correct
past SG: jil
  • jim [d͡ʒim]
adj. western
  • jimma [ˈd͡ʒimma]
ni. west
accusative: jim
Anha vidrik khalasares anni jim, finaan nakhoe rhaesheser. — I will take my khalasar west to where the world ends.
  • jin [d͡ʒin]
na. female goat
dem adj. this
pn. this (when speaking of an animate object)
Anha, zhey Drogo, atak jin. — I, Drogo, will do this.
Anha asshilak jin azh shafkea haji rekoon et shafka. — I make this gift to you for what you did.
Mori allayafi mae, jin alegra. — She likes ducks.
accusative: jin
  • jinak [d͡ʒiˈnak]
dem. pn. this (when speaking of person(s) )
  • jini [ˈd͡ʒini]
pn. this (when speaking of an inanimate object)
accusative: jinies
  • jinne [ˈd͡ʒinne]
loc. adv. here
Vo mawizzi vekho jinne. — There are no rabbits.
  • jith [d͡ʒiθ]
na. fox
  • jiz [d͡ʒiz]
na. chicken
  • jolinat [d͡ʒoliˈnat]
v. to cook
past SG: jolin
  • jolinikh [d͡ʒoliˈnix]
ni. prepared food
  • jolino [ˈd͡ʒolino]
ni. cooking pot
accusative: jolin
  • joma [ˈd͡ʒoma]
ni. salmon
  • jon [d͡ʒon]
adj. closed, shut, sealed
  • jonat [dʒoˈnat]
vint. to shut, to close
  • jonolat [dʒonoˈlat]
v. to become shut
  • joro [ˈd͡ʒoɾo]
ni. idol, icon
  • jorok [d͡ʒoˈɾok]
ni./na. corn


  • k' [k]
prep. (elided version, see ki)
  • kadat [kaˈdat]
v. to capture, to wrangle, to corral
  • kade [ˈkade]
ni. net
  • kadikh [kaˈdix]
ni. untamed captured animal
  • kafat [kaˈfat]
v. to smash
past SG: kaf
  • kafe [ˈkafe]
n. pestle
  • kaffat [kafˈfat]
v. to crush
past SG: kaffe
  • kane [ˈkane]
na. lark
  • karlina [ˈkaɾlina]
ni. a distance of about mile, galloped in one leshitof
accusative: karlin
  • karlina Valeri [ˈkaɾlina ˈValeri]
ni. "kilometer (measure)"
  • karlinak [kaɾliˈnak] (o)
na. light horse [1]
  • karlinat [kaɾliˈnat]
v. to gallop
vtr.→gen. to gallop beside
past SG: karlin
  • karlinqoyi [ˈkaɾlinqɔji]
ni. gallop fast enough to kill a horse, if prolonged
accusative: karlinqoy
  • kartak [kaɾˈtak] (o)
na. draft horse [1]
  • kartat [kaɾˈtat]
vtr. to pull with both hands
past SG: kart
  • kartolat [kaɾtoˈlat]
vtr. to pull with other means than with arms (can be used of inanimate subjects)
past SG: karto
  • kas [kas]
na. plan, schedule season
  • kasat [kasat]
v. to plan
  • kash [kaʃ]
conj. while, when, during, until, then
Kash qoy qoyi thira disse. — Only while blood of my blood lives.
  • kash kashi [kaʃ ˈkaʃi]
adv. once
Ei kisha imeshish, kash kashi. — We were all young, once.
  • kashat [kaˈʃat]
v. to last
past SG: kash
  • kashi [ˈkaʃi]
ni. time
  • kaski [ˈkaski]
ni. saffron
accusative: kaske
  • kasolat [kasoˈlat]
v. to ponder
  • kathjilari [ˈkaθd͡ʒilaɾi]
adj. right, rightfully
  • kathqoyi [ˈkaθqɔji]
ni. weighted net
  • kazga [ˈkazga]
adj. black
  • kelen [keˈlen]
adj. patterned, orderly
  • kem [kem]
adj. conjoined, married
  • kemak [keˈmak]
na. spouse
  • kemat [keˈmat]
vtr. to conjoin, to marry (someone to someone else, the latter is preceded by /ma/)
past SG: kem
  • kemik [keˈmik]
na. ally
  • kemis [keˈmis]
n. dried fig
  • kemisolat [kemisoˈlat]
vtr. to ally with someone (use the preposition ma)
past SG: kemiso
  • kemolat [kemoˈlat]
vtr. to marry someone (use the preposition ma)
past SG: kemo
  • ken [ken]
num. hundred
  • kenak [keˈnak]
num. hundredth
  • kendra [ˈkendɾa]
ni. opal
accusative: kendre
  • kerikh [keˈɾix]
ni. stick
  • kesselat [kesseˈlat]
v. to carry
past SG: kesse
  • kezh [keʒ]
ni. chili pepper
  • kha [xa]
na. a personal bodyguard
  • khado [ˈxado]
na. body
  • khadokh [xaˈdox]
ni. corpse
  • khal [xal]
na. title used for the leader of a Dothraki horde, king
  • khalakka [xaˈlakka]
na. prince, son of a khal
  • khalakki [xaˈlakki]
na. princess, daughter of a khal
  • khalasar [xalaˈsar]
na. a horde loyal to a single khal
  • khaleeni [ˈxaleeni]
na. khal's widow
  • khaleesi [ˈxaleesi]
na. queen, wife of a khal
  • khaleessiya [ˈxaleessija]
ni. handmaid
  • khaor [xaˈor]
ni. waist
  • khas [xas]
na. short for khasar
  • khasar [xaˈsar]
na. small group of protectors, bloodriders, generals
  • khefat [xeˈfat]
v. to sneeze
  • kher [xer]
ni. flesh, skin of an animal
  • kherikh [xeˈɾix]
ni. leather
  • khewo [ˈxewo]
ni. worm
accusative: khewe
  • khezhat [xeˈʒat]
v. to be sad
past SG: khezh
  • khiro [ˈxiɾo]
ni. flag
accusative: khir
  • khirrof [xiˈrof]
ni. dangler
ni. penis, dick (jocular)
Shafka laz addiwee khirrof anni. — You can suck my dick.
  • khizra [ˈxizɾa]
ni. marsh
accusative: khizre
  • khogar [xoˈgar]
ni. word for one's apparel, clothes
Anha vaddrivak mahrazhis fini ondee khogar shiqethi. — I will kill the men in iron suits
  • khogarat [xogaˈɾat]
v. to dress
  • khogari [ˈxogaɾi]
ni. box, trunk, chest, cask
accusative: khogare
  • ki [ki]
prep.→gen. by, because of, of
prep. thus, that (when preceding quoted speech)
  • kifindirgi [kifinˈdiɾgi]
adv. why
  • kifinosi [ˈkifinosi]
adv. how
Kifinosi yer nesi? — How do you know?
  • kijinosi [ˈkid͡ʒinosi]
adv. thus, in this way
  • kim [kim]
na. ancestor
adj. original
  • kimikh [kiˈmix]
ni. date (fruit of a date palm)
  • kimisir [kimiˈsir]
na. ancestry
  • kirekhdirgi [kiɾexˈdiɾgi]
conj. why
  • kirekosi [ˈkiɾekosi]
conj. how
  • kis [kis]
v. aux. to try to
  • kisha [ˈkiʃa]
pn. we
  • kishi [ˈkiʃi]
pn. our
  • ko [ko]
na. bodyguard
  • koala [ˈkoala]
ni. medicine
  • koalak [koaˈlak]
na. healer (chiefly male healer)
  • koalakeesi [ˈkoalakeesi]
na. female healer
  • koalakhtihan [koalaxtiˈhan]
ni. eye-healer
  • koalat [koaˈlat]
vin. to be of help
past SG: koal
  • koge [ˈkoge]
ni. nick, blemish, imperfection, flaw
accusative: koge
  • kogmen [kogˈmen]
adj. flawless
  • kohol [koˈhol]
ni. bow
  • kolat [koˈlat]
v. to cure, to heal
  • kolver [kolˈver]
na. eagle
  • kolverikh [kolveˈrix]
ni. straight sword thrust
  • korikh [koˈɾix]
ni. stick
  • korro [ˈkoro]
ni. general term for any game fowl (duck, turkey, pheasant, etc.)
  • kovarat [kovaˈɾat]
v. to stand
past SG: kovar
  • krazaaj [kɾazaˈad͡ʒ]
ni. mountain
  • krista [ˈkɾista]
na. female relative
  • kristasof [kɾistaˈsof]
ni. grandmother
  • krol [kɾol]
n. flea


  • lain [laˈin]
adj. beautiful (used for inanimate nouns)
  • lainat [laiˈnat]
vin. to be beautiful (used for inanimate nouns)
past SG: lain
  • lajak [laˈd͡ʒak]
na. fighter, warrior
  • lajakasar [lad͡ʒakaˈsar]
n. group of fighters, warriors
  • lajasar [lad͡ʒaˈsar]
na. army
  • lajat [laˈd͡ʒat]
v. to fight
past SG: laj
  • lajilat [lad͡ʒiˈlat]
v. to spar, to train
v. to play, to compete (a game that is played can be introuced with ki)
past SG: laji
  • lakkhat [laxˈxat]
v. to chew
past SG: lakkhe
  • lame [ˈlame]
na. mare
  • lamekh [laˈmex]
ni. mare's milk (fermented or plain)
  • lamekh ohazho [laˈmex ˈohaʒo]
ni. fermented mare's milk
  • lanat [laˈnat]
v. to run
v.→gen. to run beside
past SG: lan
  • lanat ki vezhi [laˈnat ki 'vezhi]
v. to dare
past SG: lan
  • lanlekhi [ˈlanlexi]
ni. eating spree for a special taste
  • lanqoyi [ˈlanqoyi]
ni. killing spree
  • laqat [laˈqat]
v. to cry, to weep
past SG: laqe
  • laqikh [laˈqix]
ni. tear, tears
  • lashfak [laʃˈfak]
ni. stew
  • lathat [laˈθat]
v. to be awake
  • lavakh [laˈvax]
adj. loud
  • lavakhat [lavaˈxat]
v. to be loud
  • layafat [layaˈfat]
vin. to be happy
  • laz [laz]
v. aux. could (assigns past tense)
v. aux. can (assigns present tense)
Vo hrazef laz yoma evethiz. — No horse can cross the poison water.
  • lazim [la'zim] (o)
v. aux. passive form of laz [1]
  • lazhqoyi [ˈlaʒqɔji]
ni. feud
  • lei [ˈlei]
na. ghost, adult whose body was not burned
accusative: leyes
adj. lost
  • leishak [leiˈʃak]
na. orphan
  • leisolat [leisoˈlat]
vin. to get lost
  • lekh [lex]
na. language
ni. tongue
  • lekh dothraki [lex ˈdoθɾaki]
prop n. Dothraki (language)
  • lekhaan [lexaˈan]
adv. enough, sufficiently
  • lekhi [ˈlexi]
ni. taste
accusative: lekh
At lekhi ma shafka ahakee yal hakesoon anni. — One taste and you'll name your first child after me.
  • lekhilat [lexiˈlat]
v. to taste
v.→abl. to taste a bit
past SG: lekhi
  • lekhmove [ˈlexmove]
ni. constructed language
accusative: lekhmove
  • lekhmovek [lexmo'vek]
na. conlanger
  • lenta [ˈlenta]
ni. neck, stem
n. tree trunk
  • lentashi [ˈlentaʃi]
ni. midget
  • leqse [ˈleqse]
ni. rat
  • leshitat [leʃiˈtat]
v. to breathe
past SG: leshit
  • leshitof [leʃiˈtof]
ni. time period of approximately two minutes
  • lir [lir]
ni. tattoo
  • lirak [liˈɾak]
na. tattoo artist
  • lirat [liˈɾat]
vtr. to tattoo
  • lirikh [liˈɾix]
ni. a picture or a symbol depicted in a tattoo
  • lirilekh [liɾiˈlex]
ni. letter, number, symbol, glyph, graph
  • lirisir [liɾiˈsir] (o)
na. tattoos [1]
na. writing system [1]
  • lirisirazo [ˈliɾisiɾazo]
ni. bladed writing
accusative: lirisiraz
  • livanolat [livanoˈlat]
vtr. to lift something
  • liwalat [liwaˈlat]
v. to tie
  • liwo [ˈliwo]
ni. knot
ni. link
  • lojat [loˈd͡ʒat]
vtr. to hit, to run off
vtr.→all. to hit at
past SG: loj
  • lommat [lomˈmat]
v. to bathe
past SG: lomme
  • loqam [loˈqɑm]
ni. arrow
  • lorat [loˈɾat]
v. to wink
  • lorrat [loˈrat]
v. to blink
  • loshak [loˈʃak]
na. guard
  • loshat [loˈʃat]
vtr. to carry (in a cart, sack etc.), to carry a child (in a womb), to contain
  • lost [lost]
adj. disappointed
  • lostat [losˈtat]
v. to miss (fail to see/reqognize), to disappoint
  • loy [loj]
ni. puddle
det.→gen. some, few, any, a bit of
Ezas loy alegri h'anhaan. — Find some ducks for me.
Hash yer ray tih loy alegra zhey vikeesi? — Have you seen any ducks, woman?


  • m' [m]
prep. (elided version, see ma)
prefix (elided version of /me-/, a complementizer used to introduce subordinate clauses)
  • m'ach [mat͡ʃ]
intj. hi (a shortened version of m'athchomaroon)
  • m'ath [maθ]
intj. hi (a shortened version of m'athchomaroon)
  • m'athchomaroon [maθt͡ʃomaɾoˈon]
phrase "with respect" said in greeting
  • ma [ma]
conj. and
prep.→abl. with
Ma me nem ahakee ma Rhaego! — And he shall be called Rhaego!
At lekhi ma shafka ahakee yal hakesoon anni. — One taste and you'll name your first child after me.
  • madat [maˈdat]
v. to sew
  • mae [ˈmae]
pn. him, her, it
pn. his, her, hers, its
  • maegi [ˈmaegi]
ni. sorceress, witch
  • mafo [ˈmafo]
na. young goat, kid
  • mahrazh [mahˈɾaʒ]
na. man, short form of mahrazhkem for 'husband'
Anha vazhak maan firikhnharen hoshora ma mahrazhi aqovi affin mori atihi mae. — I will give to him a golden crown and men will tremble when they will see it.
  • mahrazhkem [mahɾaʒkem]
ni. husband
  • mai [ˈmai]
na. mother
accusative: mayes
  • majilat [mad͡ʒi'lat]
v. to share
  • majin [maˈd͡ʒin]
conj. and then, then, so, and so, consequently
Majin jano. Anha ray tih san jani. — Dogs then. I have seen many dogs.
  • malilat [maliˈlat]
vin. to be finished
past SG: mali
  • manimven [manimˈven]
adj. anxious
  • manin [maˈnin]
na. young male horse, colt
  • maqwah [maˈqwɑh]
ni. bell pepper
  • marilat [maɾiˈlat]
v. to construct
past SG: mari
  • marriya [ˈmarija]
ni. tool
  • mas [mas]
n. valuable
  • masar [masar]
n. treasure
  • mattek [matˈtek]
na. limper [insult]
  • mattelat [matteˈlat]
v. to limp
past SG: matte
  • mawizzi [maˈwizzi]
ni. rabbit
accusative: mawizze
  • me [me]
pn. he, she, it
  • me orzo! [me ˈoɾzo]
phrase Its a trap!
  • mechikh [meˈt͡ʃix]
ni. roast quail
  • mehas [meˈhas]
pn. (pronominal version of a preposition, see ha)
  • mek [mek]
num. five
  • mekis [meˈkis]
pn. (pronominal version of a preposition, see ki)
  • mel [mel]
adj. bad, evil
  • melat [meˈlat]
vin. to be evil
  • melikh [meˈlix]
ni. occurence
  • melikheya [ˈmelixeja]
ni. the patient's half of the act (Grammatical, not medical meaning of 'patient', see tikkheya)
accusative: melikhey
  • melisolat [melisoˈlat]
vin. to happen
Ma fini meliso? — And what happened?
  • mem [mem]
n. sound
  • memas [meˈmas]
pn. (pronominal version of a preposition, see ma)
  • memat [meˈmat]
v. to make sound
past SG: mem
  • memof [memof]
n. great noise
  • memras [memˈɾas]
pn. (pronominal version of a preposition, see mra)
  • memziri [ˈmemziri]
ni. bird noise, ”tweet”
  • menat [meˈnat]
vin. to be empty
vtr.→abl. to be empty of something
past SG: men
  • mesat [meˈsat]
vin. to be swollen
  • meshat [meˈʃat]
vin. to be new
past SG: mesh
  • meshes [meˈʃes]
pn. (pronominal version of a preposition, see she)
  • mesilat [mesiˈlat]
vin. to be pregnant
past SG: mesi
  • mesina [ˈmesina]
ni. soup
accusative: mesine
  • meso [ˈmeso]
ni. muscle
  • mesolat [mesoˈlat]
vin. to swell
past SG: meso
  • messhih [meʃˈʃih]
ni. perlino horse
  • messhihven [meʃʃihˈven]
adj. pale skinned
  • metorgas [metoɾˈgas]
pn. (pronominal version of a preposition, see torga)
  • mevis [meˈvis]
pn. (pronominal version of a preposition, see vi)
  • mezahe [ˈmezahe]
adj. sexy
  • mezahhe [meˈzahhe]
adj. "hot", really sexy
  • mezhah [meˈʒah]
ni. whore
Khal fines assoe mezhah jahakmeni vos khal. — A Khal who takes orders from a foreign whore is no Khal.
  • mhar [mhar]
adj. sore
Khal rhae mhar. Me ifa. — The sore-foot king. He walks.
  • mhari [ˈmhaɾi]
ni. headache
  • mihe [ˈmihe]
ni. thorn
accusative: mih
  • mihesof [miheˈsof]
ni. dagger
  • mirges [miɾˈges]
pn. (pronominal version of a preposition, see irge)
  • mithrat [miθˈɾat]
v. to rest
past SG: mithre
  • mithri [miˈθɾi]
n. rest
  • moana ['moana]
n. emerald
  • molethas [moleˈθas]
pn. (pronominal version of a preposition, see oleth)
  • mori [ˈmoɾi]
pn. they
  • moska [ˈmoska]
n. sack, pack
  • moskat [mosˈkat]
v. to load, to pack
past SG: moske
  • movek [moˈvek]
na. warlock, magician
  • movekh [moˈvekh] (o)
ni. project [1]
  • movekkhat [movexˈxat]
vtr. to be intented for, to be for
past SG: movekkhe
  • movelat [moveˈlat]
v. to make by hand, to create
past SG: mov
  • mr' [mɾ]
prep. (elided version, see mra)
  • mra [mɾa]
prep.→nom. within
prep.→all. into
prep.→abl. out of
Khalakka dothrae mr'anha — A prince rides inside me.
  • mredi [ˈmredi]
na. garlic


  • najah [naˈd͡ʒah]
adj. victorious
  • najahat [nad͡ʒaˈhat]
vin. to be victorious
  • najahak [nad͡ʒaˈhak]
na. winner
  • najahheya [ˈnad͡ʒahheja]
ni. victory (in battle)
accusative: najahhey
  • nakhaan [naxaˈan]
adv. completely, totally, fully (lit. 'to stopping')
  • nakhat [naˈxat]
v. to stop
past SG: nakh
Sorfosor nakha she Havazzhifi Kazga. — The earth ends at The Black Salt Sea.
  • nakho [ˈnaxo]
ni. stop, end
accusative: nakh
K'asi assikhqoyisiri vezh adothrae nakhaan rhaesheseri. — According to the prophecy the stallion will ride to the ends of the world.
  • nakhok [naˈxok]
adj. the last (functions the same way as ordinal numbers)
  • nakholat [naxoˈlat]
vin. to end
past SG: nakho
Anha vidrik khalasares anni jim, finaan nakhoe rhaesheser. — I will take my khalasar west to where the world ends.
  • naqis [naˈqes]
adj. small
  • naqisat [naqeˈsat]
vin. to be small
past SG: naqis
  • nas [nas] (o)
n. needle [1]
  • nasa ['nasa] (o)
n. snipe (bird) [1]
  • navat [naˈvat]
v. to urinate
  • navik [naˈvik]
na. beginner
  • navilat [naviˈlat]
v. to take a little pee
past SG: navi
  • navvirzethay [navviɾzeˈθaj]
adj. ashamed
  • nayat [naˈjat]
ni. girl
  • neak [neˈak]
adj. long
  • negwin [negˈwin]
n. stone
  • nem [nem]
v. aux. passive particle
Ma me nem ahakee ma Rhaego! — And he shall be called Rhaego!
  • nemo [ˈnemo]
v. aux. reflexive particle
  • nemray [nemˈɾaj]
v. aux. are already
You are already pleased. — Yer nemray allayafi.
  • nerro [ˈnero]
ni. foal
accusative: ner
  • nesat [neˈsat]
v. to know (information)
past SG: nes
Kifinosi yer nesi? — How do you know?
  • nesikh [neˈsix]
ni. information, knowledge
  • nesolat [nesoˈlat]
v. to learn
past SG: neso
  • nevak [neˈvak]
na. guest
  • nevakh [neˈvax]
ni. sitting-spot
Nevakhi vekha ha maan. — There is a place for you.
  • nevalat [nevaˈlat]
v. to sit
past SG: neva
Maan anha vazhak jin ador shiqethi finaan neva ave maisi mae. — I will give him the iron chair that his mothers father sat upon.
  • nevasolat [nevasoˈlat]
v. to sit down
past SG: nevaso
  • nhare [ˈnhaɾe]
na. head (of a human)
n. foliage
  • nhazhof [nhaˈʒof] (o)
ni. situation/problem that's more trouble than it's worth [1]
  • nhizo [ˈnhizo]
na. raven
  • nhizokh [ˈnhizo]
n. raven plumage
  • nhomi [ˈnhomi]
na. female dog
  • nhos [ˈnhos]
ni. cassava
  • nindi [ˈnindi]
ni. sausage
  • ninthqoyi [ˈninθqɔji]
ni. blood sausage
accusative: ninthqoy
  • niqe [ˈniqɛ]
adj. rigid
  • niqikkheya [niqexxeja]
ni. orgasm
accusative: niqikkhey
  • nirat [niˈɾat]
vin. to be full
vtr.→abl. to be full of something
past SG: nir
  • nirrat [niˈrat]
vtr. to fill
past SG: nirre
  • nith [niθ]
adj. painful
  • nithat [niˈθat]
vin. to feel pain
vtr.→abl. to feel pain from a specific source
past SG: nith
  • nithilat [niθiˈlat]
vin. to feel encouraged, to feel invigorated
past SG: nithi
  • nithmen [niθˈmen]
adj. painless
  • nivat [niˈvat]
v. to frown
v.→all. to disapprove
  • niyanqoy [nijanˈqɔj]
adv. together
  • nizhat [niˈʒat]
vin. to be tough
past SG: nizh
  • noah [noˈah]
na. bull
  • nofilat [nofiˈlat]
v. to wipe
  • nokittat [nokitˈtat]
v. to trample
past SG: nokitte
  • noreth [noˈɾeθ]
ni. hair
  • norethaan [noɾeθaˈan]
adv. completely
  • notat [noˈtat]
v. to turn
past SG: not
  • noz [ˈnoz]
ni. mustard seed
  • nozho [ˈnoʒo]
ni. chestnut horse
  • nozhoven [noʒoˈven]
adj. brown
adj. brown skinned
  • nris [nɾis]
adj. straight
  • nroj [nɾod͡ʒ]
adj. thick, complex
  • nrojat [nɾoˈd͡ʒat]
vin. to be thick, complex
past SG: nroj


  • oakah [oaˈkah]
ni. a persons worth or ability, mettle, "soul"
  • ocha [ˈot͡ʃa]
ni. dun horse
  • ochaven [ot͡ʃaˈven]
adj. light skinned
  • odaya [ˈodaja]
n. breast
  • oeta [ˈoeta]
ni. yam
accusative: oet
  • ofo [ˈofo]
ni. pheasant
accusative: of
  • ogat [ˈogat]
vtr. to slaughter an animal
vtr. to kill brutally, as if slaughtering an animal
past SG: oge
Ogi loy mawizzi. — Kill some rabbits.
  • oggo [ˈoggo]
na. head (of an animal)
  • oh [oh] (o)
intj a laugh, "ha"
  • ohara [oˈhara]
ni. daughter
accusative: ohar
  • oharat [ohaˈɾat]
v. to fall
past SG: ohar
  • ohazh [oˈhaʒ]
adj. heavy
  • ohazhat [ohaˈʒat]
vin. to be heavy
  • ohazho [ˈohaʒo]
adj. fermented
  • ohazholat [ohaʒoˈlat]
v. to become heavy, to ferment
  • ohharak [ohhaˈɾak]
na. destroyer
  • ohharat [ohhaˈɾat]
vtr. to make something fall, to tear down
past SG: ohhar
  • oholat [ohoˈlat]
vin. to be still
past SG: oho
  • oiro [ˈoiro]
adj. fat
  • ojil [ˈod͡ʒil]
adj. wrong, incorrect
  • ojilat [od͡ʒiˈlat]
v. to be wrong, to be incorrect
past SG: ojil
  • okeo [ˈokeo]
na. friend, trustee
  • okhat [oˈxat]
v. to ring
past SG: okh
  • okkat [okˈkat] (o)
vtr. to choose [1]
past SG: okke
Okki zhille hrazef fin allayafa shafka drogikhoon anni. — Choose any horse you wish from my herd.
  • okre [ˈokɾe]
n. tent
  • okrenegwin [okɾenegˈwin]
ni. stone house
  • okreser [okɾeˈser]
na. noble House
Anha Daenerys Vazyol h‘Okreseroon Targeryen. — I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen.
  • oldat [olˈdat]
v. to rub
vtr. to concern
Me vos oldo kisha, jin athzalar yeri. — We don't care what you want.
  • oleth [oˈleθ]
prep.→gen. over, above
  • olta [ˈolta]
ni. hill
accusative: olt
  • oma [ˈoma]
prep.→abl. without
  • ondelat [ondeˈlat]
vtr. to wear
past SG: onde
Dothraki vo ondeo shori tawakof. — Dothraki don't wear steel dresses.
  • onqotha [ˈonqɔθa]
ni. a distance of approximately one eighth mile.
  • onqothat [onqɔˈθat]
v. to walk (horse gait)
  • oqet [oˈqɛt]
ni. sheep
  • oqo [ˈoqɔ]
ni. beat, rhythmic noise
  • oqolat [oqɔˈlat]
v. to beat, to sound rythmically
past SG: oqo
  • oqooqo [ˈoqɔoqɔ]
ni. heartbeat
  • ori [ˈoɾi]
num. eight
  • orvik [oɾˈvik]
ni. whip
  • orzi [ˈoɾzi]
ni. shoe
  • orzo [ˈoɾzo]
ni. trap
  • os [os]
ni. path, road
Ave anni ezzo anhaan os lajataan. — My father taught me how to fight.
  • osavvirsak [osavviɾsak]
na. the Unburnt
  • osfir [osˈfir]
ni. round road, "roundabout"
  • oshat [oˈʃat]
v. to suck
  • oskikh [osˈkix]
adv. yesterday
  • oskimikh [oskiˈmix]
ni. tradition
Me oskimikh kishi. — It‘s our tradition.
  • osoleth [osoˈleθ]
ni. bridge
  • ostat [osˈtat]
vtr. to bite
past SG: ost
  • ostirge [osˈtiɾge]
ni. plan
Ei khalasari ray essash vaesaan ershe haji Khalaroon Vezhvena, fini ashiloe mori ajerie ostirge mori haji aheshkoon sila meshes. — All the khalasars have returned to the ancient city for the Khalar Vezhven, where they will meet to discuss their plans for the coming winter.
  • osto [ˈosto]
n. bite
  • ovah [oˈvah]
adj. wide, fat
  • ovethat [oveˈθat]
v. to fly
past SG: oveth
  • ovrakh [ovˈɾax]
ni. opening, opportunity, vulnerability
  • ovray [ovˈɾaj]
adj. loose, moveable, portable
  • ovvahat [ovvaˈhat]
vtr. to enhance, to improve, to build upon
  • ovvethat [ovveˈθat]
vtr. to throw, to shoot (with bow)
past SG: ovveth
  • ovvethikh [ovveˈθix]
ni. goal, destination
  • ozokh [ozox]
n. corpse of an animal
  • ozzir [ozˈzir]
n. ruby
  • ozzirven [ozziɾˈven]
adj. fiery, flashing


  • qacha [ˈqɑt͡ʃa]
n. firefly
  • qachat [qɑˈt͡ʃat]
vtr. to display
Kifinosi me qach athlayafar mae? — How did he show his happiness?
  • qaf [qɑf]
ni. question
accusative: qaf
  • qafat [qɑˈfat]
vtr. to ask
past SG: qaf
  • qahlan [qɑhˈlan]
ni. palomino horse
  • qahlanven [qɑhlanˈven]
adj. light brown skinned
  • qamay [qɑˈmaj]
adj. wailing
  • qana [ˈqɑna]
na. black stork
na. stork (of any kind)
  • qayelat [qɑjeˈlat]
v. to float
  • qazat [qɑˈzat]
num. nine
  • qazer [qɑˈzer]
ni. apple
accusative: qazer
  • qefi [ˈqɛfi]
ni. cave
  • qemmemmo [qɛmˈmemmo]
adj. mysterious, strange
  • qemmo [ˈqɛmmo]
na. cover
  • qemmolat [qɛmmoˈlat]
v. to cover
past SG: qemmo
  • qemmosor [qɛmmoˈsor]
na. clothes
  • qemmotihan [qɛmmotiˈhan]
ni. eyelid
  • qeshah [qɛˈʃah]
ni. sand
  • qeso [ˈqɛso]
ni. basket
accusative: qes
  • qevir [qɛˈvir]
ni. forest
  • qifo [ˈqefo]
ni. boar, pig, pork
accusative: qif
  • qile [ˈqele]
ni. island
  • qis [ˈqes]
adj. near, close
  • qisi [ˈqesi]
prep.→nom. about, concerning
adv. near, nearby, close; soon
  • qiya [ˈqeja]
adj. bleeding
  • qiyalat [qejaˈlat]
vin. to bleed
past SG: qiya
  • qiz [ˈqez]
ni. turkey
  • qlaseh [qlaˈseh]
na. deer (archaic)
  • qora [ˈqɔɾa]
na. hand, arm
  • qoralat [qɔɾaˈlat]
vtr. to seize, to hold
past SG: qora
  • qorasokh [qɔɾaˈsox]
ni. prize, spoils
  • qorasolat [qɔɾasoˈlat]
vtr. to take
vtr. to rape
past SG: qoraso
  • qorraya [ˈqɔraja]
ni. forearm, "foot (measure)"
  • qosar [qɔˈsar]
n. spider
  • qosarven [qɔsaɾˈven]
adj. deceptive
  • qosarvenikh [qɔsaɾveˈnix]
ni. lie, trap, deception
  • qoth [qɔθ]
adj. repetitive
  • qothat [qɔˈθat]
vin. to be loyal, to be repetitive
Qothas k‘anni, zhey khaleesi — Have faith in me, khaleesi.
  • qov [qɔv]
adj. trembling
  • qovat [qɔˈvat]
vin. to tremble
past SG: qov
Mahrazhi aqovi affin mori atihi mae. — Men will tremble when they will see it.
  • qovvolat [qɔvvoˈlat]
v. to shed
past SG: qovvo
  • qoy [qɔj]
ni. blood
  • qoy qoyi [qɔj ˈqɔji]
phrase. blood of my blood
  • qwehat [qweˈhat]
v. to vomit


  • rachel [raˈt͡ʃel]
na. tiger
  • raggat [ragˈgat]
vin. to choke on something
past SG: ragge
  • rahsan [rahˈsan]
adj. bright
  • rai [ˈrai]
intj "hurrah," a yell of engouragement, a cheer
  • rakh [rax]
n. boy
ni. lamb (male)
  • rakhi [ˈraxi]
ni. boy (insult)
  • ram [ramaˈsar]
n. field, plain
  • ramasar [ramaˈsar]
na. land, country, plains
  • ray [raj]
adv. already
v. aux. to have, perfect tense introduction
Hash yer ray tih loy alegra, zhey vikeesi? — Have you seen any ducks, woman?
Anha ray char m'ave yeri lajakoon hakeso. — I heard that your father was a famous warrior.
  • rayim [ra'jim]
v. aux. passive form of ray
  • rayan [raˈjan]
ni. summit, top, plateau
  • rea [ˈrea]
na. organ (internal body part)
  • reaven [reaˈven]
adj. purple
  • redda [ˈredda]
adj. thin, sleek
  • reddi [ˈreddi]
adj. skinny (perjorative)
  • rek [rek]
dem adj. that (when speaking of an object not present or indirectly indicated)
pn. that (when speaking of an animate object not present or indirectly indicated)
Anha asshilak jin azh shafkea haji rekoon et shafka. — I make this gift to you for what you did.
Anha vazhak maan rek me zala. — I will give to him what he wants.
accusative: rek
  • rekak [reˈkak]
dem pn. that (when speaking of person(s) not present or indirectly indicated)
  • reki [ˈreki]
pn. that (when speaking of an inanimate object not present or indirectly indicated)
accusative: rek
  • rekkaan [rekkaˈan]
conj. to where
  • rekke [ˈrekke]
loc. adv. there, that place
conj. where
  • rekkoon [rekkoˈon]
conj. from where
  • remek [reˈmek]
adj. asleep
  • remekat [remeˈkat]
v. to sleep
past SG: remek
  • renrenoh [renɾeˈnoh]
adj. hollow
  • Reri! [ˈreɾi]
intj. Stay! (shortening of vikovareras; used to command animals)
  • rhae [ˈɾhae]
na. foot, leg
  • rhae mhar [ˈɾhae mhar]
na. sore-foot
  • rhaek [ɾhaˈek]
na. athlete, stud, (lit. strong-legged one)
  • rhaesh [ɾhaˈeʃ]
na. land, country
  • Rhaesh Andahli [ɾhaˈeʃ ˈandahli]
prop n. Land of the Andals, Westeros
  • rhaesheser [ɾhaeʃeˈser]
na. world
Vezh fin saja rhaesheseres vo zigereo adoroon shiqethi. — The stallion that mounts the world has no need for iron chairs.
  • Rhaeshi Ajjalani [ˈɾhaeʃi ˈadd͡ʒalani]
prop n. Night Lands
  • rhaesof [ɾhaeˈsof]
ni. stride, "yard (measure)"
  • rhaesof Valiri [ɾhaeˈsof ˈValiri]
ni. "meter (measure)"
  • rhaggat [ɾhagˈgat]
ni. cart
  • rhaggat eveth [ɾhagˈgat eˈveθ]
ni. ship
  • rhanat [ɾhaˈnat]
v. to be merciful
  • rhelalat [ɾhelaˈlat]
vtr. to help
past SG: rhela
  • rhellaya [ˈɾhellaja]
ni. help
accusative: rhellay
  • rhiko [ˈɾhiko]
ni. stirrup
  • rhoa [ˈɾhoa]
n. animal, beast
  • rhojosor [rhod͡ʒoˈsor]
na. family
  • rich [rit͡ʃ]
ni. bubble, swelling
  • rigwa [ˈrigwa]
ni. raisin
  • rikh [rix]
adj. rotten
  • rikholat [rixoˈlat]
vin. to rot
past SG: rikho
  • rissat [risˈsat]
vtr. to cut (slice)
vtr.→abl. to cut into
past SG: risse
  • riv [riv]
ni. nose, tip
  • rivvat [rivˈvat]
vtr. to smell, to sniff
past SG: rivve
  • rivve [ˈrivve]
ni. sniff
accusative: rivve
  • rizh [riʒ]
na. son
  • rochat [ɾoˈt͡ʃat]
vtr. to scrape
past SG: roch
  • rof [rof]
adj. shriveled
  • rokhat [roˈxat]
vtr. to fear
Hannavenaki rokhi shekhes — Pink people are afraid of the sun.


  • 'sh [ʃ]
v. aux. (elided version, see ish)
  • saccheya [ˈsatt͡ʃeja]
ni. category, part, piece, quarter
accusative: sacchey
  • sachat [saˈt͡ʃat]
v. to split, to divide
  • sachi [ˈsat͡ʃi]
ni. half
accusative: sache
  • sado [ˈsado] (o)
n. drum (musical) [1]
  • sajak [saˈd͡ʒak]
na. rider
  • sajat [saˈd͡ʒat]
vtr. to mount
past SG: saj
Vezh fin saja rhaesheseres! — The stallion that mounts the world!
  • sajo [ˈsad͡ʒo]
na. steed, one's own horse
  • samva [ˈsamva]
adj. broken
  • samven [samˈven]
adj. numerous
  • samvenolat [samvenoˈlat]
vtr. to surpass
past SG: samveno
  • samvolat [samvoˈlat]
vin. to break (when something is breakable)
past SG: samvo
  • san [san]
ni. heap, pile
det.→gen. much, many
adv. much, many
Anha ray tih san jani. — I have seen many dogs.
  • sandi [ˈsandi]
adj. safe
  • sandilat [sandi'lat]
adj. to be safe
  • sanekhi [ˈsanexi]
adv. a lot, many times
  • sanneya [sanneja]
ni. number
  • sanneyalat [sannejaˈlat]
v. to count
past SG: sanneya
  • saqoyalat [saqɔyaˈlat]
vin. to be bloody
past SG: saqoya
  • saqwa ['saqwa]
ni. herring
  • sash [saʃ]
adj. new
  • sathoma [ˈsaθoma]
adj. juicy
  • sathomakh [saθoˈmax]
ni. orange
  • save [ˈsave]
adv. again, back
  • savidosalat [savidosaˈlat]
v. to be protected
past SG: savidosa
  • sek [sek]
intj. yes
Rhaeshi, sek. — Lands, yes.
  • sekke [ˈsekke]
adv. too (much), too much; so, really, very
  • sekosshi [seˈkoʃʃi]
adv. surely, certanly
  • sen [sen]
num. three
  • Senthisir [senθiˈsir]
prop n. The Thirteen
  • seris [seˈɾis]
adj. free
  • serja [ˈseɾd͡ʒa]
ni. vest
accusative: serj
  • sewaf [seˈwaf]
n. grape
  • sewafikh [sewaˈfix]
ni. wine
  • shafka [ˈʃafka]
pn. you (respectful)
Anha asshilak jin azh shafkea haji rekoon et shafka. — I make this gift to you for what you did.
  • sharat [ʃaˈɾat]
vin. to be healthy
past SG: shar
  • she [ʃe]
prep.→nom. on, upon, in
prep.→abl. off of
prep.→all. onto
Dalen rhaggat eveth ma ale vekhi she Vaes Seris. — There are thousands of ships in the free cities.
Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya. — The rain will fall on your rotting skin.
  • she jalan [ʃe d͡ʒaˈlan] (o)
na. last night [1]
  • shekh [ʃex]
ni. sun
  • shekh drivo [ʃex ˈdɾivo]
ni. setting sun
  • shekhikh [ʃeˈxix]
ni. light
  • shekhikhi [ˈʃexixi]
ni. little light, a term of endearment for a child
  • shekhqoyi [ˈʃexqɔji]
ni. total solar eclipse
accusative: shekhqoy
  • shierak [ʃieˈɾak]
na. star
  • shierak qiya [ʃieˈɾak ˈqeja]
na. comet
  • shigat [ʃiˈgat]
vin. to snore
  • shigi [ˈʃigi]
ni. snore
accusative: shige
  • shilak [ʃiˈlak]
na. gossip, busybody
  • shilat [ʃiˈlat]
vtr. to know (someone), to be familiar with
past SG: shil
  • shillat [ʃilˈlat]
vtr. to trust
  • shillolat [ʃilloˈlat]
vtr. to believe
past SG: shillo
  • shilolat [ʃiloˈlat]
vtr. to meet, to get to know
past SG: shilo
  • shim [ʃim]
adj. tame
  • shin [ʃin]
n. sound of fire going out
  • shinat [ʃiˈnat]
v. to burn out, to fizzle out
past SG: shin
  • shiqeth [ʃiˈqɛθ]
adj. grey
  • shiqethi [ˈʃiqɛθi]
ni. iron
Vezh fin saja rhaesheseres vo zigereo adoroon shiqethi. — The stallion that mounts the world has no need for iron chairs.
  • shirane [ˈʃiɾane]
ni. beard
  • shiro [ˈʃiɾo]
na. scorpion
  • sho [ʃo]
na. spot
  • shokat [ʃoˈkat]
v. to jump over
past SG: shok
  • sholat [ʃoˈlat]
v. to mark
past SG: sho
  • shor [ʃor]
na. dress, garment worn primarily by women
  • shor tawakof [ʃor tawaˈkof]
na. armor, "steel dress"
  • shorhae [ˈʃoɾhae]
ni. footprint
Atthirar kishi annevae shorhae. — Our lives have meaning.
  • shoven [ʃoˈven]
adj. marked, smudged
  • siera [ˈsieɾa]
na. nephew
  • sikhtelat [sixteˈlat]
vtr. to spit
past SG: sikhte
  • silak [siˈlak]
na. follower, subject
  • silat [siˈlat]
v. to flash, to gleam
past SG: si
  • silat [siˈlat]
vtr. to follow
past SG: sil
  • nemo silat [ˈnemo siˈlat]
v. to wander off
past SG: sil
Kisha nemo silish Jereseroon Jima majin leisosh. — We wandered off from the Western Market and got lost.
  • sille [ˈsille]
adv. next
  • silokh [siˈlox]
adv. tomorrow
  • simon [siˈmon]
na. male relative
  • simonof [simoˈnof]
na. grandfather
  • sindarin [sinda'rin] (o)
adj. weak [1]
  • sindarine [ˈsindarine] (o)
adj. left [1]
  • sindarinekh [sindariˈnex]
ni. left side
  • sisi [ˈsisi]
na. lightning
  • som [som]
num. zero
adj. absent, missing
  • sondra [ˈsondɾa]
ni. dragon glass
accusative: sondre
  • soqat [soˈqɑt]
v. to weave
past SG: soqe
  • soqwi [ˈsoqwi]
ni. plum
accusative: soqwe
  • soqwof [soqˈwof]
ni. plum tree
  • sorf [soɾf]
adj. dirty
  • sorfo [ˈsoɾfo]
ni. dirt
ni. spot
accusative: sorf
Hazze, she haz sorfo, anha adakh zhores vezhoon. — Right there, on that spot, I ate a stallion’s heart.
  • sorfosor [soɾfoˈsor]
na. earth (world)
Sorfosor nakha she Havazzhifi Kazga. — The earth ends at The Black Salt Sea.
  • soroh [soˈɾoh]
intj. halt! (horse command)
  • sorohis [soɾoˈhis]
intj. halt! (command for a person)
  • sovi [ˈsovi]
n. pear
  • sovikh [soˈvix]
ni. pear brandy
past SG: sovikh
  • sowa [ˈsowa]
ni. cardamom
accusative: sowe


  • 'th [θ]
v. aux. (elided version, see eth)
  • taoka [ˈtaoka]
adj. metallic
  • taso [ˈtaso]
n. silk worm
  • tasokh [taˈsox]
ni. silk
  • tat [tat]
vtr. to do
past SG: et
Anha asshilak jin azh shafkea haji rekoon et shafka. — I make this gift to you for what you did.
Anha, zhey Drogo, atak jin. — I, Drogo, will do this.
  • tavat [taˈvat]
v. chop
  • tavo ['tavo] (o)
n. axe [1]
  • tawak [taˈwak]
ni. metal, real, authentic, legitimate
  • tawakof [tawa'kof]
n. steel
  • tehin [teˈhin]
n. breed of horse with reddish/brown coat
  • temme [ˈtemme]
na. thunder
accusative: tem
  • thachat [ˈθa't͡ʃat]
v. to pinch
past SG: thach
  • thagwa [ˈθagwa]
ni. yogurt made from mare’s milk
accusative: thagwe
  • thagwash [θagˈwaʃ]
ni. a dessert made from thagwa and eaten with dried fruit
  • thash [θaʃ]
adj. soft
  • thasholat [θaʃoˈlat]
v. to become soft
past SG: thasho
  • thelis [θeˈlis]
adj. blue
  • thave [ˈθave]
n. marmot
  • theya [ˈθeja]
n. nipple (on a teat)
  • theyaven [θejaˈven]
adj. pink
  • thi [θi]
num. ten
  • thif [θif]
adj. narrow
  • thikh [θix]
ni. task
  • thimalat [θimaˈlat]
v. to leak
past SG: thima
  • thir [θir]
adj. alive
  • thirat [θiˈrat]
v. to live
past SG: thir
  • thirat atthiraride [θiˈɾat ˈaθθiɾaɾide]
v. to dream; (lit.) to live a wooden life
  • thirisir [θiɾiˈsir]
na. age
Fini thirisir yeri arrek? — How old were you?
  • thirolat [θiɾoˈlat]
v. survive
past SG: thiro
  • thom [θom]
ni. juice
  • tif [tif]
n. nut (woody seed)
  • tih [tih]
na. eye
  • tihat [tiˈhat]
vtr. to look, to see
past SG: tih
  • tihikh [tiˈhix]
ni. view
  • tihikhziri [ˈtihixziɾi]
ni. overview
accusative: tihikhzir
  • tihilat [tihiˈlat]
vtr. to look at, to glance at
past SG: tihi
  • tiholat [tihoˈlat]
v. to understand
past SG: tiho
  • tikh [tix]
ni. deed, act
  • tikkheya [ˈtixxeja]
ni. verb
ni. the instigator's half of the act (Grammatical sense, see melikheya)
accusative: tikkhey
  • tim [tim]
ni. boot
  • timvir [timˈvir] (from Valyrian tembyr)
n. book
  • tir [tir]
ni. finger
  • tirat [tiˈɾat]
v. to point
  • tirikh [tiˈɾix]
ni. nail
  • tith [tiθ]
adj. eastern
  • titha [ˈtiθa]
ni. east
accusative: tith
  • toki [ˈtoki]
adj. dumb
  • tokik [toˈkik]
na. fool, idiot
  • tokikof [toˈkik]
ni. big idiot
  • tolorro [toˈloro]
ni. bone
accusative: tolor
  • tor [tor]
num. four
  • torga [ˈtoɾga]
ni. stomach
accusative: torge
prep.→gen. under
Me dothrakhqoyoon torga Khali Bharbo. — He was bloodrider to Khal Bharbo.
  • tozara [ˈtozara]
na. lake


  • vachrarat [vat͡ʃɾaˈɾat]
vin. to stink
Yesisi vachrari — The old women stink.
  • vadakherat [vadaxeˈɾat]
v. to feed
past SG: vadakher
  • vado [ˈvado] (o)
ni. turnip
n. filly [1]
  • vaes [vaˈes]
ni. place
ni. city
  • vaesilat [vaesiˈlat]
v. to clog
past SG: vaesi
  • vaesish [vaeˈsiʃ]
ni. little village
  • Vaes Dothrak [vaˈes doθˈɾak]
prop. n. City of the Dothraki
  • Vaes Seris [vaˈes seˈɾis]
prop. n. Free Cities
  • Vaes Tolorro [vaˈes toˈloro]
prop. n. City of Bones
  • vafi [ˈvafi]
ni. lamb (female)
accusative: vaf
  • vafik [vaˈfik]
na. lamb girl
  • vafikh [vaˈfix]
ni. wool
  • valad [vaˈlad]
ni. horizon
  • valsh [valʃ]
adj. northern
  • valshe [ˈvalʃe]
ni. north
accusative: valsh
  • valshek [valˈʃek]
na. northerner
  • valshtith [valʃ'tiθ]
ni. northeast
  • valshtithak [valʃtiˈθak]
na. northeastener
  • varragerat [varageˈɾat]
vtr. to strangle
  • vash [vaʃ]
n. stampede
  • vash hrazefmen [vaʃ hɾazefˈmen]
n. earthquake
  • vasterat [vasteˈɾat]
vtr. to speak with, to converse
past SG: vaster
  • vasterikh [vasteˈɾix]
n. conversation
  • vatterat [vatteˈɾat]
v. to continue
past SG: vatter
  • vaz [vaz]
n. storm
  • vazyol [vazˈjol]
ni. stormborn
  • vefenarat [vefenaˈɾat]
vtr. to pry something off something else
  • vekhat [veˈxat]
vin. to be present, to exist (assigns the subject to genitive)
past SG: vekh
Hash tihi vekhi she nhare yeroon? — Do you have eyes in your head?
Nevakhi vekha ha maan. — There is a place for you.
  • vekhikh [veˈxix]
ni. object, thing
na. noun
  • vekhikh asavva [veˈxix aˈsavva]
n. animate noun
  • vekhikh hranna [veˈxix ˈhɾanna]
n. inanimate noun
  • velainerat [velaineˈɾat]
v. to sow
past SG: velainer
  • veltor [velˈtor]
adj. yellow
  • veltorat [velto'rat]
v. to be yellow
  • veltorolat [veltoro'lat]
v. to grow yellow
  • velzerat [velzeˈɾat]
v. to stall, to procrastinate
v. to make excuses
  • velzerikh [velzeˈɾix]
ni. reason why
  • vem [vem]
n. knee, elbow
  • vemish [veˈmiʃ]
ni. heel (of hand or foot)
  • vemishikh [vemiˈʃix]
ni. heel (of a boot)
  • ven [ven]
conj. like, as
Anha adothrak hrazef ido yomme Havazzhifi Kazga ven et vo khal avvos. — I will ride wooden horses across the black salt sea as no khal has done before.
  • venat [veˈnat]
vtr. to be like, to be similar to
past SG: ven
  • veneser [veneˈser]
na. class, category
  • venikh [veˈnix]
ni. semblance
  • venolat [venoˈlat]
v. to be suitable
Vos at yeroa venoe idrilat mora vosecchi. — None of you is fit to lead them.
  • ver [ver]
n. wolf
  • verak [veˈɾak]
na. traveler
  • verakasar [veɾakaˈsar]
na. caravan
  • verat [veˈɾat]
v. to travel
past SG: ver
  • verikh [veˈɾix]
ni. defensive sword strike
  • verven [veɾˈven]
adj. violent
  • vezh [veʒ]
na. stallion
  • vezhak [veˈʒak]
na. horse lord
  • vezheesi ['veʒeesi]
n. aggressive mare
  • Vezhof [veˈʒof]
prop. n. Great Stallion (horse deity)
  • vezhven [veʒˈven]
adj. great
  • vi [vi]
prep.→all. through, along
  • vichiterat [vit͡ʃiteˈɾat]
vin. to shiver
past SG: vichiter
  • vichomer [vit͡ʃoˈmer]
adj. respectful, respectable
  • vichomerat [vit͡ʃomeˈrat]
vin. to be respectful
past SG: vichomer
  • vichomerak [vit͡ʃomeˈɾak]
na. respectful one (Only for foreigners)
  • vidrogerat [vidɾogeˈɾat]
v. to ride
past SG: vidroger
  • vigererat [vigeɾeˈɾat]
vtr.→abl. to miss someone
  • vigoverat [vigoveˈɾat]
vtr. to breed with
Loy mori vo dirgi me-Dothraki jif vigoveri ifakis. — Some of them don’t think Dothraki should breed with foreigners.
  • vijazerat [vid͡ʒazeˈɾat]
vtr. to protect
past SG: viljazer
  • vijazerolat [vid͡ʒazeɾoˈlat]
vtr. to save, to rescue
past SG: vijazero
  • vik [vik]
ni. chin
  • vikaferat [vikafeˈɾat]
v. to press
  • vikeesi [ˈvikeesi]
na. nag (slang for annoying woman)
  • vikovarerat [vikovaɾeˈɾat]
v. to stay
  • vil [vil]
v. aux. to manage to
  • vilajero [ˈvilad͡ʒeɾo]
ni. battle
  • vilajerosh [vilad͡ʒeˈɾoʃ]
ni. game
  • Vilajerosh Adori [vilad͡ʒeˈɾoʃ ˈadori]
prop. n. A Game of Thrones
  • ville [ˈville]
adj. wise
  • villat [vilˈlat]
vin. to be wise
past SG: ville
  • vimatterat [vimatteˈɾat]
v. to limp
past SG: vimatter
  • vimithrerat [vimiθɾeˈɾat]
v. to rest, to camp
past SG: vimithrer
  • vindelat [vindeˈlat]
vtr. to stab
vtr.→all. to stab at
past SG: vinde
  • vineserat [vineseˈɾat]
vtr. to remember
past SG: vineser
  • vinte [ˈvinte]
ni. portion of meat
  • viqaferat [viqɑfeˈɾat]
v. to beg, to plead
past SG: viqafer
  • virsalat [viɾsaˈlat]
vin. to burn
past SG: virsa
  • virzeth [viɾˈzeθ]
adj. red
  • virzetha [ˈviɾzeθa]
ni. red wine
  • virzethat [viɾze'θat]
v. to be red
  • vish [viʃ]
n. forehead
  • vishaferat [viʃafeˈɾat]
vtr. to break a horse
vtr. to domesticate a beast of burden
vtr. to get one’s first kill with a new weapon
past SG: vishafer
  • visshiya [ˈviʃʃija]
ni. color
accusative: visshiy
  • vishven [ˈviʃven]
adj. advanced, difficult, expert
  • vithalat [viθaˈlat]
v. to flow
past SG: vitha
  • vitiherat [vitiheˈɾat]
v. to look upon, to stare at, to examine
v. to ponder
past SG: vitiher
  • vitihirak [vitihiˈɾak]
na. watch, guard
  • vitihirat [vitihiˈɾat]
v. to watch, to observe
past SG: vitihir
  • vitisherat [vitiʃeˈɾat]
vin. to grow
past SG: vitisher
  • vitteya [ˈvitteja]
ni. feast, gathering with a feast
accusative: vittey
  • vitteyqoyi [ˈvittejqɔji]
ni. feast, gathering with a feast
  • vizhadi [ˈviʒadi]
ni. silver
accusative: vizhad
  • vo [vo]
adv. not, no; a shortened variant of vos, that may be used when the next word starts with a consonant.
Vo sorfo. Rhaeshi. — Not dirt. Lands.
  • vod [vod]
ni. dust
  • voj [vod͡ʒ]
na. person
  • vojjor [vodˈd͡ʒor]
ni. deity, god
  • vojosor [vod͡ʒosor]
n. group of person
  • vokkerat [vokkeˈɾat]
vtr. to decide
Vos fothakhi vekho ha yeraan jinne, vosma yer Dosh Khaleen–ma yer vos, vosma kisha vokkeraki mae. — You have no voice here, unless you are Dosh Khaleen. Which you are not, until we decide you are.
  • vorsa [ˈvoɾsa]
na. fire
  • vorsakh [voɾˈsax]
ni. flame
  • vorsaska [voɾˈsaska]
ni. summer
accusative: vorsask
  • vorsqoyi [ˈvoɾsqɔji]
ni. funeral pyre
  • vorthqoyi [ˈvoɾθqɔji]
ni. fang
  • vorto [ˈvoɾto]
ni. tooth
accusative: vorto
  • vos [vos]
adv. not, no, (negator)
Khal vos zigereo adoroon anevasoe maan. — A khal doesn't need a chair to sit on.
Me vos ador. — It's not a chair.
  • vosak [voˈsak]
pn. nobody
accusative: vosakes
Yer vosak, yorak ma hakesoon yeri, Khaleesi Vosi, zafra Khali Moro. — You are nobody, the millionth of your name, Queen of Nothing, slave of Khal Moro.
  • vosan [voˈsan]
adv. not much, not a lot
  • vosecchi [voˈsett͡ʃi]
adv. emphatic negative, "of course not"
Sorfosor nakho vosecchi she havazh. — The Earth does not end at the sea.
  • vosi [ˈvosi]
ni. nothing
accusative: vos
  • vosm' [vosm]
conj. (elided version, see vosma)
  • vosma [ˈvosma]
conj. but
Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya arrekaan vekha vosi yeroon vosma tolorro! — The rain will fall on your rotting skin until nothing is left of you but bones.
  • vosso [ˈvosso]
adv. very not
Eshna osi vo laini vosso. — The other possibilities are not so pleasant.
  • vov [vov]
na. weapon
  • vovosor [vovoˈsor]
na. weaponry
  • vrelat [vɾeˈlat]
v. to leap
past SG: vrel
  • vroz [vɾoz]
adj. slow


  • yachi norethmen [ˈjat͡ʃi noɾeθˈmen]
np. nectarine
  • yalli [ˈjalli]
ni. child
accusative: yalle
  • yamori [ˈjamoɾi]
na. youth
  • yanqokh [janˈqɔx]
ni. collection
  • yanqolat [janqɔˈlat]
vtr. to collect, to gather
vtr.→abl. to gather (some)
past SG: yanqo
  • yanqosor [janqɔˈsor]
na. tribe, people
Torga yeri, Dothraki yanqosoraan zhikwi. — Under you, the Dothraki will be a small people.
  • yarat [jaˈɾat]
v. to flinch
past SG: yar
  • yash [jaʃ]
ni. air
Anha zigere yash chosha — I needed fresh air.
  • yath [jaθ]
adj. up, upward, upwards, high
  • yathokh [jaˈθox]
ni. ramp
  • yatholat [jaθoˈlat]
v. to rise
past SG: yatho
  • yeni [ˈjeni]
ni. failure
  • yer [ˈjer]
pn. you
  • yeri [ˈjeɾi]
pn. you (plural)
pn. your (singular) (Genitive of yer)
  • yesi [ˈjesi]
na. crone
  • yetto [ˈjetto]
ni. frog
accusative: yet
  • yofi [ˈjofi]
adj. mad, crazy
  • yol [ˈjol]
adj. born
  • yolat [joˈlat]
vin. to be born
past SG: yol
  • yom [ˈjom]
ni. crossing
  • yomat [joˈmat]
vtr. to cross
past SG: yom
Vo hrazef laz yoma evethiz. — No horse can cross the poison water.
  • yomloshat [jomloˈʃat]
v.→all. to translate
I translated the Dothraki story into High Valyrian. — Astosor Dothrakisi nem yomlosha lekhaan Valiriakisi ki anni.
  • yomme [ˈjomme]
prep.→nom. across
prep.→abl. in spite of
  • yor [jor]
num. million
  • yorosor [joɾoˈsor]
num. extremely large number
  • yot [jot]
ni. fruit
  • yothnhare [ˈjoθnhare]
ni. brain (human)


  • zafra [ˈzafra]
ni. slave
accusative: zafre
  • zajjat [zadˈd͡ʒat]
vtr. to refuse to
past SG: zajje
  • zalat [zaˈlat]
vtr.→acc. to hope for, to want (to own something)
vtr.→gen. to hope for, to want (something to happen)
past SG: zal
Khaleesi zala meme adakha esinakh ajjalan. — The khaleesi wants to eat something different tonight.
Ifak asta meme zala firikhnharen. — The foreigner says that he wants a crown.
  • zan [zan]
adj. stable, steadfast
  • zande [ˈzande]
n. satchel sack
  • zanisshi [zaˈniʃʃi]
ni. shade
accusative: zanisshe
  • zasqa [ˈzasqɑ]
adj. white
  • zelatha [ˈzelaθa]
ni. desert
  • zerqolat [zerqɔˈlat]
v. to swim
  • zhalia [ˈʒalia]
ni. butterfly
accusative: zhalie
  • zhani [ˈʒani]
ni. spear
accusative: zhan
  • zhanna [ˈʒanna]
ni. tube, pipe, cane, reed
accusative: zhanne
  • zhannakh [ˈʒannax]
ni. canal, channel, tunnel
  • zhaqe [ˈʒaqɛ]
n. bass (fish)
  • zhav [ʒav]
n. lizard
  • zhavorsa [ʒaˈvoɾsa]
ni. dragon (alternate pronunciation)
accusative: zhavors
  • zhavvorsa [ʒavˈvoɾsa]
ni. dragon (alternate pronunciation)
accusative: zhavvors
  • zheana [ˈʒeana]
adj. beautiful (used for animate nouns)
  • zheanalat [ʒeanaˈlat]
vin. to be beautiful (used for animate nouns)
past SG: zheana
  • zhey [ʒej]
part. vocative particle
Anha, zhey Drogo, atak jin. — I, Drogo, will do this.
Zhey jalan atthirari anni. Hash azisi? — Moon of my live. Are you hurt?
Hash yer ray tih loy alegra, zhey vikeesi? — Have you seen any ducks, woman?
  • zhif [ʒif]
ni. salt
  • zhifikh [ʒiˈfix]
ni. dried salted meat
  • zhifven [ʒifˈven]
adj. salty
  • zhikhat [ʒiˈxat]
v. to be sick
past SG: zhikh
  • zhilat [ʒiˈlat]
vtr. to love someone (used of romantic or sexual love; a private word)
past SG: zhil
  • zhille [ˈʒille]
det. any
Okki zhille hrazef fin allayafa shafka drogikhoon anni. — Choose any horse you wish from my herd.
  • zhilli [ˈʒilli]
adj. general
  • zhillie [ˈʒillie]
ni. advice
accusative: zhilli
  • zhinda [ˈʒinda]
num. six
  • zhokakkwa [ʒoˈkakkwa]
adj. enormous
  • zhokwa [ˈʒokwa]
adj. big
  • zhokwalat [ʒokwaˈlat]
vin. to be large
past SG: zhokwa
  • zhor [ʒor]
na. heart
n. pit of a fruit, meat of a nut
  • zhorre [ˈʒore]
adv. own, -self
  • zhorrof [ʒoˈrof]
ni. fig (fresh fruit of a fig tree)
  • zhowak [ʒoˈwak]
adj. dangerous
  • zichome [ˈzit͡ʃome]
adj. disrespectful
  • zifichelat [zifit͡ʃeˈlat]
v. to steal
past SG: zifiche
  • ziganelat [ziganeˈlat]
v. to burden
past SG: zigane
  • ziganesolat [ziganesoˈlat]
vtr. to defy, the oppose
past SG: ziganeso
  • zigere [ˈzigeɾe]
adj. required, requisite
  • zigerelat [zigeɾeˈlat]
vtr.→abl. to require, to need
past SG: zigere
Khal vos zigereo adoroon anevasoe maan. — A khal doesn't need a chair to sit on.
  • zimemelat [zimemeˈlat]
vtr. to distract
past SG: zimeme
  • zin [zin]
v. aux. still ("continuation" particle)
  • zinay [ziˈnaj]
adj. remaining
  • ziqwehelat [ziqweheˈlat]
v. to retch
past SG: ziqwehe
  • zir [zir]
n. bird
  • zirathe ['ziɾathe]
adj. beat up, ragged
  • zireyeselat [ziɾejeseˈlat]
vtr. to offend, to bug, to jostle
past SG: zireyese
  • zirisselat [ziɾisseˈlat]
vtr. to cut off, to remove
past SG: zirisse
Me azirissee khalakkaes khaleesisoon. — He will cut the prince out of the khaleesi
  • ziroqoselat [ziɾoqɔseˈlat]
v. to ache
past SG: ziroqose
  • zirqoyi [ˈziɾqɔji]
ni. bird of prey, raptor
  • zisat [ziˈsat]
v. to be hurt
past SG: zis
  • ziso [ziso]
ni. wound
accusative: zis
  • zisosh [ziˈsoʃ]
ni. scratch
  • ziyenelat [zijeneˈlat]
v. to fail someone
past SG: ziyene
  • zoh [zoh]
adj. low
  • zohhe [ˈzohhe]
adv. down, downward, downwards
  • zolat [zoˈlat]
vin. to be exceptionally small
past SG: zol
  • zolle [ˈzolle]
adv. a little bit, a bit, a small amount, some
  • zoqwa [ˈzoqwa]
n. kiss
  • zoqwat [zoqˈwat]
v. to kiss
past SG: zoqwe
  • zorat [zoˈɾat]
v. to roar
past SG: zor


adj. adjective
adv. adverb
v. aux. verbal auxiliary
conj. conjunction
det. determiner
intj. interjection
n. noun with unknown animacy
na. animate noun
ni. inanimate noun
np. noun phrase
num. numeral
pn. pronoun
prep. preposition
prop. n. proper noun
v. verb
vin. intransitive verb
vtr. transitive verb
vditr. ditransitive verb
→nom. assigns the following noun into nominative
→acc. assigns the following noun into accusative (not marked for verbs)
→gen. assigns the following noun into genitive
→abl. assigns the following noun into ablative
→all. assigns the following noun into allative

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