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As of October 27th, 2010, Dothraki has over 2,500 words. [1] Some information regarding those words was released in the original HBO Press release:

"Did you know? (Hash yer ray nesi?)
The name for the Dothraki people—and their language—derives from the verb “dothralat” (“to ride”).
The Dothraki have four different words for “carry,” three for “push,” three for “pull” and at least eight for “horse,” but no word that means “please” or “follow.”
The longest word in Dothraki is “athastokhdeveshizaroon,” which means “from nonsense.”
The words for “related,” “weighted net,” “eclipse,” “dispute,” “redhead,” “oath,” “funeral pyre,” “evidence,” “omen,” “fang” and “harvest moon” all have one element in common: “qoy,” the Dothraki word for “blood.”
Dothraki for “to dream”—”thirat atthiraride”—literally means “to live a wooden life”; in Dothraki, “wooden” (“ido”) is synonymous with “fake.”
The word for “pride”—”athjahakar”—is derived from “jahak,” the traditional long braid worn by Dothraki warriors (“lajaki”)."[2]

More lexical information has been promised as the series progresses.



adakhat v. to eat

addo ajjalani adv. midnight

addrivat vtr. to kill

afazh adj. hot

ahhas vtr. sharp

ai intj. yes, obedient response

ajjalan adv. tonight

akka adv. also, as well

anha pn. I

annithat vtr. to cause pain

arakh n. curved sword

arraggat vtr. to choke (someone)

as n. words(?)

assamvat vtr. to break (something)

asshekh adv. today

astat v. to say

ath-astokhdeveshi-zar-oon cw. from nonsense

ath-jahak-ar n. pride, prowess

athjilar adj. correct

ave n. father

ayena n. bell


chiori n. woman


davralat v. to be useful

disse adv. only, just

dorv n. goat

dosh khaleen n. old crone, wise women group (widowed khaleesi)

dothrae v. rides, is riding (from dothralat ride)

dothrakhqoyi n. bloodriders

dothraki n. men who ride, the Dothraki people

dothralat v. to ride (With horse, steed or my horse, my steed: have an erection)

drivolat vin. to die


erin adj. kind

essheyi n. roof


fonas chek phrase said at parting, meaning "Hunt well".


hadaen n. food

haesh n. spawn

haesh rakhi n. Lamb Men, Lhazareen "lit. spawn of lamb"

haj adj. strong

hasa adj. sharp

hash yer ray nesi? phrase Did you know?

hrakka n. white lion

hranna n. a type of grass


ido adj. wooden, fake


jahak n. Dothraki hair-braid, lion’s mane, hairstyle

jalan n. moon

jaqqa rhan n. mercy men (not literal translation)

jin dem. this


kaffe v. crushed

khal n. leader, king(?)

khalakka n. prince, son of a khal

khalasar n. horde, group, temporary tribe

khaleesi n. queen

khas n. small group of protectors, bloodriders, generals

ko n. a member of the khas, bloodrider


lajak n. fighter, warrior

laz v. could

lekh n. language


ma prep. with

maegi n. wise, sorceress, witch

mahrazh n. man

m’athchomaroon n. undefined

me pn. he, it

mra prep. within

mr’anha phrase within me (contracted form of mra anha)


nithat vin. to feel pain


ofrakhi v. either will touch or will not touch

oge v. slaughtered

oma prep. without

oqet n. sheep

orvik n. whip

oskikh adv. yesterday


qiya adj. bleeding

qiyalat v. to bleed

qosarvenikh n. lie, trap, deception

qoy n. blood


raggat vin. to choke on

rakh n. boy

rakhi n. men

ramasar n. plain(s)

ray adv. already

rek dem. that

rhae mhar n. sore-foot

rhaesh n. land, country

Rhaesh Andahli n. Land of the Andals, Westeros

rhaggat n. cart

rissat v. to cut (slice)


samvolat vin. break (intr.)

save adv. again

sek adj. yes

sekke adv. very

serj n. leather vest (accusative of nominative serja)

shekh n. sun

shierak n. star

shierak qiya n. comet

silokh adv. tomorrow


thirat atthiraride v. to dream; (lit.) to live a wooden life

tokikes n. fool

tolorro n. bones

torga prep. under


vaes n. city

Vaes Dothrak n. city of the Dothraki

Vaes Tolorro n. city of bones

vafikh n. wool

verven adj. violent

vezh n. stallion

vichitera vin. shivers

vil v. managed to

vosecchi adv. emphatic negativ


yer pn. you


zhavvorsi n. of the dragon

zhey part. vocative particle

zhey vichomer phrase hello (or some greeting phrase)


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